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In The Mailbox: 07.19.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.


357 Magnum: Don’t Bring Garden Shears To A Gunfight
EBL: Snow White Looks Hilariously Bad
Twitchy: Rep. Adam Goldman (D-NY) Deems Hunter Biden The Victim Of A Two-Tiered Justice System, also, Daily Beast Disgusted With GOP Pouncing On Pramila Jayapal’s Antisemitic “Misstep”
Louder With Crowder: Leggy blonde emerges to save the day, drags eco-lunatics by the hair to stop them blocking traffic, Ron DeSantis GOES THERE, blasts Joe Biden refusing to acknowledge his granddaughter in South Carolina speech, and Jason Aldean’s anti-woke anthem “Try That in a Small Town” is causing quite the media meltdown
Vox Popoli: They’re Going to Need an Older Universe, Pharasaism is not Pre-Christianity, Learning from The Legend, Ancient Understanding, and The War Comes to the USA

American Conservative: Time for a Taft Coalition
American Greatness: House Democrat Bill Would Scrub ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ from Federal Law, also, FBI Whistleblower: Investigators Were Told to Wait For Hunter’s Okay Before Approaching his House to Interview Him
American Power: U.S. Army Soldier in North Korean Custody After Crossing Border ‘Voluntarily’
American Thinker:  The Left Again Beclowns Itself Over White Supremacy, also, The Classic Psychology Text That Predicted Today’s Urban Decay
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Lightning News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: Disenchantment with the ‘state methods’ of a privatized bakery in Havana, Díaz-Canel’s Portugal visit was worse than we thought, and Cuban State Security hunts down mothers to prevent them from peacefully protesting
Baldilocks: Communication
BattleSwarm: Crimean Bridge Hit Again
Behind The Black: SpaceX to raise another $750 million in stock sale; earnings rise to $8 billion in ’23, Glacial evidence in the dry equatorial regions of Mars?, The results of one in four medical clinical trials are probably fraudulent or unreliable, and Ohio Attorney General to college administrators: Discriminate and YOU will be personally liable
CDR Salamander: Army TLAM & SM-6?
Chicago Boyz: You’ve Heard of Local Area Networks…
Da Tech Guy: Investigative reporting still exists
Dana Loesch: Monday Night 2024 Cranky Thoughts
Don Surber: The Riot That Sent My Family To The Suburbs
The Geller Report: Unvaxxed Amish Death Rates 90 Times Lower Than Rest of America, Florida County GOP Declares COVID-19 and mRNA COVID Vaccine a ‘Bioweapon’, and Muslim Billionaire Wins Permission to Turn London’s Famous Landmark in Piccadilly Circus Into Giant 3-Story Mega Mosque
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, CW Leonis
Hollywood In Toto: Is Disney Finally Getting the Picture?, Ellen Barkin: Trump Will Win, Kill 6 Million Jews (Like Hitler), and Fear the Night Delivers B-Movie Thrills (But Whiffs on More)
The Lid: Store Food While You Still Can – Global Famine Accelerates
Legal Insurrection: Georgia Supreme Court Unanimously Dismisses Trump Long-Shot Bid To Halt Grand Jury and Disqualify Prosecutor, Another Freight Train Derailment in Pennsylvania Results in Evacuations of Surrounding Area, Professor/Minister at Elon University on Mission to Preach That Abortion isn’t a Sin, Temple University Hosting ‘Philadelphia’s First Fat-Focused Convention’, and Oversight Committee: Former FBI Agent Confirms IRS Whistleblower Testimony About Biden
Nebraska Energy Observer: What’s going on in Europe, also, Impressed
Outkick: Diamondbacks Are Latest Team To Take Over Television Broadcasts, Russell Wilson Looks Stronger And Sharper While Throwing Alongside Deion Sanders At Colorado, Ric Flair Rips NBA Players Who ‘Whine And B—h,’ Draws Major Contrast To Pro Wrestlers, Brent Venables Takes Completely Unprompted Shot At Deion Sanders, Paul Finebaum Unloads Unhinged Nick Saban Take, Claims Legacy Will Be Damaged If Alabama Misses The Playoff, and Miss Hooters International 2023 Contestants Announced
Power Line: Confirming the IRS whistleblowers, Thermageddon Week, and The Daily Chart: Shocker—Biden Spending Underestimated
Shark Tank: Diaz-Balart Moves To Defund Smithsonian Over Inaccurate Portrayal Of Latinos
Shot In The Dark: It’s Almost As If There’s A Theme
This Ain’t Hell: Cadets at Ft. Knox have rough month, Today’s DOD Debacle Brought To Us By, and US Soldier Crosses Into North Korea
Transterrestrial Musings: Space Hookers Must Die, also,  “Toxic” Masculinity
Victory Girls: Military Does NOT Have “Sacred Obligation” To Pay For Abortion Travel
Volokh Conspiracy: Attempt to Block Comment About Critical Race Theory at State Bd. of Ed. Meeting Yields $89K Attorney Fee Award
Watts Up With That: BRICS and Nukes and LNG – the energy transition few are expecting, When Everything is Climate Change, Nothing is Climate Change, and YouTube suppressed this pushback video on heat wave alarmism – let’s give it a second life
The Federalist: Our Cultural Degeneracy Is Actually A Return To Normalcy, Republicans Had Better Reject Democrats’ NDAA Culture War If They Want Any Praise, In Iowa, Tucker Carlson Did The Job The Decaying Media Monolith Won’t, Biden Administration Rushes Appeal Against Court Ruling In Effort To Keep Censorship Regime Intact, Biden White House: Military Has ‘Sacred Obligation’ To Abort Babies With Your Money, and Trade Commission’s Retaliation Against Twitter Is More Proof The Biden Admin Is Violating The First Amendment
Mark Steyn: Trystless in Trieste

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