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In The Mailbox: 06.02.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I think if I try really hard, I can get caught up on the links tonight, so look for another late-night link dump to follow this one.
Narrowly missed having my Kia jacked in the ramp at the Stratosphere, but apparently the thieves were clumsy and succeeded only in breaking off the part of the driver’s door handle that covers the lock. Inconvenient, but better than having the car stolen and used in some sort of criminal activity.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Kayleigh McEnany is Awesome, also, Sojourner Truth’s “Aint I A Woman”
Twitchy: DAMNING FOIA Request Shows Just How Much The CDC Worked With Teachers Unions To Keep Schools Closed, also, Joe Scarborough Claims Biden Has Gotten More Done Than Any President Since Reagan, Gets Rekt
Louder With Crowder: Teacher leads teens in-depth discussion why anal sex is pleasurable, tells students to shop at Target, also, Fastest girl in Connecticut suing state after losing to trans runners: “Two athletes took so many opportunities”
Vox Popoli: Stormy Seas Ahead, SpongeBob PedoPants, and Self-Immolation Redux
Stoic Observations: The Black Diversity Experience

Adam Piggott: Ukraine is Leftism on Steroids
American Conservative: Rishi Sunak’s Seance, also, Returning to Public Beauty
American Greatness: J6 Footage Shows Camera Rolling as Pelosi Made Her ‘Insurrection’ Exit, also, National Archives Refuses to Hand Over Emails Between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s Staff
American Thinker: Why the White House Wants War, also, Five Questions for Prospective Republican Candidates
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Cultural Arrogance News
Babalu Blog: Shocking! Cubans finally allowed to vote in a genuine multi-party election, also, Cuban priest says the 64 years of Cuba’s socialist revolution is proof it doesn’t work
BattleSwarm: The Initial Case For DeSantis Over Trump: Smiter of Social Justice, 8 Californians Who Left For Texas Say Why, The Tank Museum On The T-14 Armata, and Memorial Day: Honoring George D. Keathley
Behind The Black: Sunspot update: May activity once again far above prediction, also, Pushback: Christian adoption agency wins against NY’s attempt to force it to send kids to queer families
Cafe Hayek: Continuing to Get Straight the Facts About the American Economy
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Education, AI, and Narcissism, also, Dumb Company Tricks
Da Tech Guy: Picking real beer, real razors and real clothing stores, The mainstream media was wrong about Bud Light: Boycotts work, and Tell Me Your Target Audience is…Interesting Without Saying Your Target Audience is…Interesting
Don Surber: Pride? It’s Accordion Awareness Month!
First Street Journal: The real way to keep your kids out of trouble, At what point does it have to be asked: “Jim Kenney, Larry Krasner, Danielle Outlaw, have you no shame?”, and Some people still have a sad that the COVID ‘state of emergency’ is over.
Gates Of Vienna: Alessandra Mussolini: The EU Should Be Rescuing the Migrants, The Bud Light Moment, Another Great Prisoner Swap, Piglets on the Wing, and This is What a Real Hate Crime Looks Like
The Geller Report: ‘Missing’ Biden Family Corruption Probe Witness Living as Fugitive in Undisclosed Location, also, Joe Biden Takes MAJOR FALL on Stage at U.S. Air Force Academy Graduation
Glenn Reynolds: Actual Malice
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, IR to UV, and What’s Confusing You is Just the Nature of It’s Game
Hollywood In Toto: Blaze TV’s Re-Opening Skewers Lockdowns to Hilarious Effect, Why About My Father Missed a Golden Opportunity, Influencer Captures Horror of Our Instagram Age, and Progressive Little Mermaid Not Woke Enough (UPDATED)
The Lid: Parents Enraged As Migrants Enroll In Their Schools Without Health Records After Years Of COVID Rules, More than 350 Companies have Fled California since 2018, and Fox Prime Down One Million Viewers Per Night Since Booting Tucker: OUCH! That’s Gonna Leave A Mark
Legal Insurrection: Hospital Official Bemoans “Heart-Wrenching” Decision to Discontinue Child Gender Transition Services, Lefty Lunatic and Former San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin Hired by U.C. Berkeley Law, and NYC Mayor Eric Adams Slammed for Spouting “Body Positivity” Nonsense
Nebraska Energy Observer: Pentecost, Whitsunday, Decoration Day, Where is America headed?, and Leadership v Managerialism
Outkick: Toronto Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass Gets Mercilessly Booed After Bowing To Woke Mob, Jay Cutler Bags Massive Bear On Successful Hunting Trip, and Rams DC Saves Drowning Child In Las Vegas
Power Line: “Break the Wheel,” or something, part 3, also, Trump/Cuomo In 2024?
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Introduces Bill To Make Colleges More Responsible For Student Debt
Shot In The Dark: There Isn’t Much, also, Mitch Edits Hollywood For Accuracy
STUMP: Podcast: Walking Around Cemeteries, also, Sunday Sumo: May Tournament Wrap-Up — Who Was Most Unique?
The Political Hat: Teaching Racial Hate In California, The Orwellian Erasure Of Women, and Leviathan’s School Meals
This Ain’t Hell: Retired Officers Urge Congress to End DoD’s Toxic ‘Diversity’ and ‘Equity’ Programs, SECDEF CANS Gay Pride Drag Show, Red Chinese ship detained for looting WWII shipwrecks, and Candidate Who Lied About Military Record Drops Out of Race
Transterrestrial Musings: The Republicans’ Choice, The Kids Are All Right, Russia’s Brain Drain, and Space-Based Solar Power
Victory Girls: Ronna McDaniel Had Better Start Leading, also, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. For President? No.
Volokh Conspiracy: “Could Hunter Biden Be the Next Poster Child for Second Amendment Rights?”, also, Ex-San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Appointed Director of Berkeley Law’s new Criminal Law & Justice Center
Watts Up With That: Bureaucrats Completely Incapable of Making Reasonable Trade-Offs, also, Climate Lockdowns Begin: France bans short-haul flights in favor of train travel ‘to cut carbon emissions’
Weasel Zippers: University Program Linking Christians And Republicans To Nazis Granted DHS Funding By Biden Admin, Glamour Magazine Features “Pregnant Trans Man” On Cover, and Biden Struggles To Read From Script
The Federalist: Corporate Media Hack Interrupts DeSantis While He’s Talking To Voters To Ask Why He Won’t Talk To Voters, The Campaign To Destroy SCOTUS Is Getting Increasingly Stupid, Biden HHS Denies Oklahomans Health Care Funding Because The State Won’t Spend It On Abortions, and Meet The Violent Anarchist Behind DHS’s ‘Pyramid Of Far-Right Radicalization’ Scandal
Mark Steyn: Tal Bachman: Two Centuries of Rugby, Part III, also, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

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