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In The Mailbox: 06.05.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Director Blue: The Origins Of The Global Warming Scam
EBL: Chuck Todd Out At “Meet The Press”, Biden’s Ex Nuclear Waste Leader Sam Brinton Arrested For Another Baggage Theft, and What Am I Eating? with Zooey Deschanel
Twitchy: Michael Shellenberger’s Thread Perfectly Sums Up Why Half Of Americans Don’t Trust The FBI, also, ARGLE BARGLE RAR! Gynecologist Who Insists Dylan Mulvaney Is A Woman Gets Big Mad About Being Mocked
Louder With Crowder: Family wins $125k settlement after school punished father, daughter for criticizing males in the girl’s locker room, US women’s soccer team gets WRECKED by an older male team of retirees, NBA star launches new conservative, anti-woke urban clothing line: “We don’t have to hide”, and “Influencer ad agency” responsible for Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light fiasco is in serious panic mode too
Vox Popoli: Diversity is Why Nothing Works Anymore, Adjusted Metrics, Four Generations of Demoralization, and Same As it Ever Was
Flappr: Progressivism Is No Substitute For Tradition|
Stoic Observations: A Firelight Mourning

Adam Piggott: The Russians do indeed Love their Children
American Conservative: Partition For Peace, also, The ‘Root Causes’ of ‘Fare Evasion’
American Greatness: The Strange Pandemic of ‘White’ Disparagement
American Thinker: Will Wokeness Be Our Demise?, also, There Are No God-Given Rights without God
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuba, the new desitnation for social media influencers, Nicaragua’s socialist dictator surrounding himself with Cuban ‘advisers’, and Reports from Cuba: No sanitary pads in Cuba since January because sole producer can’t afford raw materials
BattleSwarm: Entire Contents Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop Now Online, Russia: We Destroyed Ukraine’s Patriot Batteries! Satellite Images: Not So Much, and Abbott Signs Law Banning Child Genital Mutilation
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 22 2nd generation Starlink satellites, Three astronauts return to Earth safely from China’s Tiangong-3 space station, Russian communications satellite in trouble, SpaceX successfully launches cargo Dragon to ISS, and Pushback: Court victory for volleyball student and coach father who were blacklisted for disagreeing with queer agenda
Cafe Hayek: Creative Destruction Is Not An Externality, Part 1, also, Some Adam Smith Links
CDR Salamander: Strategy, Uncertainty, & The Red China Challenge, also, When The PRC Tells You Who They Are
Da Tech Guy: Youngkin being a great governor, Let’s go Brandon: a violent start to Brandon Johnson’s Chicago mayoralty, and Defining Woke: The Four Stages of Woke: Delusional, Crazy Batshit Crazy, Fully Woke
Don Surber: Democrats Went After Kids
First Street Journal: The left want to control your thoughts by controlling your language, There’s no threat quite like an empty threat!, and What could possibly go wrong?
Gates Of Vienna: The Heroine of Antifa is Released From Jail, Reprise of Taharrush in Peschiera del Garda, Tariq Ramadan: Persona Non Grata in Nice, and Your Secret Decoder Ring
The Geller Report: Ireland Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Cows to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’, also, Children’s Choir Singing the Star Spangled Banner Forced to Stop by Capital Police “Because It Was Considered a Demonstration”
Hogewash: A Barred Spiral Galaxy, Hate Speech, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Roseanne Roasts John Goodman, Wanda Sykes, Disney’s Latest Problem? Movies Too Big for Their Own Good, Miss ‘Succession’ Already? ‘Industry’ Is the Perfect Replacement, and Why ‘Varsity Blues’ Couldn’t Be Made Today
The Lid: Supervising Detective in Bragg’s Case Against Trump Suspended For Ties to Michael Cohen, also, Victory: GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Gets ‘Child-Friendly’ Drag Show on Military Base Canceled
Legal Insurrection: U.S. Air Force Shoots Down Story that AI Drone ‘Killed its Operator’ in Simulation, Parents Protest Pride Event at Elementary School in North Hollywood, CA, The Irish Now Defending Their Iconic Cow Herds and Dairy Farms against Climate Cultists, Cal-Tech Scientists Transmit Space-Based Solar Power to Earth For First Time, and Former White House Doctor, Rep. Ronny Jackson, Says Biden Not Fit to Serve as President
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Trinity Sunday, and Be Ye Men (and Women) of Valor
Outkick: Indiana’s Starting Second Baseman Suspended For Regional Final After Getting Ejected Over Ridiculous Anti-Fun Rule, College Baseball Coach Torches Auburn AD John Cohen After Tigers Lose Their Own Regional In Just Two Games, Olivia Dunne Takes On Nashville, Sean Connery’s Granddaughter Does Some Influencing & Mount Everest Is Still Covered In Trash, Netflix To Release ‘Swamp Kings’ Documentary Following 2006-09 Florida Gators And It Should Be Incredible, and Stephen Strasburg’s Career In Jeopardy After Nerve Damage
Power Line: Sunday morning coming down, Thought for the Day: “Collective Intelligence” Is an Oxymoron, and CA Gov, AG Incensed After 16 Illegals Dropped off at Sacramento Church
Shark Tank: Soto Targeted By NRCC Again For Voting Against Energy Production
Shot In The Dark: Pronouns, also, Life Imitates The Babylon Bee
STUMP: Ranking the states by COVID age-adjusted death rates, June 2023 edition
This Ain’t Hell: What are we paying for?, Marine veteran, MMA fighter, subdues 10-foot alligator, An Afghan immigrant describes crime ridden San Francisco as worse than Afghanistan, Army musician vet Barry Newman dead at 92, and Virginia Military Institute DEI Head Quits
Transterrestrial Musings: Starliner, also, Biden’s War On The First Amendment
Victory Girls: Vivek Ramaswamy To Take The Debate Stage In GOP Primary Election, Daily Beast Aims Spittle-Flecked Rant at Casey DeSantis, and Salon: Taylor Swift’s Woke Handmaid Allyship Is Not Enough
Volokh Conspiracy: Urban Dictionary Definition Inadmissible in Trademark Case
Watts Up With That: Emails Reveal Bureaucrats censored radiation risk science fraud by cancelling whistleblowers; Huge implications for nuclear power and more, Solar Panels: The Unspoken Environmental Cost, and Climate fearmongering reaches stratospheric heights
Weasel Zippers: Biden Tells Americans He Wants To Raise Taxes, Dem Rep. Jamie Raskin: “Having A Debt Ceiling Statute Is A Threat To Us”, MSNBC Claims John Roberts “An Enemy of Black People Voting”, Texas Gov. Signs Law Banning Transgender Procedures On Kids, and California State Senate To Honor Anti-Cathoilic Drag Group
The Federalist: How SCOTUS’s Sullivan Ruling Denies Victims The Right To Defend Themselves From The Rich And Powerful, ‘Highly Credible’ Source Reveals Scandal Bigger Than Biden Bribery: FBI Election Interference, Climate-Crazed Bureaucrats’ ‘Home Of The Future’ Is Secretly A Costly Fixer-Upper, Majority Of Americans Want Corrupt FBI To Be Reformed Or ‘Shut Down’, and After Overseeing Weaponization Of Government Against Trump, James Comey Frets Trump Could Weaponize Government
Mark Steyn: Beauty, Nostalgia and Betrayal in Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love, Tal Bachman: Two Centuries of Rugby, Part IV, and My One and Only Love

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