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In The Mailbox: 06.12.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

h/t Andrew Torba on Gab

357 Magnum: What Would You Do If You Called 911 And They Ignored You?
EBL: Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber, Chesterton Sunday, Elizabeth Schuyler, and The Great War of Archimedes
Twitchy: Here’s How Sesame Street Sells Pride Month To Kids, Johns Hopkins: Where Men Are Men And Women Are Non-Men!, and Speaker McCarthy Turns Tables On CNN Reporter
Louder With Crowder: Garth Brooks appears to side with Bud Light, Students jeer Pride video forced on them in MATH class, so the teacher threatens them with weekend detention, and Massive amount of Americans turn AGAINST allowing trans athletes to compete against real girls
Vox Popoli: Banking in Yuan, Regression to the Historical Mean, Officially Outdated, The Testimony of Elie Wiesel, and You Are Not the Topic
Stoic Observations: I’m Squinty

Adam Piggott: To Stand Behind the True Cross
American Conservative: The Bomb Myth, The Drug on Your Phone, and Pitcher Canned for Supporting Bud Light Boycott
American Greatness: Can Trump Clean The Augean Stables on the Potomac?, White House Accused of Violating U.S. Flag Code with Pride Flag Display, and Grassley Bombshell: Burisma Exec Secretly Recorded Conversations With Joe and Hunter Biden Regarding Bribery Scheme
American Power: Chris Begley, The Next Apocalypse
American Thinker: As Biden Abuses Our Republic, His Handlers Abuse Him, Trump Was Right About Russia, and Same Plot, Different Actors
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Swedish parliament calls on the EU to stop financing the Cuban dictatorship, Violent crimes keep intensifying in Cuba along with repression and hunger, Leftovers in communist Cuba, and Some Russian tourists are ‘disappearing’ in Cuba
BattleSwarm: Abbott Gets His Slush Fund Back, Even The Unabomber Couldn’t Stand College Lefties, and This Is Your City On Democrats: Philadelphia
Behind The Black: Red China tests parachutes on recent Long March 3B launch, SpaceX launches another 52 Starlink satellites, SpaceX launches 72 smallsats; lands a Falcon 9 1st stage for the 200th time, Astronomers admit new satellite constellations “are not a threat” to Hubble, and The evidence shows clearly that Biden has worked to squelch Elon Musk and SpaceX
Cafe Hayek: Reducing CO2 Concentrations In the Atmosphere Is Not An End In Itself, Rubio Is Wrong, and Soiled by Socialism
CDR Salamander: Strategy For Facing The Red Chinese & Russian Threat, also, Funding DoD In Inflation & About Replacing Weapons & Ammo Sent To Ukraine
Chicago Boyz: “Cricket Morality”
Da Tech Guy: A Very Basic Question that some in the GOP Need to Answer, Winsome Sears is my President, Can You Say: “Game Set and Match”, and Disney’s Fahrenheit 2023
Don Surber: Why LGBTWTFBBQ Is Losing
First Street Journal: There are times when being courteous is harmful to society, He will not do well in prison, and The Philadelphia Inquirer whines that not enough blacks are getting into the legal marijuana business
Gates Of Vienna: The Visegrád Four Become the Visegrád Two, Your Papers, Please, Here, Take Our Money! Please!, Transgenders are the Vanguard of the Socialist Revolution, and When Migrants Become Pirates
The Geller Report: Authenticated Leaked Video Shows D.C. Cops Were ‘Rioters’ and Instigators at J-6 Protest, 96% of U.S. Climate Data is Corrupted, New Report Finds, George Soros’ Son Takes Over Father’s $25B Empire, and Grounds to Immediately Dismiss All Charges Against Trump
Hogewash: That’s No Space Station. It’s a Moon, Smog, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and Adventures at a State Party Convention
Hollywood In Toto: 19 Criminally Underrated Movies, The Two Reasons The Bodyguard Became a Sensation, Garth Brooks Goes to ‘Low Places’ in Bud Light Fight, and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Might Be Best in Series
