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In The Mailbox: 06.27.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Anyone Who Disagrees With Me Is A Fascist, Australian Edition
EBL: A cholesterol-lowering alternative to statins reduces deaths from heart disease?, also, Fun Fact: You’d have to run a pizza stove for 849 years to equal one year of John Kerry’s private jet emissions
Twitchy: Rosa DeLauro Gets Flogged For Proclaiming Her Catholicism Compels Her To Be Pro-Abortion, NBC News Spins “We’re Coming For Your Children” Pride Chant & Makes It WORSE, and Shovel-Ready Brian Krassenstein Defends Himself Against @LibsOfTikTok By Digging Deeper
Louder With Crowder: San Francisco Mayor attacks DeSantis for calling city a cesspool, claims the drugs and poop are only a “snapshot”, Tough-talking union boss challenges GOP Senator to a fight, doesn’t realize Senator is an undefeated MMA fighter, and Barstool’s Dave Portnoy goes berserk on “pink-haired, crazy liberals” looking to ban wood-fired pizza
Vox Popoli: Amazon in Decline, Alarm Bells, The Logistics of Tolkien, and Last Chance at Landmark

Adam Piggott: Let’s hear it for 50 year old White Guys
American Conservative: How Fake History Gets Made
American Greatness: Disney Suffers Box Office Losses Amid LGBTQ Promotion, ‘Woke’ Criticisms, also, DHS Covered Up Its Outsourcing of ‘Misinformation’ Policing
American Thinker: Obama Rings the Reparations Bell, also, Four Ways the Deep State Betrays Americans
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Electric Plane News
Babalu Blog: Mother of imprisoned Cuban social media influencer worried about her mental health, Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly votes unanimously to rescind EU pacts with Cuba, and Cuba suffering the environmental consequences of Castro dictatorship’s ‘solutions’ to the energy crisis
BattleSwarm: The Democratic Media Complex Really Hates Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., also, Portland Real Estate Nightmare
Behind The Black: Russians launch weather satellite and 42 smallsats, SpaceX completes six-engine static fire test of Starship prototype #25, Surprise! The cost for the Mars Sample Return mission is ballooning!, ROKs recover Norks’ failed spy satellite, and Today’s blacklisted American: Anyone who dares to criticize the left at Bakersfield College
Cafe Hayek: Reality Is Far More Complex Than Politicians Pretend
CDR Salamander: Hypersonics: Your Joint All-Domain Transformational Distributed Expeditionary Offset for your Directed Energy Railguns for Victory in the Gray Zone
Da Tech Guy: On the road again, also, Nipping These Trump vs DeSantis things in the Bud
Dana Loesch: News You Might Have Missed
Don Surber: Just End The War
First Street Journal: Fear-mongering from The Nation, as they fear that The South Shall Rise Again!
Gates Of Vienna: “We Are Witnessing a Huge Change of Culture, Customs and Population”, The Perils of Non-Compliance, Sturm und Drang, Indian Giver, and “A True Cauldron of Migration in Portugal”
The Geller Report: GOP has 6 witnesses Who Can Back up Claim AG Lied about DOJ Interference in Hunter Case
Glenn Reynolds: Memory Lane
Hogewash: Ultraviolet Mars, Side B, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Looking Into the Orion Nebula, and Don’t Know Much About History
Hollywood In Toto: Jim Caviezel: Disney Tried to Remove God from Count of Monte Cristo, Classic Disney Stories Get the Woke Treatment (SATIRE), Sound of Freedom Doubles as Heartbreaking Drama, Call to Action, and Great Pandemic Protest Songs, from Clapton to Five Times August
The Lid: California Dems Want To Give Health Authorities The Power to Take Kids Away from Parents Over LGBTQ Agenda
Legal Insurrection: BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Whines that Term “ESG” Has Become “Weaponized”, Is Higher Education in America Headed for Collapse?, First Locally Acquired U.S. Malaria Cases in 20 Years Reported in Texas and Florida, High School Debates Can Now Hinge on Personal Tweets and Microaggressions, and Court Says NY AG Attempt to Force Section 8 on Landlords Unconstitutional
Nebraska Energy Observer: Let’s talk
Outkick: Former NFL QB Ryan Mallett Dead At 35, Jim Harbaugh Adds New Practice Period At Michigan Focused Strictly On Beating Georgia Despite Not Playing Bulldogs Since 2021, Sage Steele’s Lawsuit Against ESPN, Disney Is Worth More Than Money, Can LSU Baseball Recover From National Championship?, and Dennis Rodman, Who Thinks Larry Bird Was Only Good For A White Boy, Says Bird Couldn’t Last In Today’s NBA
Power Line: “Everything about this case is wrong”, also, Sweden Goes Nuclear
Shark Tank: FL Dems Assail “Stand Your Ground” Laws In Wake Of AJ Owens Shooting
Shot In The Dark: Out – Greta Thunberg, In – Reddy Kilowatt, also, Borrowed Time
STUMP: Sunday at Sea: the Vasa, the Far Side of the World, and Alexander in a Bathysphere
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesday with the Libs of Tik Tok, also, Mikey Weinstein and the NDAA
Transterrestrial Musings: Tent, Meet Camel
Victory Girls: GOP Hopeful Francis Suarez Disqualifies Self
Volokh Conspiracy: CONAN the Librarian: A Constitutional Law Treatise from the Library of Congress
Watts Up With That: Wind Fails Texas Again, also, Aussie Government Admits the Green Energy Revolution will Require Lots of Coal
The Federalist: Biden Admin Grew Censorship Complex To Silence True But Inconvenient ‘Malinformation,’ House Committee Shows, Hey, Joy Reid, Let’s Talk About ‘Fascism’, Small-Town Librarians In Georgia Slip Drag Book Into Program For 6-Year-Olds, New SCOTUS Ruling Limits State Court Interference With Election Laws, and Americans Aren’t Buying Biden’s Border Crisis Bunk
Mark Steyn: Blueberry Hill, also, “An Excellent Read!”

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