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In The Mailbox: 07.26.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Not this “climate change” bullshit again.

EBL: Tom Brady Bounces Back With Irina Shayk, also, Where in the world is Fu Xiaotian?
Twitchy: Politico Explains That Kamala Is A Better VP Than You Think, also, So-Called Conservative Alyssa Farah Goodwin Suddenly Very Worried About Consequences Of “Lowering The Bar To Impeachment”
Louder With Crowder: Jason Aldean makes progressives regret trying that in a small town, sees massive 999% increase in plays, As Bud Light continues to crumble, America’s beer makes a play for the top spot, and ‘Just Stop Oil’ slacktivists finally get taste of their own medicine
Vox Popoli: The Etymology of “Yahweh”, Obvious Manufacture is Obvious, Promises, Promises, and Whatever Could it Be?

American Conservative: Rubio’s Reveille
American Greatness: Trump Holds 27-Point Lead Over DeSantis in Iowa Poll, also, DOJ Will Allow Delaware U.S. Attorney to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee, Balks on Ten Other DOJ Employees
American Power: The Democratic Party Hates America
American Thinker: The GOP Death Wish, also, The Perils of Race Baiting a Kennedy
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Doom Pixie News
Babalu Blog: Spain and the inconclusive election, Cuban priest denounces harassment and intimidation of clergy who dare to criticize dictatorship, and Being Cuban does not make us ‘Latin’
BattleSwarm: Mapping Austin’s Homeless Problem, also, Incompetent Uvalde Gun Lawsuit Draws Fines
Behind The Black: Swirling layers in the basement of Mars, NASA awards 11 small development contracts to a variety of companies, Rocket Lab delays its private mission to Venus two years to ’25, ESA: Ariane-6’s launch systems tests “progressing well”, and The grassroots revolt led by mothers
CDR Salamander: Berger Goes Salamander
Chicago Boyz: Retrotech: Making a Tunic, 1700 Years Ago
Da Tech Guy: Thank God for the Atom Bomb, also, Serious Irony Alert Rapture and Bronny
Dana Loesch: Special K Says Hunter Biden Is A Private Citizen So Stop Asking Questions About Him, also, Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Caught Lying To The Court One Day before Expected Guilty Plea
Don Surber: They’re Rubbing Our Noses In Their Filth
First Street Journal: I point at the moon; they stare at my finger, also, Killadelphia: Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Gates Of Vienna: Taharrush on the Milan Metro, Giorgia Meloni on the EU’s Deal With Tunisia, and Groped on the Beach? There’s an App For That!
The Geller Report: Barack and Michelle Obama’s Personal Chef Drowns Near Couple’s Estate in Martha’s Vineyard, also, Belief in God Reaches All-Time Low Among Americans
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, An Irregular Dwarf, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Sympathy for the Devil Lets Cage Off His Leash, Tulsi Gabbard Has Jason Aldean’s Back, and Ice Cube on Refusing COVID Jab: ‘It Wasn’t Ready’
The Lid: Tisha B’Av: The Day God Cursed, The Day Jews Cry
Legal Insurrection: President of Thomas Jefferson U. Resigns After Controversy of Liking Tweets, Biden Overrides SecDef Recommendation for Navy’s CNO, Appoints Woman To Achieve “A First”, Soros-Backed Group Receiving Millions From Biden Admin to Teach Puerto Rican Men About ‘Toxic Masculinities’, Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Asylum Rule Put in Place After Lifting Title 42, and What Happens When Democrats Start Ignoring U.S. Supreme Court Rulings They Don’t Like?
Nebraska Energy Observer: How to help
Outkick: Olivia Dunne Can’t Attend Classes At LSU For Safety Reasons, Dan Le Batard Co-Host, ‘Stugotz,’ Says Le Batard ‘Sold Out,’ Goes On Extremely On-Point Rant About State Of ESPN, Sports Journalism, Bronny James Suffers Cardiac Arrest During Workout At USC, In Stable Condition After Stint In ICU, Olivia Dunne Beats The Heat With A Bikini And Lots Of Water, LeBron James Ready To Go Play In Saudi Arabia After Seeing $776 Million Kylian Mbappe Offer, and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh Working With NCAA On Four-Game Suspension Relating To Recruiting Violations, Dishonesty
Power Line: “This elaborate censorship conspiracy”, Joe Biden vs. the Microphone—Again, and Toward a More Democratic Israel
Shark Tank: Gaetz Introduces Bill To End Birthright Citizenship
Shot In The Dark: Voting Via Feet, also, Further Evidence
STUMP: Sunday Sundries: Sumo, Saints, and SHARKS!
The Political Hat: The Commodification Of Human Life
This Ain’t Hell: Unsat follow-ups, America’s Navy and Marines to conduct an exercise spanning 22 time zones, and Scientists Speak on DOD’s “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena,”
Transterrestrial Musings: Overstepping Its Authority, The Incompetocracy, and If You Start To Go To The South Pole
Victory Girls: Special Persecutor Jack Smith Goes After Trump On Election Integrity, also, Florida Black History Curriculum Truths
Volokh Conspiracy: Second Amendment Roundup: Upholding Oregon’s Magazine Ban, “Texas A&M Suspended Professor Accused of Criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in Lecture”, and Federal Court Rules Against Biden Policy Severely Restricting Asylum
Watts Up With That: Biden Admin Targets Water Heaters With New Rule Proposal, LA Times says quiet part out loud: ‘Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change?’, ITER Fusion Energy Project: ‘Record-setting Disaster’, and Agri-Absurdity: The High Cost of ‘Saving’ The Planet
The Federalist: How Promising NATO Membership To Ukraine Could Lead To World War III, Disney’s Upcoming Live-Action ‘Snow White’ Is Another Marxist Attack On Western Civilization, Most Of The $190 Billion In Covid ‘Aid’ To Schools Was Wasted At Kids’ Expense, Mounting Evidence Doesn’t Matter, Corporate Media Will Never Cover The Biden Corruption Scandal, DOJ Prepares To Throw David Weiss Under The Bus, and After Running Trump Impeachment Info Op, Media Rush To Bury Evidence Of Biden Bribery Business
Mark Steyn: Alone Again, Naturally

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