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In The Mailbox: 07.06.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I have three subscriptions to Jeff Goldstein’s Protein Wisdom Reborn Substack thingy to give away. First three members of the commentariat who ask for one get them.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Barbenheimer. It’s real.

357 Magnum: Copium – A Rare Drug Used By Hollywood To Deal With Failure
EBL: Who brought the cocaine to the White House?, Bikini Day, and Musk and Zuck: Trial By Combat
Twitchy: On July 4 Ben & Jerry’s Calls For The Return Of Stolen Land – Doesn’t Return Any Themselves, PuffHo “Reporter” Says Justice Brown Was Factually Wrong But Morally Right, and Nation Proclaims Asian Conservatives Have Become “Key Allies Of White Supremacy”
Louder With Crowder: Police need your help in finding a Bud Light thief because I guess paying for it was too embarrassing, also, Bride bans conservative uncle from her wedding, demands $1000 gift anyway
Vox Popoli: St Breivik, Pray for France, The Idiotic End of Indiana Jones, Surrender Monkeys Urge Surrender, America Has Lost its Appeal, Troon Magick, and Netflix’s Next Target: Narnia
Gab News: Facebook’s Twitter Alternative Is Already Censoring

American Conservative: What if Russia Is Winning America’s Proxy War in Ukraine?
American Greatness: CocaineGate Update: Coke Stash Was Found in Secure Place ‘Near the Situation Room’ Not Accessible to ‘Average People’, also, ‘Another 9/11:’ Law Enforcement Warns of Terrorists Coming into America Among Illegal Aliens
American Thinker: Transgenders: The Real Numbers, also, Do Americans Still Trust Our Elections?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Biden(‘s Handlers) News
Babalu Blog: Lack of fuel and parts sidelines two-thirds of public buses in Havana, Cuba, Another plague hits Cuba: 300 exploding electric motorcycles within past 6 months, and Luxury 5-star apartheid hotel opens in Cuba’s Old Havana, surrounded by collapsing buildings
Baldilocks: Just Deserts, also, A Conservatarian’s Take On Freedom
BattleSwarm: Bodycam Footage of Cop Taking Down Active Shooter, also, The Battle of Juba: When China Got Its Ass Kicked
Behind The Black: Curiosity’s most damaged wheel appears to be surviving the rough terrain on Mount Sharp, Europe’s Ariane-5 rocket completes its last launch, Scientists claim discovery of most distant supermassive black hole yet, July 6, 2023 Quick space links, Pushback: Federal judge confirms and shuts down censorship campaign of Biden administration, and Pushback: Non-profit legal firm warns 200 law schools they will be sued if they defy the Supreme Court’s decision ending all racial quotas
Cafe Hayek: Oh That No One Would Ever Have Embarked Upon ‘Balance of Trade’ Accounting, What “Social Dislocation”?, On Adam Smith, and Who’d a-Thunk It?
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: The White Queen’s Boast
Da Tech Guy: Well That Establishes Motive for the Dems in 2024, Lower the boom on fireworks, Declaring Independence from Responsibility of Fatherhood, In Philly DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of Media Outrage is About to Kick In, and Psalms 1-10 as I understand them
Dana Loesch: The White House Changes Its Story AGAIN On Hunter’s Booger Sugar
Don Surber: Politico’s War With Reality & The Donald
First Street Journal: Today’s left really, really, really hate Freedom of Speech, and normality, Out-of-control ‘wilding’ teens run Wawa out of Center City, so Josh Kruger blames not the brats, but Wawa, and The journolism of The Washington Post
Gates Of Vienna: A Follow-Up on Marinus van der Lubbe, Unplugging the Electric VW, Vehicular Jihad Against the Mayor of L’Haÿ-les-Roses, What’s That? A Teapot, Germany Needs to be More Like France!, and French Mayor Lodges a Complaint — That’ll Fix It
The Geller Report: ISLAMIC RULE: Biden’s Taliban Outlaws Female Beauty Salons in Afghanistan, also, Biden Regime Files Suit To Crush Free Speech
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, Things Might Go More Smoothly, Massive Resistance, and NGC 2356
Hollywood In Toto: Dear Hollywood: Listen to Your Critics … or Else, Sound of Freedom Eyes Stunning $20 Million Debut, Bud Light and Country Music: It’s Complicated, and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One – Hold on Tight!
The Lid: Is Ben & Jerry’s The Next Bud Light?
Legal Insurrection: Florida Restricts Influence of Chinese Communist Party on Campuses of Public Colleges, Pennsylvania Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro Caves to His Party on School Choice Program He Backed, Students for Life Claims Christian University is Stalling the Approval of the Group’s Chapter Application, Teacher Union Recommends Including Pornographic ‘Gender Queer’ on Summer Reading Lists, Report: Philadelphia Shooting Suspect a BLM Supporter, Wears Women’s Clothing, and CDC Says Transgenders Can ‘Chestfeed,’ But Doesn’t Mention Possible Health Risks to Babies
Nebraska Energy Observer: Uffda, also, St. John 11:35, part two
Outkick: Carmen Electra & Jenny McCarthy Team Up For Bikini Car Wash Ad, NBA Is The Original Bud Light, And No One In Mainstream Sports Media Will Tell You That, Isiah Thomas Claps Back At Dennis Rodman Over His Controversial Larry Bird Take, Anthony Edwards Won’t Share One Penny Of New Contract With Random Women, Paige Spiranac Says She Wasn’t Invited Back To Celebrity Golf Event Because She’s Not Famous Enough, and Deadspin Hilariously Claims That Bomani Jones’ HBO Show ‘Game Theory’ Failed Because Jones Is Too Smart
Power Line: Crack this case, also, The Folly of Wind
Shark Tank: Rep. Mast Alleges Fauci Funded Lab That Produced Corona-chan
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To The Mostly Peaceful Fireworks Kids Of Minneapolis, also, Autopilot
STUMP: Sunday Sumo: July 2023 Height/Weight Scatterplot and Welcome Makuuchi Newbies!, also, Drowning Deaths: Sex and Race/Ethnicity, U.S., 1999-2022 (provisional)
The Political Hat: Trans-Species Ideology In The Classroom, also, Race In Academia: Mandatory Course On Anti-Black Racism; Segregated Medical School; BIPOC Bonus
This Ain’t Hell: Student Loans: A Modest Proposal, Iran tried to take a couple of commercial ships, the U.S. Navy stopped them, and Team Biden to appeal injunction preventing government officials from colluding with social media companies
Transterrestrial Musings: Slapping Down The Censors, The Supposed Benefits Of “Diversity”, “Politicized Science”, and AI Follies 
Victory Girls: Rainbow Flags vs Sucking Chest Wound
Volokh Conspiracy: 9th Circuit Invalidates Oregon’s Ban on Surreptitious Recordings of Conversations
Watts Up With That: “Islands of expertise surrounded by oceans of incoherence” – today’s energy policies in a nutshell, China Seeks Military Dominance Through Fossil Fuels, and Wind Turbine Power and Land Cover Effects on Bat Deaths
The Federalist: The Decline Of American Manufacturing Inevitably Means An Empty Wartime Arsenal, The White House That Tracked Down Grannies After Capitol Riot Wants You To Believe Cocaine Caper Has Them Stumped, Here’s What You Need To Know About France’s ‘Summer Of Love’ Riots, Oregon Democrats Are One Step Closer To Rigging Elections With Ranked-Choice Voting, and Missouri v. Biden Proves Corporate Media Lied About Big Tech’s Censorship Crusade Against Conservatives
Mark Steyn: Those Rube Rednecks Are So Fiendishly Clever!, also, Death By Socialism

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