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In The Mailbox: 06.19.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Director Blue: The Legendary Ivan Koloff On The state Of Affairs In Washington
357 Magnum: No Place For Christians At Bitwarden
EBL: The Punisher, Killed By Cancel Culture, June Brides, Pinup Noir, and Biden Family Values: Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden and Bad Grandpa Joe Biden
Twitchy: HRC Flames Out With Epically Bad Juneteenth Tweet, Sen. Kennedy Schools Durbin The Turban On Biden Bribery Allegations, and The U.S. Military Is Monitoring Your Tweets, So Be Nice To Gen. Milley Or Else
Louder With Crowder: Anheuser-Busch executive forced to admit Dylan Mulvaney fiasco “has been a wake-up call”, Maryland’s Democrat Governor claims restricting what books are available in school libraries is “castrating” our kids, and LA Dodgers honor anti-Catholic drag nuns in empty stadium as thousands of Catholics patriotically protest outside
Vox Popoli: Of truth and Truth, They TRIED to do That, Vaccines Almost Certainly Cause Autism, and I Do Not Support Free Speech
Stoic Observations: The Great Grand Boss
Gab News: Our Duty To Produce Christian Culture

Adam Piggott: Chastity and Lust and Possession
American Conservative: Front Royal on the Front Lines, Leave Trump Alone, Re-Education Camp, and The Dollar at the End of History
American Greatness: Michigan City Bans Display of LGBTQ Flags from City Property, Homeland Committee Chairman: Red China Likely Sending Military Personnel Into U.S, Joe Biden Announces Ambitious Plan to Build a Railroad ‘All the Way Across the Indian Ocean’, and Amazon Shuts Man Out of Own Smart Home After Racism Allegations
American Power: The Radical Strategy Behind Trump’s Promise to ‘Go After’ Biden, Alternative for Germany Party Gains Ground Ahead of Elections, and Why the U.S. Electric Grid Isn’t Ready for the Energy Transition
American Thinker: The quiet riot against insanity in America is gaining strength, It’s Not Just the FBI – The IRS goes into ‘Beast Mode’, Trump Indictment a Violation of Federal Law, and The FBI is Now a Democrat SuperPAC
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Ungrateful Cubans complain about awful food in hospitals and poor medical care, NBC’s Chuck Todd FURIOUS that those UPPITY Cuban-Americans don’t know their place in the ‘Hispanic’ quarters of the liberal plantation!, Dissent is not tolerated in Cuba, no matter who you are, and China’s decades-long military presence in Cuba goes beyond espionage
BattleSwarm: I’m Really Satisfied With My Maytag MVWP575GW Washer, Federal Court To Biden: “No, You Can’t Have A National Guard Vax Mandate. Not Yours.”, and LinkSwarm for June 16
Behind The Black: NASA official in charge of its manned program denigrates the idea of fixed-price contracts, SpaceX successfully launches Indonesian broadband satellite, Rocket Lab completes first suborbital test launch of its Electron rocket, PLD’s first suborbital test launch aborted just prior to launch, and Pushback: Judge blocks race-based program of Biden administration
Cafe Hayek: Oh, And Naturally He Also Calls for Industrial Policy, Why Do Genius Angels Need Government Power?, and “Shoddy, Shoddy, Shoddy”
CDR Salamander: Build The Yards Now
Chicago Boyz: Enemies of the People, also, Faustian Ambition (updated)
Da Tech Guy: Five Quick Sports Thoughts Under the Fedora, The Democrats are dismantling America’s ballot box and jury box, A Good Investment vs a Bad One, and Is America resembling the French Revolution?
