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In The Mailbox: 07.05.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

Because the Barbie movie is coming soon…

357 Magnum: Even Financial Analysts Can Recognize Reality When It Hits Them In The Face
EBL: Alan Arkin, RIP, Happy Belated Canada Day , and Cocaine
Twitchy: Sussex Police Report Teenage Boy Molested By Two “Women”, A Preview Of Media’s “Actually Doing Coke In The White house Isn’t A Big Deal” Defense, and NYT Asks If “Adversity Scores” Could Replace Affirmative Action
Louder With Crowder: Sound of Freedom – Possibly the Most Important Movie This Year, Federal judge blocks Biden Admin from coordinating with Big Tech to suppress content in huge win for free speech, and ‘Jesus ain’t f***ing God’: Atheist bullies neighbor over cross decoration, gets dropped after eating fists
Vox Popoli: Authority vs Democracy, On to Plan D, The War on Vermin, Boosting Morale, and We Have a Deal
Gab News: A Major Win For Free Speech

Adam Piggott: Invalidity piled up upon invalidity
American Conservative: The Divine Right of Joe Biden
American Greatness: Democrats Baseless Lies Are Responsible For Today’s Divisiveness, The Bidens’ Existential Threats to the American Rule of Law, and What the Fourth of July Was Not


American Power: Cocaine Found in White House Library: The Big Mystery!
American Thinker: Trump’s Greatest Triumph: A Court That Follows the Constitution, A Line of Defense Against Mail-in Ballot Fraud, and Michelle Obama’s Affirmative Action Adventure at Princeton
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Happy Independence Day!, and Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Wagner Group’s mutiny speeds up deployment of Cuban troops in Ukraine, Cuba to send 3,225 slave doctors to Brazil, 300 to Portugal, and Is Russia about to install nuclear power plants in Cuba?
Baldilocks: Musings On Bad Things Happening, also, Anger & Disagreement 
BattleSwarm: Supreme Court Strikes Down Biden Unilaterally Forgiving Loans, Ukrainian Soldiers Love Bradleys, Why Does Will Hurd Think He’s Running For President?, and Happy Independence Day!
Behind The Black: SpaceX and FAA seek dismissal of lawsuit against Starship at Boca Chica, Another flying car gets FAA approval for flight testing, SpaceX launches Europe’s Euclid space telescope, South Korea: North Korean spy satellite of “no military utility”, and The first week in July’s fund-raising campaign, celebrating Behind the Black’s thirteenth anniversary
Cafe Hayek: Wise Reflections on China, Sigh, and Repeal the Jones Act
CDR Salamander: Mom, We Really Didn’t Want To Leave, also, The PRC’s Legacy Bond Bomb
Chicago Boyz: Society, Social Media, and Human Nature, Trent Telenko’s Twitter Threads, and Interesting Discussions
Da Tech Guy: Stop adding queer to The Witcher, Quick Bits of Advice Under the Fedora, A Reminder of Who is in Charge From Jan 18th 2021 and 25 years after my last visit, Latvia is a nation transformed
Don Surber: The Day John Adams Predicted, Judge Orders Biden To Stop Censoring Real Americans
First Street Journal: Special Snowflake™ melts down, The ‘Wise Latina’ says the quiet part out loud, and A great Mexican family
Gates Of Vienna: Kill the Kuffar!, Jihad Attack Against Pride Parade Foiled in Vienna, The “French Model” for Germany, Éric Zemmour: “It’s an Ethnic War, a Racial War”, and Marine Le Pen: “These Terrifying Events Are Dragging Our Leaders Back Into Reality”
The Geller Report: BLM Trans-Terrorist Arrested in Philadelphia Mass Shooting That Killed FIVE People, Injuring 2 Children, FRANCE IS BURNING: The Leftist-Islamic Alliance Makes Its Move In France, WATCH LIVE: TENS OF THOUSANDS DESCEND ON SOUTH CAROLINA FOR TRUMP RALLY, and HUGE: Judge Delivers Major Blow to Biden Admin in MASSIVE Ruling for Freedom of Speech on the Fourth of July
