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In The Mailbox: 08.09.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Today is the day I get caught up on all this stuff.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Self-Defense Might Be Legal In Canada
EBL: Smith and Wesson, also, Grift Brothers Gabe and Sam Bankman-Fried Wanted to Create a Human Superspecies on Nauru
Twitchy: With Gas Prices Rising, Biden Reminds Us He’s Trying To Stop ALL Drilling, Joaquin Castro Whines About Horror At The Border – Forgets His Party Is In Charge Of The Border, and SecEnergy Granholm’s Well-Timed Stock Trade Gets Fresh Attention
Louder With Crowder: Anheuser-Busch now forced to sell off several brands in wake of Dylan Mulvaney disaster
Vox Popoli: You Are the Bad Guys, Straight Legend, Adios, Bitches, Caesar Didn’t Have That Problem, Oppenheimer and the Manhattan PsyOp, and Delete Zoom

Adam Piggott: Fathers, keep your Daughters away from Sport, Judging Others is Good and Just, and Just how bad is the economy?
American Conservative: Make Peace, You Fools!, War by Design, Calvin Coolidge: The Great Refrainer Shows the Way, The Coming Battle: ‘Who Lost Ukraine?’, and Revolutionary State of Mind
American Greatness: Trump Indictment Is a Mockery of Common Sense
American Power: Trump’s Indictment and 2024
American Thinker: A New Day, a New Type of Election Fraud, The Trump Indictment and 2024, and Did Trump Know Election Fraud was a Lie?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, also, Animal’s Daily Pizza News
Babalu Blog: Over 300 acts of repression documented in Cuba during the month of July, Reports from Cuba: Lack of fuel forces cars to be pushed to service stations in Havana, and Cuba, Calabria, and more rental doctors: A closer look
Baldilocks: Evolution Of The Black Leader Myth
BattleSwarm: Goines Murder Trial Still Pending, Taibbi: How The Left Lost Its Mind, Houston Medicare Fraud Ring Busted, and China’s Funky Military Gyrocopter
Behind The Black: Boeing delays first manned Starliner flight again, until March of 2024, SpaceX successfully launches another 15 Starlink satellites, Momentus is now selling a version of its orbital tug simply as a service module for satellites, Scientists repeat fusion power experiment that produced more energy than spent, and Real pushback: Judge slams Southwest Airlines for violating settlement terms of free-speech court case
Cafe Hayek: Apples Must Be Compared to Apples, also, (Some of) What ESGers Don’t Understand
CDR Salamander: Pirates Of The Black Sea
Chicago Boyz: I Hate Barbie, also, Book Review: Year of Consent–Rerun with Additional Commentary
Da Tech Guy: Never Forget that any Outrage of Ashley Biden and Hunter’s & Joe’s dealings by Dems…, What Will We Do With the Gift Donald Trump Has Given US?, And So The Selling of the Draft Begins, License Plate Scanners plus AI Tracking Software equals an all powerful police state plus travel restrictions, and My Answer to Ed Kilgore’s Question: Chain of Custody, Open Verifiable Counts
Dana Loesch: Tuesday Evening Thoughts, also, Mike Pence’s New Ad Makes Me Wonder If He Knows How To Pump Gas
Don Surber: Happy Anniversary, Raid On Mar-A-Lago
First Street Journal: Black Democrats in Alabama dump ‘LGBTQ+’ caucus, What the Social Engineering of the 1960s Got Wrong, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”, Our American Revolution began around Boston; now Bostonians are saddled with an authoritarian government that they chose for themselves!, and Are the Lexington Police trying to stifle someone’s #FreedomOfSpeech?