Don Surber: Here’s Your Apology, Guardian
First Street Journal: Crime, like any other cancer, left untreated, metastasizes, also, Molly McGhee and student loan forgiveness
Gates Of Vienna: The Deindustrialization of Germany?, Geert Wilders – Send in the Army if Necessary, Let Them Take the Bus!, Collateral Damage in the Great Replacement, and Russian Sanctions Bingo
The Geller Report: Networks Devote ZERO Seconds to Biden Bombshell of Million Dollar Bribery Phone-Calls, But Run 291 Minutes of Trump Classified (Hoax), NEWLY DISCOVERED: Ukraine Opened Biden Bank Account In Malta For Alleged $10 Million Bribery Payment, and Donald Trump Cannot Get a Top-Tier Lawyer Because of Threats of Legal and Career Reprisals
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Neutron Star Dances with a Black Hole, and Rule Five and Politics
Hollywood In Toto: How Cliffhanger Brought Stallone Back from the Comedy Brink, Hollywood Wouldn’t Cancel Ezra Miller (But Audiences Just Did), and Dominion Is Ready to Rumble with Mainstream Comics
The Lid: WANNABE DICTATOR Controversy: Was This SCATHING Tucker Monologue His Best So Far?, also, Missing My Dad On Father’s Day
Legal Insurrection: Ex-Teammate of Lia Thomas Says UPenn Told Swim Team ‘Don’t Talk to the Media’, Thousands of Catholics and Others Turn Out to Protest L.A. Dodgers’ Honoring of LGBTQ ‘Nun’ Group, Joe Rogan Challenges Vaccine Scientist Peter Hotez to Debate Presidential Candidate RFK Jr., UN Chief Goes on Delusional Tirade Against Fossil Fuels, Saying They Are “Incompatible with Human Survival”, and Sheldon Whitehouse: Dianne Feinstein Should Not Resign No Matter What Because We Need Judges Confirmed
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Second Sunday After Trinity, and The American Way of War
Outkick: Ja Morant Reportedly Believes NBA Is ‘Out To Get’ Him With His 25-Game Suspension, The Athletic, Which Just Had Another Round Of Layoffs, Is Mad That Only 29 Of 30 MLB Teams Host ‘Pride Night’, Bill Walton ‘Shocked’ At The Way Scottie Pippen Talks So Poorly Of Michael Jordan, Awkward! Atlanta Braves DFA Charlie Culberson On Father’s Day Morning With Dad Scheduled To Throw Out First Pitch, Sex Workers In Nevada Offer Free Orgy To Golden Knights Players After Stanley Cup Win, and The Dodgers Lost Tens Of Thousands In Revenue And Embarrassed Themselves To Appease The Far Left
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, Illegal Gun Sales Are Now Illegal?, Garland of thorns for MPD [With Comment by John], and Why Our Electric Grid Is Threatened
Shark Tank: Democrat Says DeSantis “Got It Right More Than Anyone” During COVID
Shot In The Dark: Compare & Contrast, Ghastly, and Off Script
STUMP: Other People’s Money: ESG, Public Pensions, and the Principal-Agent Problem
The Political Hat: Children In Academia: Naked Men With Schoolgirls; Sexually Assaulting A Six Year Old; But Muh Capitalism
This Ain’t Hell: When a politician tries to give proper journalism hints to a reporter regarding classified documents, Chinese troops infiltrating through U.S. southern border?, Forest fires! Climate change chaos! We’re DOOMED!!!, and Army Protective Services Battalion Is Watching!
Transterrestrial Musings: Lunacy, The Wuhan Institute Of Virology, Why Did Trump Do It?, and Space-Based Solar Power
Victory Girls: No Gun Free Zones-Texas Leads The Way, Rand Paul Goes Full Pitbull On Fauci, and Vote Joe And Inaugurate Kamala Harris As President
Volokh Conspiracy: Smart Home System = Home System That Amazon Can Mess With If It Doesn’t Like What You Say?, Study Finds Bar Exam Requirements Greatly Reduce the Number of Lawyers, and Restoring the Name of Fort Bragg is Nothing to Brag About
Watts Up With That: German Princess Gloria On Green New Deal: “Going to Be Worse Than Communist East Germany”!, Epic Fail in America’s Heartland: Climate Models Greatly Overestimate Corn Belt Warming, Grid asks factories to use less energy next winter under blackout prevention plan, and ‘The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves’ Should Not Be a Template for Energy Policy
Weasel Zippers: Biden Says U.S. Has “Plans To Build A Railroad From The Pacific…Across The Indian Ocean”, U.S. General Admits She’d Prioritize Gender Surgery Access Over Qualified Officers, Kamala Harris Takes Stage At Juneteenth Celebration, Immediately Starts Laughing Uncontrollably, and 181 House Democrats Vote To BAN Gas Stoves In America
The Federalist: How Did Biden Really Make His Millions? It’s Time For A Special Counsel To Find Out, How Reddit Radicalizes The Left And Encourages Political Violence, Southern Baptists Vote To Remain Faithful To Biblical Teaching, How This Legal Group Plans To Halt Democrats’ Jihad Against Election Integrity Laws Ahead Of 2024, Foul Ball: L.A. Catholics Declare Victory Over The Perpetually Indulged, and From Virginia To Texas, Air Force Throws ‘Pride’ Parties While Our Readiness Crumbles
Mark Steyn: If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be This Week’s Trump Arrest, Sad Sack Sadism, and Hot and Bothered: Elizabeth Taylor, the Production Code and BUtterfield 8

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