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In The Mailbox: 06.20.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“In case of danger- burn”

357 Magnum: Woke Censoring Of Classic Movies Has Begun
EBL: Cormac McCarthy, RIP, Titanic Submarine, and Hunter Biden Sweetheart Plea Deal
Twitchy: Occupy Democrats Get Dragged For Ghoulish Attempt To Tie Elon Musk To Missing Sub, Greta Thunberg Painfully Reminded Of Climate Doomsday Deadline On 5th Anniversary Of Tweet, and Pentagon’s Accounting Error Finds Extra $6.2 Billion For Ukraine
Louder With Crowder: “Just shut up”: SNL alumni torches Garth Brooks for involving himself in the Bud Light fiasco, also, Joe Biden needs to be led like a child after saying he’ll solve the existential crisis of our time… by 2020
Vox Popoli: Reddit vs Reddit Moderators, The Course of Future History, Biden as Valens, Phonics are the Only Way, and You Really Didn’t, Donald

American Conservative: A Murder in Nottingham
American Greatness: Biden Administration Gave $2M to University’s ‘Microaggression Monitoring’ Efforts, also, Delaware U.S. Attorney Reaches Sweetheart Plea Deal With Hunter Biden Over Tax and Gun Violations
American Thinker: The GOP is Losing the Vote Fraud War, Wanna Be a Good Samaritan? Fuhgeddaboudit, and The Swamp Strikes Back
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Prosperity News
Babalu Blog: Pope Francis receives Cuba’s sock puppet president at the Vatican, Reports from Cuba: With an exchange rate of 200 CUP per dollar, peso reaches new all-time low, and China into Cuba, US army into woke
BattleSwarm: Abbott Carries Through With Threat, Vetoes Slew Of Bills, How A 120mm Tank Round Works, and The Mine-Laying Lawnmower of Death
Behind The Black: Looking down a canyon on Mars, Red China launches classified experimental satellite, and Fake pushback: Texas passes law banning DEI at the state universities
Cafe Hayek: A Confused Review of Sam Gregg’s ‘Next American Economy’, also, Votes FOR and Votes AGAINST
CDR Salamander: How Weak is The Strongest Nation In Continental Europe?
Chicago Boyz: Seth Barrett Tillman: “A Dialogue on Migration”, also, “Body language”
Da Tech Guy: Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson makes $10 million “growing pains” error with e-signature blunder, Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora, and July 4th Adoration for the Nation
Dana Loesch: News You May Have Missed, also, Hunter Biden Accepts Plea Deal
Don Surber: SJWs Are On The Run
First Street Journal: The problem with journolism in one coffee mug, What hath progressives wrought?, and Karma! The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend
Gates Of Vienna: Azerbaijan = Corrupt + Terrorist + Evil, What’s a Little Passport Forgery Between Friends?, The Signal Returns, Helping the Kiwi Police With Their Enquiries, and I Can’t Wait For That Yummy Soylent Green
The Geller Report: Protest Against JCRC to End CUNY Jew Hatred, “DO YOUR JOB!”, also, At Last 4 Dead, Several Wounded in Islamic Terrorist Attack in Samaria, Muslims Celebrate, Hand Out Sweets
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Too Bright for JWST, and Something Failed To Proceed As I Foresaw
Hollywood In Toto: Airport Franchise Deserved Leslie Nielsen’s Epic Takedown, RFK Jr.: Big Tech Censorship Threatens Comedian Theo Von, Summer Lovin’…Hollywood Style, and John Cusack: Strip Fox News of Its Broadcast License
The Lid: Unequal Justice: Hunter Gets Exactly The Slap On The Wrist Republicans Predicted
Legal Insurrection: Trump Denies Having Or Showing Iran Attack Plans, Contrary to Indictment, “This Hunter Biden deal is to put to rest a major problem for the Biden family”, Mayo Clinic Suspends Medicine Prof Who Said ‘Testosterone Improves Athletic Performance’, Senate Democrats Want to Change Rules Because Sen. Tuberville Put on Hold Biden’s Military Promotions, and Desperate Search Mission Launched to Rescue Tourist Submersible Heading to Titanic Wreck
Nebraska Energy Observer: To insure that
Outkick: MLB Players Vote On Favorite Expansion City, With Nashville The Clear Winner, Twitter Suspends Moriah Mills After She Threatens To Release Zion Williamson Sex Tape, College World Series: Advantage Tennessee Vs. LSU Because Of Much Deeper Pitching, USC’s No. 1 Freshman WR Zachariah Branch Comes Close To Usain Bolt’s Top Speed, and LSU Gymast Olivia Dunne Pops Up At College World Series, Draws Crowds Of Fans
Power Line: Six theses on the Trump indictment, part 5, Feel Good Headline of the Day, and It’s Just Like Slavery
Shark Tank: Florida Pols Sound Alarm Over Red Chinese Base In Cuba
Shot In The Dark: Fake News?, Dreamworld, They Know What Matters, and I’m Old Enough To Remember
The Political Hat: Federal Judge: Actually There IS A Hate Speech Exception To The 1st Amendment
This Ain’t Hell: House GOP proposal would require veteran’s consent before granting FOIA request, also, Hunter Biden plea deal on tax and gun charges; likely to avoid jail
Transterrestrial Musings: The Titanic Submersible, also, It’s Good To Be A Biden
Victory Girls: Clown Prince Hunter Makes a Deal
Volokh Conspiracy: An Orthodox Rabbi Makes the Case for Legalizing Organ Markets, also, Justice Alito Preempts ProPublica “Investigative Journalism”
Watts Up With That: China is Throwing Away Fields of Electric Cars – Letting them Rot!, also, New evidence that polar bears survived 1,600 years of ice-free summers in the early Holocene
The Federalist: Here’s How We Know The Flunking Education Establishment Is Scared, Joe Biden Once Recommended More Prosecutions For Those Who Lie On Background Checks. Has He Changed His Mind?, The Truth About Ukraine’s Failing Counteroffensive And The Peace That Could Have Been, Gov. Abbott Signs Bill Allowing Texas To Withdraw From Leftist-Controlled Voter Roll ‘Maintenance’ Group ERIC, and No, ‘Book Bans’ Are Not ‘Castrating’ Kids
Mark Steyn: Edelweiss

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