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In The Mailbox: 07.03.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Well, it’ll be a lot shorter, because Feedly is acting up. To fill the time that you otherwise would have spent on those blogs, go read The Killer Angels, This Hallowed Ground, Stephen Sears’ Gettysburg, or Forstchen & Gingrich’s alt-history Gettysburg, the first part of a trilogy that shows how Lee could have won the battle – and lost the war a lot sooner. 
Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: How Movies Make Money, Or Don’t, As The Case May Be
Twitchy: The National Speech & Debate Association Has Gone Woke – Tolerates Open Discrimination, Mehdi Hasan Doesn’t Understand – The Children Yearn For The Mines, and The Homeless Are Flushed Out Of Public Toilets In Gov. Hairgel’s California
Stoic Observations: Welcome To My Worldview
Gab News: Twitter’s Extreme Position Destroys The Open Web
CDR Salamander: Have Yourself A Very Nimitz July 4th
Don Surber: The Bioweapon That Elected Biden

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