Hogewash: Math Is Hard, A Big Brother for the Milky Way, Highly Irregular, Potential Earth-Shattering Kabooms, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Brazen Media Deny Real Reasons for Dial of Destiny Failure, 15 Astonishing Shows You Might Have Missed (U.S. and European), 15 Astonishing Shows You Might Have Missed (U.S. and European), Eddie Murphy Has Big Shoes to Fill in ‘Pink Panther’ Franchise, and Ice Cube: Woke Word Police ‘Keep Us Bickering’
The Lid: Today July 2nd Is Independence Day NOT July 4th, State Secrets and a Commander-in-Chief With Mental Issues, and When The Entire World Learned Freedom Is Worth Fighting For
Legal Insurrection: France Burns With BLM-Style Riots In Major Cities, Considers State of Emergency, CNN ‘Invents Sailboats’ In Climate Alarmism Article, Hilarity Ensues, U. Cincinnati Prof Reprimanded for Failing Student for Using Term ‘Biological Women’, Federal Court Enjoins Biden-Big Tech Collusive “far-reaching and widespread censorship campaign” against Conservatives, and ALITO and THOMAS: Government resorting “to racial or ethnic classifications to ration medical treatment … would be a very strong case for prompt review by this Court”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Well Finally!!, and St. John 11:35
Outkick: For The Love Of God Can We Stop Talking About Bobby Bonilla Day, David Pollack Shares Emotional Video After Surprising ESPN Layoff, Golf Influencer Karin Hart Gets The Fourth Of July Festivities Started Early With A Patriotic Bikini, Rocket Mortgage Classic: Fowler Beats Morikawa, Hadwin In Playoff, But PGA Tour Broadcast Rules Meant Virtually No One Saw It, WNBA Player Natasha Cloud Unrepentant For Calling America ‘Trash’, and Enes Kanter Freedom Destroys WNBA Player Who Called America ‘Trash,’ Encourages Her To Leave The Country
Power Line: There Is No Transition, She Can’t Do Arithmetic, Either, It’s Cocaine, and Will the Supreme Court Dismantle the Administrative State?
Shark Tank: DeSantis Announces List Of Invalid Pro-Illegals Out Of State Drivers’ Licenses
Shot In The Dark: Mediocrity, Frozen, Streak, and For The Record
STUMP: Drowning Deaths: U.S. Geographic Differences 1999-2022 (provisional), Podcast: What is the Value of a Promise?, and Happy Bobby Bonilla(‘s Agent) Day 2023!
The Political Hat: North Dakota vs. Diversity Training, also, When in the Course of Human Events
This Ain’t Hell: Mostly Peaceful Protests Rock France for Fifth Day, The anniversary we missed (that no one was missing at all), Sad day. Freedom ain’t free, Wednesday Shorts: Soros, Supremes, Cards, and California Reparations Task Force: The police should not have to enforce urination bans
Transterrestrial Musings: Joe Biden’s Brain, AI, Our New Space Race, and Due Process On Campus
Victory Girls: NEA Admits – Yes, We ARE Coming For Your Children, also, Conservative Uncle Barred From Wedding But Bridezilla Will Accept His Cash
Volokh Conspiracy: What the Declaration of Independence Said and Meant, also, July 4 Injunction Bars Various Federal Departments from Encouraging Social Media Platforms to Delete Content
Watts Up With That: World Now Wasting $1 Trillion Or More Per Year Investing in Useless “Renewables”, Volkswagen Notes “Strong Customer Reluctance” in the Electric Vehicle Sector, No, WaPo, Climate Change is NOT Fueling More Devastating Rains and Flooding, and The Myth Of Replacing Fossil Fuels
The Federalist: Celebrating July Fourth Rings Hollow Without Fidelity To America’s Founding Ideals, Here’s How America’s ‘Rainbow’ Military Commemorated This 4th Of July Weekend, Petty Woman: Meghan Markle Waves Goodbye To Her Rom-Com Dreams, Judge Bars Biden Press Secretary From Flagging Posts For Big Tech To Censor, Two Years After Admin Bragged About It, Honoring Frederick Douglass On The Fourth Of July Just Makes Sense, and Leftist Push To Disenfranchise Parents In Ohio Riddled With Deception
Mark Steyn: Peace at a Price: Ealing Studios, Postwar Britain and Passport to Pimlico, Ofcom Comes Back for More, Tal Bachman: Cancelled by Popular Demand: My Final Rugby Installment, and O Canada

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