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In The Mailbox: 07.13.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

The ultimate movie mashup.

357 Magnum: Electric Vehicles & Insurance Nightmares
Flappr: Top Ten 2023 Home Run Derby Participants
EBL: Saint Jason of Tarus
Twitchy: People Wonder Why Biden Is Ordering Reservists To EuropeTrump Advisor Challenges Chris Christie To Wrestling Match, and Taylor Lorenz Claims Muck Is Bribing Big Accounts To Stay On Twitter
Louder With Crowder: Activists cemented their hands to the tarmac, now they may lose them, Roseanne Barr ENDS the “what is a woman” debate in hilarious fashion, and Joe Biden confuses Ukraine with Russia, Zelenskiy with Putin in another derptastic appearance
Vox Popoli: Protecting Their Pedos, also, The Problem with Word Spells
Gab News: The Neo-Amish Movement

American Conservative: Turning Immigration Law on Its Head
American Greatness: Ten Reasons Why Affirmative Action Died, also, Don’t Republicans Know That Government Spending Saps Economic Growth?
American Thinker: Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardons for Joe and Hunter Biden, America: Land of the Free, Home of the Deluded, and The Big Gaslight
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Scumbag News
Babalu Blog: After condemnation by EU Parliament, Cuba’s fake president begins state visit to Portugal, Baseball player Yasiel Gonzales gives up $17 salary in Cuba for opportunity in Dominican Republic, and Life in Cuba: No access to medicine or healthcare, no water, and no electricity during record-breaking heatwave
BattleSwarm: Problem: Austin PD Is Down 500 Officers. Austin City Council Solution: Fire DPS, also, Texas Mini-News Roundup for July 13, 2023
Behind The Black: New Viasat geosynchronous communications satellite in trouble, Final close-out of all science research at Arecibo, Extremely Large Telescope in Chile marks halfway point in construction, Senate committee approves Biden’s FCC nominees, and Enthusiastic censorship and blacklisting at St. Philip’s College in Texas
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Ending Celibacy in the Catholic Church – A “Solution” that Causes Problems and Solves None, also, The hysteria over the hottest day on record BS proves just how far to the left Boston News Channels are
Don Surber: Sarah Sanders For The Win
First Street Journal: CNN correspondent in trouble for telling the truth
Gates Of Vienna:  Biden Pretzel Logic: ‘We Must Embrace Antisemites to Fight Antisemites’, Santiago Abascal: “I am Here to Accuse the Government”, Oak Leaves, Eritreans in Giessen Get Frisky, and Not My Country Anymore
The Geller Report: DeSantis’ and the GOP’s Problem Isn’t Trump, It’s That Dems Rigged The Last Election, FBI Director Wray Confirms Joe Biden is Under Criminal Investigation for Ukrainian Bribes, and Democrat Media Axis Attacks Film Exposing Child Trafficking
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, One Less Beer to Cry Into, and Rho Ophiuchi
Hollywood In Toto: Stern’s Private Parts – When Freedom and Funny Reigned Supreme, also, Silver Lining: Hollywood Strikes Let Conservative Art Thrive
The Lid: China Could Attack Taiwan Within Next 17 Months, Says House Armed Services Committee Member, also, ‘Wired’ Magazine Says Owning a Home Security Camera is Racist
Legal Insurrection: Lawsuit: Rhode Island Law Illegally Seizes Private Beachfront For Public Access, NY Dems Get Another Run At Redistricting Republicans Out of Existence After Mid-Level Appeals Court Orders New Mapping, Ohio School District Spent $24K on Trainings About How to Hide Gender Transition of Kids, Research Finds Very Few Historically Black Colleges Offer a Major in Women’s Studies, and Secret Service Ending White House Cocaine Investigation
Nebraska Energy Observer: I like this
Outkick: Rory McIlroy Says He’d Retire Before Ever Playing For LIV Golf, And There’s No Reason Not To Believe Him, Greg Gutfeld Crushes Megan Rapinoe With Epic Monologue, Pat McAfee Delivers Solid Jokes During ESPY Awards Monologue, Proving ESPN Got Themselves A Star, The Oakland A’s Are So Cheap They Wouldn’t Even Send Their Mascot To Seattle For All-Star week, Veronika Rajek Offers To Be A Ring Girl For The Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg Fight, and Tim Tebow Is Going To Own A Minor League Hockey Team In Lake Tahoe
Power Line: The Secret Service Gives Up, also, The Great Relearning Plods Along
Shark Tank: AG Moody Busts Cryptocurrency Theft Ring In Orlando
Shot In The Dark: Never Forget
The Political Hat: Euthanasia In Canada: Everybody Is Going To Die; 5000 In Ontario Alone; Denying Disability Benefits But Offering Death
This Ain’t Hell: An Army Reserve Major was charged for defrauding Gold Star families, Are you boy, girl, genderfluid or non-binary? Father’s video goes viral, and Ex-CIA Spy Accused of Sexually Assaulting Trainee Under Guise of “Training”
Transterrestrial Musings: The BE-4 Explosion, Chalk One Up, Penn State, Islam And The Left, and Christopher Wray
Victory Girls: Foreign Group May Get Power Over Military Supplies Contracts
Volokh Conspiracy: New Lawsuit Against Bing Based on Allegedly AI-Hallucinated Libelous Statements
Watts Up With That: Heartland Institute President James Taylor Knocks It Out of the Park on ‘Hottest Days’ Last Night on The Ingraham Angle, also, Alarming Deterioration of US National Weather Service Tornado Warnings
The Federalist: Government Takes Cues from Leftist SPLC To Bully Opponents Like Moms For Liberty, Republican Secretaries Of State Say Blinken Should Resign For 2020 Election Interference, A Woke Children’s Literature Cabal Is Conditioning Your Kid To Be An Obedient Leftist, Is America Losing The Battle For Naval Superiority To Red China?, New ‘Twitter Files’ Reveal DNC Flagged Coverage Of Hunter Biden’s Laptop To Twitter For Censorship, and 10 Abnormal Things Biden’s ‘Return To Normalcy’ Brought Americans
Mark Steyn: Reclaiming Kindness

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