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In The Mailbox: 07.11.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Hamilton “Ten Duel Commandments”, Separated at Birth: Smug Resting Bitch Face Fraternal Twins Edition, and Joe Biden – The Once and Future Asshole
Twitchy: Tucker On Twitter – The Andrew Tate Interview, “Really, Megan?”, and The Vaseline Twitter Account Is Pretty “A-GLAZE-ING” Today And Tweeps Are There For It
Louder With Crowder: Bud Light’s latest viral mistake claims “it’s fine, this is fine,” the internet is quick to remind them it’s not, Megan Rapinoe lashes out at Dave Chappelle, claims his “verbal violence” is to blame for protecting girls’ sports, and Singer Jewel defends “Sound of Freedom” as a 2014 news report resurfaces: “Media is trying to politicize this movie”
Vox Popoli: Skynet Ain’t So Tough, The Name of the Accused, Never Trust the Cloud, Smarter Than You Think, and Why Nothing Works Anymore

Adam Piggott: Live stream with Tony from TVC
American Conservative: Baby Steps 
American Greatness: Today’s Leftists Would Refuse to See Through Galileo’s Telescope, Number of Brown University Students Identifying as LGBTQ Doubles to Nearly 40 Percent, and Secret Service to Brief Congress on Thursday as Biden White House Accused of ‘Cocaine Cover-up’
American Thinker: Affirmative Action — A Thoroughly Useless Idea, also, Climate Alarmist War On Nitrous Oxide Threatens The Global Food Supply
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sundowner News
Babalu Blog: On the second anniversary of the July 11 uprising in Cuba, children remain imprisoned by the Castro dictatorship, Pack of Spanish ‘influencers’ sent to Cuba to drum up tourism, and July 11 left a painful mark on Cuba’s sock puppet president
Baldilocks: Life Is Politics
BattleSwarm: Turkey Flips, Boosts NATO Membership For Sweden…And Ukraine
Behind The Black: NASA gives up on finding a new asteroid target for Janus, Voyager Space’s space station will use India’s manned capsule as ferry, Blue Origin BE-4 rocket engine explodes during test, Zhurong found Mars drier than expected and less eroded than the Moon, and Pushback: Parents in droves reject the queer agenda and bad education of the public schools in Iowa
CDR Salamander: NATO, Ukraine, & Lifeboat Ethics
Chicago Boyz: Alton’s Farm
Da Tech Guy: Pa gov tries to compromise on school vouchers, but fellow Dems block his moves, also, Ring Doorbells, Paper Ballots and Palestinians
Don Surber: From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of Pauly
First Street Journal: It doesn’t matter how smart a criminal is, eventually he will do something boneheadedly stupid
Gates Of Vienna: If They Come, You Must Let Them Stay, The Great Reset Announced in Hungary, Tariq Ramadan Gets His Day in Court (Again), Pensioners Must Give Way to Migrants, and Mark Rutte Politically Passed Away
The Geller Report: Biden’s DOJ Indicts Biden Whistleblower Who Came Out of Hiding To Expose High Crimes By President and his Family, also, Uncharged High Treason: U.S. Soldier Worked With Islamic State to Kill Fellow Soldiers
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, To Maisie’s Galaxy, and Supreme Court Ethics
Hollywood In Toto: Is This the Most Subversive Sketch of 2023?, Jim Caviezel: I Lost Two Agents Over Sound of Freedom, and Woke Barbie Bait and Switch in the Works?
The Lid: Fox News Forced to Retract Anti-Trump Article Filled with False Claims
Legal Insurrection: Trump Wants Florida Trial Postponed Until After 2024 Election, Biden Skips NATO Leader Dinner Due to Workload Despite Just Coming Off Beach Vacation, The College Campus War on Men Continues, Georgia State House Democrat Member Joins GOP After Party Annihilated Her Over School Choice, and Med School at Loyola U. Chicago, a Catholic School, Offers Course on Treating Transgender Children
Nebraska Energy Observer: St. John 11:35, part 3
Outkick: Will Sam Ponder Be Only ESPN Colleague To Defend Sage Steele Against Megan Rapinoe?, Northwestern Players Furious With AD, President After Finding Out Pat Fitzgerald Fired On Social Media, Megan Rapinoe Comes Unhinged, Blames Dave Chappelle And Comedy For ‘Violence’ Against Trans People, Rob Manfred Confirms Atlanta Could Host Upcoming All-Star Game After MLB’s Mistake, Kyrie Irving Bows The Knee To China, Joins Chinese Company, Anta, As Chief Creative Officer, and There’s Already A Favorite For Shohei Ohtani In Free Agency
Power Line: Censorship emergency declared, also,  Kerry Comes Clean
Shark Tank: Farmers Sue DeSantis Over Illegal Immigrant Drivers License Ban
Shot In The Dark: Priorities – West Metro Edition, also, The Cherry On Top
STUMP: Mortality Quick Take: Drug Overdoses At Their Worst in 2022
The Political Hat: Rubber Stamping Child Mutilation
This Ain’t Hell: Russian jets harass US drones in Syria, Underaged girl found in Camp Pendleton barracks, Marine taken into custody, EVs- If We Build Them They Will Come. Any Day Now, and Nominee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is asked questions related to transgender policy
Transterrestrial Musings:  Boo Hoo, also, Identity Politics
Victory Girls:  Marcotte Strikes Again On Attack of Republican Women, also, Megan Rapinoe, TransCult Handmaid
Volokh Conspiracy: New York Governor Submits Amicus Brief To Justice Kavanaugh In Rahimi
Watts Up With That: Energy Appliance Victory! , also, UAW to Biden: Where are those Good Paying Green Jobs?
The Federalist: How Christianity Fixes ‘Toxic Masculinity’, Goliath ‘Smear Machine’ SPLC Has Met Its David, What Kind Of Man-Made Apocalypse Are Those Canadian Wildfires?, DeSantis’ Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s That Dems Rigged The Last Election, U.S. Soldier Pleads Guilty To Terrorism, But The Full Story Is Far Worse, and How Years Of Decay And Neglect Crippled America’s Navy

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