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In The Mailbox: 07.25.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

The amount of ignorance and revisionist history surrounding the atomic bombing of Imperial Japan and its consequent surrender boggles the mind.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight
EBL: The Covid Cover-up, Special Ops: Lioness, Everything But The Behavioral Sink , and Critical Drinker: Barbie: The Greatest Lie Ever Told
Twitchy: DeSantis Team In A Minor Car Wreck, But The Comments Are A Major Wreck, also, Bulwark BS Merchant Cathy Young Defends Her Dishonest Reporting On Charles Cooke
Louder With Crowder: CMT starts to get Bud Light’d as Nashville restaurant bans network, Defiant Jason Aldean tells haters where to stick it, praises fans who “saw through a lot of the bulls****”, Country star gives powerful defense of Jason Aldean with vulgar (and awesome) rant, and Pay attention, America: Now Biden is coming for your water heater
Vox Popoli: Why Your Grocery Bill is Rising, The Appetizer Ate Them, Putin Warns Poland and NATO, It’s Not About the Economics, and The End of a Naval Era
Gab News: Overcoming The Walking Dead Society
Stoic Observations: The Dirtiest Laundry

American Conservative: The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024
American Greatness: How To Create Conspiracy Theories, Sanctuary Cities Express Regret Amid Flood of Illegal Aliens, The Undumpable Biden, and Fox News’ Conservative Stance Belies Hidden Liberal Agenda
American Thinker: The Achilles Heel of Mail-In Ballot Fraud, ‘Thorny Questions’: How the Democrats and Media Enablers Censor News, A Leading Climate Scientist Expresses Doubt About the Veracity of the Global Warming Movement, and Meet the Threat that No One Saw Coming
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Here’s what a monthly pension check will buy you in Cuba, Night guard duty for Cuba’s Committee for the Defense of the Revolution, and Why is Mexico’s president Lopez-Obrador sticking his nose in US elections?
BattleSwarm: Scalps Taken, also, Remembering the Rosemary Lehmberg DWI Arrest 10 Years Later
Behind The Black: Red China launches two smallsats, Indian company Skyroot conducts rocket engine test, SpaceX launches another 22 Starlink satellites, Spirals within spirals, and Weekend repost: The Democratic Party of thugs and goons
Cafe Hayek: A Law & Economics Center Webinar With Bruce Yandle
CDR Salamander: Grain, Oil, & The Unfreeing Of The Seas – On Midrats, also, The CNO In Waiting
Da Tech Guy: I’m Old Enough to Remember When Barnicle & Co Said Gay Marriage Wouldn’t Affect Your Marriage, On clouds, fires and data, It’s [Bracket away Jesus Talking About Hell] week at your Local Catholic Parish, Bud Light, CMT boycotts betray a New York problem, and Five Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Lawyers May End The Trans Madness
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer tells us all about Barbie and gluten-free meals at the shore. Criminals on the streets? Not so much.
Gates Of Vienna: Thailand: Let the Games Begin!, How Not to Build a Country — Inheritance Tax, Free Money — But It’s Never Enough, Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention the Muslim Brotherhood, and The Last Warning
The Geller Report: MOTHERLESS EGGS: Erasing Women From Procreation One Manufactured Egg At A Time, Military Times: “White Nationalists Shouldn’t Serve in The Military”, ‘Serious Doubt’ About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety After Forced Release of 15,000 Pages of Clinical Trial Data, Biden Regime Defense Department Gives Special Perks to Soldiers Who Are Mentally Ill, and WATCH: ESPN Commentator Collapses in Terrifying Scene During Live Broadcast
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Twelve and Forty-Four, You Are Here, and Some Loose Boulders
Hollywood In Toto: Tom Jones: Don’t Stop Singing ‘Delilah’ (I Won’t), 5 Fascinating Lessons from ‘Barbenheimer’s’ Box Office Romp, Jordan Peterson Schools Bill Maher on Canadian Fascism, and Barbie Critics Trigger Woke Nation, Media
The Lid: Cackling Kamala Is Lying about Florida’s School Program Covering Slavery, also, Ellen Barkin Compares Trump To Hitler, Says He’ll Kill Six Million Jews
Legal Insurrection: Texas Responds to DOJ Legal Threat Over Anti-Illegal Immigration Measures, Kamala Harris Lies About Slavery in Florida School Curriculum, Colorado Supreme Court Asked To Find for Christian Baker Who Refused Gender Transition Cake After SCOTUS Web Designer Ruling, School Board in California Approves Measure to Notify Parents if Their Child Identifies as Trans, Despite Outcry From Activists, Dedicated Longtime Toronto Educator Takes His Own Life After Bullying From DEI Activists, and Crazed Feminist Goes Nuclear on Oppenheimer
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Seventh Sunday after Trinity, and Competency and the Republic
Outkick: Paige Spiranac Moved Her ‘Sexier Content’ To OnlyPaige Because Pro Golfers Judged Her, Nike Shows Warped Definition Of ‘All-American Hero’ With Megan Rapinoe Cartoon, Brian Harman Unfazed By The Moment, Puts On A Sunday Masterclass To Win The Open, MLB Pitcher Chad Kuhl Steps Away From Baseball While Wife Battles Cancer, Ebanie Bridges Wants To Make Content With Paige VanZant, and Most USWNT Players Silent During Anthem At World Cup Debut, But At Least They Were Standing
Power Line: Can Doug Burgum Be President?, How Nixon Advised Clinton, The Daily Chart: The Most Dishonest Climate Chart Ever, and Would voters really reelect the ‘senescent, sticky-fingered … spavined’ Biden?
Shark Tank: Rep. Cory Mills Responds To Administration’s Crackdown On Household Appliances
Shot In The Dark: Deja Vu, also, Best Of Hands
STUMP: Podcast: Detroit Bankruptcy a Decade Later
This Ain’t Hell: Senators Kelly and Duckworth on the need to continue to support Ukraine, Stating the blindingly obvious, Real Fake Military Service, Trans Health Department Admiral, “Wrong Puberty”, and Army vet Tony Bennett dies at 96
Transterrestrial Musings: The Psychology Of Disneyland, Defanging The Russian Nuclear Threat, The Original Sin Of US Health Policy, and The Climate Witch Trials
Victory Girls: FBI Broke Rules, Spied On U.S. Senator, State Senator, And Judge, also, Bye, Bye Birdie – Twitter Goes X
Volokh Conspiracy: UN Human Rights Council Calls for Punishing Blasphemy (In This Instance, Quran Burning)
Watts Up With That: Big Blow to UK’s Green Dreams as Costs Skyrocket, WaPo’s ‘Journalism’ Has Tipped Toward a B.S. Point, Aussie Climate Policy Fracture: States Push Back on Paying Carbon Offsets, Record Breaking Heatwave in Europe?, and BBC & The Black Winged Stilt
The Federalist: Ignore President Biden, Here’s What Is Really Happening In Israel, The Global Fertility Industry Seeks To Erase Women From Procreation One Manufactured Egg At A Time, Depressed Barbie Is What Happens When Feminists Are Trusted With An Icon, A Department Of Friendship Can’t Fix The Sexual Revolution’s Lonely Fallout, Texas Announces Exit From Leftist-Controlled Voter-Roll ‘Management’ Group ERIC, and The Establishment’s Paxton Impeachment Sham Undermines The Will Of Texas Voters
Mark Steyn: Maddening and Confounding: John Cassavetes and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, This Is All I Ask, and Notes from Nowhere

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