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In The Mailbox: 07.10.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I have a video up with some comments on current movies, among other things.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: It Seems Self-Defense IS Legal In Pennsylvania
EBL: The Ventures: Telstar, Lincoln Lawyer: Season 2, and The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
Twitchy: Liberals Continue To Lie About Moms For Liberty “Standing With Hitler”, The Lincoln Project’s Continued Love Affair With Biden Is Just Cringe, and Ray Epps Plans To Sue Fox News For Defamation
Louder With Crowder: Bud Light sinks even further, is no longer a Top 10 beer in America, also, Dad goes ballistic after pediatrician asks 9-year-old son if he’s non-binary or gender fluid
Vox Popoli: Confidence in the Profession, Better Late Than Never, Attention is not Success, They Do Love Their Pedos, and Further Evidence Against Arthur C. Clarke
Stoic Observations: Black Panther Or Blade?, also, The Logos Project Restated
Gab News: Another State Is Passing Hate Speech Laws

American Conservative: A Hard Day’s Work
American Greatness: Illegal Immigration and Western Spiritual Sickness, also, Poetic Justice for the Biden ‘Ministry of Truth’
American Thinker: Understanding Marxism Is Key To Understanding Today’s Leftists, Today’s Election Interference Isn’t The First Time The FBI’s Been Out Of Control, and Judge Doughty and Biden’s Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Desperate and hungry Cubans search for food in a landfill, While the Cuban people starve, the communist experiment persists, Shocking! Performers at Cuban apartheid luxury hotels are not being paid, and Cuban dictatorship rewards its star athletes with buckets and mops
Baldilocks: New World, Old Methods, also, Planting
BattleSwarm: 4 Bore Rifle vs. Body Armor, Netherlands – Let The Power Fall, and Netherlands: Let The Power Fall
Behind The Black: Red China launches classified technology test satellite, SpaceX launches 22 Starlink satellites using a first stage for 16th time, New Australian government cancels $1.2 billion program to launch four government satellites, ISRO to transfer ownership of its smallsat SSLV rocket to a private company, and The inconceivable scale of Mars’ canyons
CDR Salamander: Midrats Midsummer Free For All!, Ukraine’s Millennial War Barons
Chicago Boyz: “Threads”, also, Hollowed Out
Da Tech Guy: It’s Important to Remember this about the Coke in the White House Story, Health of the Force Survey 2023…sucks, Elly De La Cruz and Playing Baseball Right, As Michigan’s “pronouns” bill advances, free speech is threatened, and Quick Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: White Stripes Frontman Loses His Mind Over Celebrities Shaking Donald Trump’s Hand
Don Surber: Having Made Her Millions, A Congresswoman Will Retire
First Street Journal: Killadelphia: What the Philly media won’t tell us, World War III Watch: The liberal newspapers are going all out neocon!, and Lock him up, and throw away the key
Gates Of Vienna: Nobody’s Business But the Turks, You’ll Use the CBDC, Eat the Bugs, and Be Happy — Or Else!, The Ascendancy of the Neocons, Mark Rutte is Dead. Long Live Mark Rutte!, and The Only Prescription is More Cowbell!
The Geller Report: Ben & Jerry’s Loses Billions in Stock Value Amid Boycott Calls, Tucker Carlson Says Capitol Police Chief Admitted ‘Jan 6 Crowd Was Filled With Feds’, and Dutch Government COLLAPSES Over Immigration Policy, Prime Minister Resigns
Glenn Reynolds: Some Poolside Thoughts
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Don’t Know Much About History, UGC 11860, and The Largest Known Volcano
Hollywood In Toto: Spanish Prisoner Showed Shocking New Side to Steve Martin, Insidious: The Red Door Is A Superior Horror Sequel, How Screens, Progressive Groupthink Harm Gen Z, and 5 Shocking Reasons Media Savaged Sound of Freedom
The Lid: Robert Malley, Biden’s Iran Negotiator Put On Unpaid Leave, Loses Security Clearance
Legal Insurrection: Tribal Chief Responds To Ben & Jerry’s Call For U.S. To Return ‘Stolen Land’, Government Seeks Stay Of Injunction Against Censorship Collusion With Big Tech, Harvard Crimson Editors in ‘Despair’ Over Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action, “Do you know who the f*ck I am?”, Right-Wing AfD is Germany’s Second Strongest Party, Polls Show, and Axios Tries to Water Down Biden’s Explosive Temper Towards Aides and Staff
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Fofthe (Fourth) Sunday after Trinity, and Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
Outkick: Rachel Stuhlmann, World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer, Hit By Foul Ball At Dodgers Game, Associated Press Article Tells Details The Horrors WNBA Player Face While Flying Commercial, Elly De La Cruz Steals Second, Third And Then Home, Aaron Judge Explains Incredible Reason He Sings ‘God Bless America’ During Every Yankees Home Game, Jorge Masvidal Wants To Train Elon Musk For Cage Fight Against Mark Zuckerberg, and Riley Gaines Partners With OutKick To Launch ‘Gaines For Girls’ Podcast, Continues To Fight For Females
Power Line: A Jackson “Clarification”, Biden Goes to Britain, Is Hollywood Waking Up?, and Judging Churchill
Shark Tank: Occasional Cortex Says DeSantis Can’t Beat Trump
Shot In The Dark: Don’t You DARE Say Big Left Is Coming For Your Kids! also, Stasilicious
The Political Hat: Kids Standing Up Against Woke Gender Ideology
This Ain’t Hell: Veterans included among indicted members of a violent biker gang, Stolen Valor: Top Official at Montfort Point Marines Charity Caught Faking Records, French Marines are suspected of beating rioters up, Felipe Batista – Five-Star Marine Corps General; The Pentagon’s Best Kept Secret, and Anti-LGBTQ fallout
Transterrestrial Musings: Tucker, On January 6th, That Breastfeeding Bloke, and The Violent Purging Of Womanhood
Victory Girls: Special K – Mobile Coke and Shunned Grandaughters, also, King Charles III and Joe Biden Meet For First Time
Volokh Conspiracy: If An Applicant Didn’t Check a Race Box, Harvard Would Assign a Race Anyway
Watts Up With That: Nuclear Phaseout, Green Energy Transition Causing German Industry and Power Production to Leave, Turn the Fearmongering Up to Eleven, More Nauseating Climate Grief from the Guardian, and German Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach Accused of Making Up “Tens of Thousands of Heat Deaths”
The Federalist: If You Think All Teachers Are ‘Heroes,’ You’re Part Of The Problem, Massachusetts Sued For Working With Google To Secretly Put Spyware On Residents’ Phones, Corrupt Media Care More About ‘Qanon’ Than Human Trafficking, Largest School District In Ohio Spent More Than $24,000 On Trainings About How To Hide The Transing Of Kids, and Corporate Media Try To Out-Lie America’s Biggest Liar Over His Terrible Track Record
Mark Steyn: Happy Birthday, Baby: Cars, Teens and American Graffiti, Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu), and The Full Montenegro

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