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In The Mailbox: 7.13.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“And if the cloudburst thunders in your ear/You shout and no one seems to hear…”

357 Magnum:  When Minutes Count, Cops Can’t Be Bothered To Respond The Most Gun-Friendly States, 2023
Flappr: The Top 5 Presidential Nicknames
EBL:  Is the USA overextending itself militarily?, also, California Crime Wave Spreads To Santa Cruz Sea Otters
Twitchy: Jim Jordan Defends Elon Musk Against FTC Overreach, also, Dear Trolls – If You Mess With Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik, She Will END You – And Tell Your Mom
Louder With Crowder: MSNBC Freakout: Blaming Joe Biden’s STAFF for letting him look like a feeble, discombobulated old coot, Oh my: CNN commits unforgivable sin and MISGENDERS Dylan Mulvaney multiple times on air, and Bud Light set to get blasted by Costco’s “Death Star,” pointing to galactic trouble for the embattled beer
Vox Popoli: The Non-Diplomacy Dance, NATO Failed Sun Tzu 101, The Military Wing of Clown World, The Ink Wall Crumbles, and Devil Mouse Doubles Down
Stoic Observations: Meritocracy & Feudalism

Adam Piggott: The Secret to saving your Marriage
American Conservative: Citizenship Is a Privilege
American Greatness: Biden Administration Opposes Merit-Based Military Promotions in Favor of Race Quotas, also, IRS Whistleblowers to Testify on Biden Family Influence-Peddling Schemes Before House Oversight Committee Next Week
American Thinker: Two-Tiered ‘Justice’ Intended to Incite Rebellion, Is the 2024 Election the Last Gasp for America?, and It’s Time to Bring Back “Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Canadian newspaper Op-Ed denounces hypocrisy of Canada’s cozy relationship with Cuban dictatorship, European Parliament condemns Cuba’s human rights violations, calls for sanctions against Díaz-Canel, and A Russian family frolicking on a Cuban beach
Baldilocks: Flying The Flag Of Stupid
Behind The Black: ISRO completes launch rehearsal for Chandrayaan-3’s launch on July 14th, Amidst the mountains on Mount Sharp on Mars, July 12, 2023 Quick space links, Black Georgia Democrat switches to Republican Party, and Real pushback: Montana’s library withdraws from ALA because it elected a Marxist/Queer leader
CDR Salamander: No, Our SSNs Aren’t Ready For A Great Pacific War
Chicago Boyz: Retrotech, Back at Work
Da Tech Guy: Jim Caviezel as August Landmesser Delivers The Quote of the Year
Don Surber: Montana Drops Woke Library Association
First Street Journal: World War III Watch
The Geller Report: Pedo Biden’s DOJ Removes ‘International Sex Trafficking of Minors’ as an ‘Area of Concern’, Disney Theme Parks Sizes ‘Shockingly Low’ Amid Woke Backlash, and Biden Regime Opposes Merit-Based Military Promotions in Favor of Race
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Horsehead Nebula, and Hunter Should Pay Attention to John Belushi
Hollywood In Toto: Carolla Torches Newsweek Over COVID Misinformation
The Lid: ‘Wired’ Magazine Says Owning a Home Security Camera is Racist, also, China Could Attack Taiwan Within Next 17 Months: Says House Armed Services Committee Member
Legal Insurrection: FBI’s Wray and Rep. Massie Battle Over 1/6 Pipe Bomb Investigation, Bank of America Providing Gun Purchase Records, The Supreme Court Should Apply Its Affirmative Action Ruling to Military Academies, Joe Manchin Headed to NH With Third Party Group ‘No Labels’ as Democrats Scramble to Shut Them Down, EPA Issues Final Rule Limiting Hydrofluorocarbons Used in Air Conditioners and Refrigerators, and Florida AG Demands Zuckerberg Answer for Lack of Action to Stop Human Trafficking
Nebraska Energy Observer: Minitru. Propaganda, Misinformation, and Truth
Outkick: Jordan Spieth, Scottie Scheffler Voicing Their Frustrations About Being ‘In The Dark’ On Golf Merger Puts Things In An Even Fuzzier Perspective, Megan Rapinoe Thinks It’s All About Her, Says Retirement Announcement Will Help USWNT Focus At World Cup, ‘Bud Light Sellout?’ NFL Star George Kittle Fires Back After Endorsing Sinking Brew, Stephen A. Smith Says ‘Death Is Too Good’ For Larry Nassar During Scathing Reaction To Him Being Stabbed In Prison, and CNN ‘Misgenders’ Dylan Mulvaney
Power Line: Jake Sullivan on the Luft indictment
Shark Tank: Steube Urges Administration To Cut Ties With Corrupt UNESCO
Shot In The Dark: Participation Trophy, also, Peak Progressive
STUMP: 2022 Top Causes of Death in the U.S. by Age Group
The Political Hat: The Incredible Superficiality Of The Right
This Ain’t Hell: State-sponsored theft in Supreme Court, Two More Accounted For, and California Democrat introduces a bill that would require judges to factor race when it comes to sentencing
Transterrestrial Musings: Yes, It’s Obvious, Gavin Newsom, and “Republicans Erupt”
Victory Girls: Dems to Moms: “Sit Down and Shut up, Karen”
Volokh Conspiracy: Legacy Preferences, Citizenship, Migration, and the Implications of a Constitutional Ban on Hereditary Privilege, also, NextGen Bar Exam MC Questions Only Require Takers To Spot Issues, And Not Apply the Rules
Watts Up With That: The Whale Killing Study the Feds are Afraid to Do, “I hate tree huggers”: Britain’s Opposition Leader on Net Zero Proposals, and Bill McKibben: Is It Hot Enough Yet for Politicians to Take Real Action?
The Federalist: Why Is Congress Letting Incompetent Bureaucrats Bully Americans Into Paying Taxes They Don’t Owe?, Ohio Launches Election Integrity Office To Ensure Transparency In Future Elections, The U.S. Navy’s Personnel Crisis Is Only Getting Worse, McConnell, Thune Join Bad-Faith Dogpile On Tuberville For Fighting Military’s Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Racket, Senate Republicans Grill Biden’s Pick For Joint Chiefs Chair Over DEI, Transgenderism In The Military, and David French Joins The Mob To Smear Moms for Liberty

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