Gates Of Vienna: No Reprieve For Holders of a Forged Vax Pass, An Islamophobic Tranny, Question the COVID Narrative? It’s the Loony Bin For You!, A Well-Integrated Culture-Enriching Rapist, Bottling It Up, and Phoneliness
The Geller Report: Judge Rules That Donald Trump Has ‘Presidential Immunity’ on Rigged Election Assertions, Anti-American US Women’s Soccer Team Loses to Sweden in Earliest Women’s World Cup Exit Ever, CDC Director Laughing About How She Made Policy Decisions During COVID, Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty to 140 Counts of Child Pornography, Said Pete Buttigieg Was His Mentor, and Pfizer: “Nobody Was Forced to Have a Vaccine”
Hogewash: A Calm Galaxy Cluster, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, In the Dark, Seen Through A Different Filter, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Joe Rogan Calls U.S. a ‘Banana Republic’ Under Biden, Essential Church Recalls Government’s Assault on Faith, Family, Is Lizzo’s Woke Facade Crumbling in Real Time?, Will Rude Movie Goers Crush the Barbenheimer Rebound?, and Marc Maron’s Barbie Defense Makes No Sense
The Lid: Bud Light Losing Shelf Space: Will Probably Never Recover Sales, Unflappable Donald Trump Crashes Wedding Party Just After Arraignment, Illegals Bringing Tuberculosis, Polio, And Child Sex Trafficking To U.S., and Here We Go Again. Gas Prices Jump In Past Month
Legal Insurrection: Photos Reveal Suspected Cartel Gunman Crossing the Border With Body Armor & Rifles, “Democrat prosecutors are manipulating the Republican primaries”, Poland Beefs Up Border Security, Says Russia and Belarus Pushing New Migrant Wave, Former Minneapolis Police Officer Who Held Back Crowd Sentenced to Nearly Five Years for Death of George Floyd, Self-Described ‘Marxist’ Head of the American Library Association is Surprised by Backlash, and The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Lost and No One Cares
Nebraska Energy Observer: Competence and the Economy, Dennis Prager, Testing 123, and American Integrity
Outkick: Bryce Harper Helps Crying Boy Reunite With Brothers Before Phillies Game, OutKick’s Dan Dakich Bids Farewell To Megan Rapinoe After USWNT Loss, Paige Spiranac, Kay Adams Discuss Twosome, Could Break Internet By Hitting Golf Course Together, SNY’s Gary Cohen Buries Orioles, John Angelos For Suspending Broadcaster Kevin Brown Over On-Air Honest Comments About Team, Bill Simmons Torches Alex Morgan, Gives Spot-On Comparison For Megan Rapinoe After USWNT’s World Cup Exit, and Angel Hernandez Had Another Terrible Day Behind The Plate, Managing To Anger Both The Yankees And Astros
Power Line: Wind Energy: A Doomed Industry, Guest Film Review: “2023: A Barbie Odyssey”, EVs On a Collision Course With Reality, Democrats Are Getting What They Want, and Unlike the Trump indictments, the case against Biden is straightforward
Protein Wisdom Reborn: A Corrective Theory Of Everything
Shark Tank: Luna Continues Fight With Corps Of Engineers Over Pinellas Beaches
Shot In The Dark: Remembering The CFL, As Regular As The Sands Of Time, Hubris, and Things I’d Do If I Had A Time Machine
STUMP: Deaths from Heat and Cold: Deception and Update for U.S. 1999-2022, Gatekeeping in Education and Professions: Actuarial, Legal, and Sumo!, and Building Bridges to STEM Careers
The Political Hat: Neuro-Machine Computer Chips Mean One Thing: Cyborg Catgirls, Woke Privilege: Queer Illegal Aliens Undetainable; Anti-Racist Firefighters; “Gynosexuals” & The Denormalization Of Straight Men, and Firing Line Friday: Resolved: That Women in the Military Should Be Excluded from Combat
This Ain’t Hell: Monday – National Purple Heart Day, New SMA- AI health monitors a Good Idea, Bowe Bergdahl to Face Charges, American warships sent to deal with Russian and Chinese navy ships, Zinnerman – The Hits Just Keep Right on Comin’, and Russian Army finds out, a second time, that regular open formations during hostilities is not a good idea
Transterrestrial Musings: The Remaking Of America, The Atomic Bombs, Industrial Revolution, Virgin Galactic, Today’s Blacklisted American, and Oppenheimer
Victory Girls: Gold Star Families Demand Answers Over Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Ritzy Restaurant Refuses Mom With Tattoos, and Middle-aged Lady, Not Gay, Just Boring And Bored
Volokh Conspiracy: How Can Jack Smith Prove That Trump Knew He Lost the Election?, Clearing up Common Misconceptions About the Charges Against Trump, and Hawaii Butterfly Knife Ban Violates Second Amendment
Watts Up With That: Red China Abandons Paris Agreement and Makes Others’ Efforts Even More Futile, John Stossel Interviews Judith Curry: How Climate “Science” Got Hijacked by Alarmists, That’s Why They Call It Death Valley, Costs Beginning to Change the Net Zero Debate in the UK, and ROSS CLARK: This polluting green sham has been mocking taxpayers for years
The Federalist: Nikki Haley Supports Breaking The Law To Make Taxpayers Pay For Soldiers’ Abortions, NBC Spewed Abortion Lies In DeSantis Interview, Then Cut Off His Answer Exposing Them As Bunk, Corporate Press Omits Radical Religious Motivation Behind Fatal Stabbing Of O’Shae Sibley, How Can Mail-In Voting Be ‘Secure’ When Postal Theft Is Rampant?, ‘Bidenomics’ Has Been A Disaster, and Is NPR Trying To Start A Race War?
Mark Steyn: Checkpoint Charlie Hebdo, Unleashing Chaos, Live Around the Planet, and And Then There Were None: Randolph Scott and 7 Men From Now

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