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In The Mailbox: 07.27.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Sinéad O’Connor RIP, Critical Drinker – Oppenheimer, and Why the Ukraine-Russia War probably should not go on indefinitely
Twitchy: Eric Holder’s Anti-Racist Advice To Starbucks Got Them Sued, Anheuser-Busch Laying Off 350 Employees, and Man Who Didn’t Get Sweetheart Plea Deal Examines The Two Tiers Of Justice
Louder With Crowder: MSNBC lady swears Joe Biden did nothing wrong but love Hunter Biden…to Biden’s former spokeswoman, Ice Cube uncensored with Tucker Carlson: Says he’s banned from ‘The View,’ compares trans people to pigeons, and David Hogg sticks his head out for a Mitch McConnell tweet, gets run over by Roseanne Barr
Vox Popoli: The Shadow Can Only Mock, The Capital That Was Lost, Babymetal is Back, It’s Just Greed, Right?, and SSH with Stew Peters
Stoic Observations: Broken
Flappr: Torts Illustrated – The Hunter Biden Plea Deal

American Conservative: The Myth of the ‘Underfunded School’
American Greatness: Watchdog Group Claims China is Funding Indoctrination Efforts in American Schools
American Thinker: Our Government Has Been Covering Up Its Crimes For A Very Long Time, Biden: Hiding in Plain Sight, and Bidenomics: Controlling Inflation by Making Us Poorer
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Free Market News
Babalu Blog: Belarusian Dictator Lukashenko wishes Cuba’s fake president good health and inexhaustible strength, Surprise! Cuban peso continues to lose value in exchange rate versus dollar and euro, and Cuban mother of severely ill girl begs for help from diaspora exiles
Baldilocks: Lucking Out
BattleSwarm: Mark Zuckerberg Has Been A Very Bad Robot Boy
Behind The Black: FAA: No Starship/Superheavy launch until we say so!, Boeing’s total losses due to Starliner now equal $1.5 billion, FTC will not block the purchase of Aerojet Rocketdyne by L3Harris, Scientists think they have finally discovered what makes the Sun’s corona so hot, Juno’s next fly-by of Io coming on July 30, and Pushback: City in Georgia forced to rescind a law that required permits for any protest
Cafe Hayek: Some Links
CDR Salamander: A Good Game Of Catchup In The SW Pacific
Chicago Boyz: What Happened in 2012?, also, Will There Ever Be an Apology for Covid Overreaction?
Da Tech Guy: The Biden Regime’s ban on portable gas generators is going to have a very negative impact on emergency communications
Dana Loesch: Byron Donalds & Kamala Harris Finally Agree On Something 
Don Surber: Someone Finally Told Hunter No
First Street Journal: Editorial cartoonists gobsmacked by reality, also, Killadelphia: How many extra have died?
Gates Of Vienna: Verdicts in the Trial of the Brussels Ten, Albatross Generation, The Truth About Climate Change, and Moloch Must Be Appeased
The Geller Report: DOJ Drops Campaign Finance Charge Against DEMOCRAT MEGA DONOR Sam Bankman-Fried, also, Biden Regime Being Sued For Concealing FBI Background Investigation Into Mayorkas
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Hunter Draws A Card, Imagine, If You Will, and Juno Flies Past Io and Jupiter
Hollywood In Toto: Journalists Torch ‘Anti-Vax’ Ice Cube, also, Is Depp v. Heard the Next Tiger King?
The Lid: Dropping The Atomic Bombs Remains The Right Call
Legal Insurrection: Conditions of Release: Hunter Biden Must Look for a Job, Not Use Controlled Substances, and Consume No Alcohol, Feds File Superseding Indictment Adding Charges Against Trump And Additional Defendant in Florida Case, RFK Jr. Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt On Antisemitism Accusations, Hot Mic Catches Sen. Feinstein Confused Over Roll Call Voting During Committee Hearing, Political Scientist Suggests Higher Ed Can Win Back Public Trust by Dismantling DEI Policies, and Newsweek Tries Riding to Joe Biden’s Rescue After Strange ‘Cancer Cure’ Claim
Nebraska Energy Observer: Organization is everything
Outkick: Colorado Officially Announces Intentions For Big 12 Move, ESPN To Test All-Female ‘SportsCenter’ To Spotlight Women’s Sports Instead Of The NFL, Gardner Minshew Is Very Frugal, Slept On A Mattress He Found In The Garbage, Ohio State Player Says He Wants To Be Paid In Tractors, and Buffs Called The Pac-12’s Bluff: Report
Power Line: America’s decline follows a familiar arc: ‘gradually, then suddenly’, The Facebook Files: More Censorship Revealed, and Judge Noreika to Hunter Biden: Get a Job, Stay Sober
Shark Tank: Rubio & Scot Leverage Congressional Power To Block Biden EV Rule
Shot In The Dark: One Day In The Theme Park
The Political Hat: The Monomania Of The Woke Worldview
This Ain’t Hell: Bidens, Bidens, we got Bidens, even Bitin’ Bidens, Biden’s Dog, Commander, Terrorizing the Secret Service, Navy Centenarian Flys Again, Nigerian Soldiers Stage Coup, Need Account For Trapped Funds, and Charles Adams, hard time getting out of bed, easy time doing exertion exercises
Victory Girls: Long Knives Out For Joe and DOCTOR Jill Biden?
Volokh Conspiracy: UK Banks Commit to “the Principle of Non-Discrimination Based on Lawful Freedom of Expression” as to Clients
Watts Up With That: Climate Shock: An anti ULEZ Candidate Just Won a London Election, Intrusive ‘smart meters’ threaten to turn UK homes into Net Zero Panopticon, Polar bear habitat around Svalbard Norway above average despite high temps in N. Atlantic, and Aussie Green Hydrogen Project Scrapped, “Not Viable”
The Federalist: New York Is Waging Radical Pro-Abortion Lawfare On Peaceful Pro-Lifers, Entire Democrat Party Pretends Biden’s 4-Year-Old Grandchild Does Not Exist, The ‘Laptop Class’ Fetish For Manual Labor Is An Attempt To Justify Privilege, It’s Time For Americans To Stop Tolerating Mentally Deficient Politicians, and For The Pentagon, Subsidizing Abortions Takes Priority Over Transporting Service Members To Their Final Resting Place
Mark Steyn: No Harm, also, Dread and Danger

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