The Lid: Mark Levin Blows His Lid Over Trump Indictment “This IS The Insurrection”, also, 36 Years Ago Reagan Uttered His Most Powerful Words, ‘Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!’
Legal Insurrection: Muslim and Christian Parents in Ottawa Protest LGBT Policies in Schools, “This is an indictment that comes across as a very public relations-oriented document”, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski Dies in Prison at Age 81, Report: Fox News Sends Tucker Carlson Cease-and-Desist Letter Over Twitter Show, New California Bill Would Punish Parents for not ‘Affirming’ Their Child’s Gender Identity,  and Disgusted Parents Describe Princeton President’s Graduation Address as a ‘Woke Sermon’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, First Sunday after Trinity, and Cancelling Anglo-Saxons, Tromp Indicted, and more
Outkick: Deion Sanders Puts Collectives On Blast, Wants Players To Focus On NIL, Getting ‘That Lamar Jackson Bag’, Martina Navratilova Slams Austin Killips After He Wins Another Women’s Race, Brittney Griner Wasn’t In Danger, And She’s Not An ‘American Hero’ Despite Narrative, Charles Barkley Says His Upcoming CNN Show Feels Like ‘Jumping On The Titanic’, Ump Show Unfolds After Blatant Missed Strikeout Leads To Home Run That Cost Alabama Super Regional Win, and Breanna Stewart Calls For Chartered Flights For Brittney Griner After She Was Asked Questions In An Airport
Power Line: Six theses on the Trump indictment, Last Act for the Unabomber?, and Now They Tell Us!
Shark Tank: DeSantis Disses Trump-Appointed SCOTUS Justices, also, DeSantis Dubbed “Grand Wizard” At Tony Awards [Robert Byrd could not be reached for comment.]
Shot In The Dark: The Racket, 36 Years Ago Today, and A County of Cowards
STUMP: Podcast: Failure, Sunk Costs, and Candace Wheeler, also, Data Visualization: People and Books in 1946
The Political Hat: The Surrey Police Are Big Brother
This Ain’t Hell: Former Marine Pat Robertson dies, Army Veteran, who disarmed club attacker, to lead pride parade, Fake soldier’s appearance at remembrance event results in his exposure, Russians use $14M chopper – to kill an ag sprayer, Phony special forces man accused of punching his girlfriend, and Base Drag Show Ban
Transterrestrial Musings:  The Delusion Continues, DEI And NASA, The Augean Stables On The Potomac, News You Can Use, and Case Closed
Victory Girls: Anglo-Saxons Aren’t Real, Salon: The Eighteen States Of America, and Fox News “Cease and Desist” To Tucker
Volokh Conspiracy: Against the “Banana Republic” Critique of Indicting Trump, also, Donald Trump’s Breach of Confidentiality Agreement Lawsuit Against Niece Mary Trump Can Go Forward
Watts Up With That: Mexico and South America Must Tap Fossil Fuels to Fight Poverty, Wrong, Washington Post, Climate Change Is Not Driving ‘Arizona’s Water Troubles’ and The Push for Regulating Banks: An Alarm Bell for the Advent of Eco-Fascism?
Weasel Zippers: California Bill Would Charge Any Parent Who Doesn’t Affirm Child’s Transgenderism With “Child Abuse”, Report: Joe, Hunter Each Got $5 Million From Energy Executive, and Biden Gets Confused Again After Finishing Speech
The Federalist: The Drama At CNN Shows The Impossibility Of Fixing The Media, Ted Kaczynski’s Murderous Legacy Doesn’t Mean His Diagnosis Of The Post-Industrial West Is Wrong, You Don’t Have To Be A Tradwife To Fight In The Culture War, The U.K. Just Banned Chemical Castration For Kids. America Should Do The Same And More, and Extremist Left Claims Only Nazis Want To Teach Children Grammar And Patriotism
Mark Steyn: Racing is Life: Steve McQueen and His Mighty Flop, Le Mans, Tal Bachman: Two Centuries of Rugby, Part V, and The Girl from Ipanema

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