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In The Mailbox: 08.10.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Pearl, Psycho, Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Beef, and Lahaina Maui Fire
Twitchy: Erick Erickson Has The Best Tweet About “Sanctuary Cities” Changing Attitudes, Ted Cruz Calls Out NBC Spin On Marxist Lesbian ALA Prez, and Jonah Goldberg Opines “Small Donors Are One Of The Biggest Problems For Democracy”
Louder With Crowder: Alex Jones has a shocking revelation… is it the end of humanity?, Finally! The full Tiffany Gomas “that motherf*cker’s not real” freak-out video has been revealed, and Lady Gaga’s elitist dad is upset about all the illegals in NYC. Hey, remember when she wanted to “turn Texas blue?”
Vox Popoli: He Even Lost His Name, The Neoclowns are Doubling Down, The Inevitable End of Arbitration, Never Seek the Nonexistent, and Homonazis in the UK

Adam Piggott: Greasy Pole #30 – The Science is Settled episode
American Conservative: Strong Families are the Key to Building Back Better
American Greatness: Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness?, also, The Left’s War on Free Speech
American Thinker: Evil Never Takes a Holiday, A Modest Proposal to Defeat the Political Class, Testing the Army’s New Electric Combat Vehicle (A Parable), and Political Prosecution: A Constitutional Crisis In The Making
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Great Tits News
Babalu Blog: U.S. becomes top provider of chicken to Cuba, Mexico increases oil deliveries to Cuban dictatorship, edges out Russia and Venezuela as top supplier, and Cuban exodus update: 31,000 healthcare workers have fled the island in the past year
Baldilocks: It’s That Time Again, Fear, and Scary Story
BattleSwarm: Movie Review: Oppenheimer, Texas Outlaws Men In Women’s College Sports, and Russian Optics Factory Goes Boom
Behind The Black: Red Chinese pseudo-company Galactic Energy launches seven satellites, Update on the development of a new first stage for Northrop Grumman’s Antares rocket, The icy mountains close to where SpaceX hopes to land Starship on Mars, Astronomers: Binary system creates tidal waves on star’s surface 3x larger than our own Sun, and Today’s blacklisted American was fired for refusing to participate in company’s programs that purposely excluded whites
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile (recurring) Reading, also, To the Knife
Da Tech Guy: Shades of the Yanks & Red Barber in Baltimore and Kevin Brown, Muncy’s murder mystery, I’ll Believe the Jan 6th Committee Was Not Corrupt When We Stop Getting Evidence That They Were, Rubicon Crossed: DaTechGuy Endorses Ron DeSantis For President in 2024, and Cutting down 16 million trees to fight climate change is truly asinine
Don Surber: Congratulations On Your Suicide, Baltimore
First Street Journal: Will Larry Krasner send this case to juvenile court?, You in a heap o’ trouble, boy! *Updated!* , and Chickenhawks in the Church
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enrichers Ruin Another Town, Rasmus Paludan on Koran-Burning and the Suppression of Free Speech, A Bundle of Daffodils, What Would Happen If Stupidity Prevails in the West?, and We Lawyers Want to Silence You
The Geller Report: Los Angeles Schools Create Sex Clubs In Elementary School to Indoctrinate Children Into LGBTQ, also, Black Supremacist Texas Teacher Fired for Massively Racist Social Media Posts
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, How Euclid Will Map the Universe
Hollywood In Toto: Is This the Media’s Nastiest Attack on Sound of Freedom? Woke Is Alive, Well and (Still) Crushing Free Speech, Bill Maher Skewers ‘Preachy, Man Hating’ Barbie, Go West Finds the Funny in Western Tropes (Even Dysentery!), and Tom MacDonald’s ‘American Flags’ Hits Number One (Twice)
The Lid: Inflation Back Up To 3.2 Percent Amid Oil Price Jump, Weakening Dollar Despite Inflation Reduction Act And Biden’s ‘Assurances’
Legal Insurrection: California Supremes Rule No Right to In-Person Cross-Examination of Accuser During Campus Sexual Assault Proceedings, “The days when universities could get away with racial discrimination to advance diversity are over”, Lawsuit: Massachusetts Rejected Catholic Foster Parent Applicants Over Beliefs About Marriage and Sexuality, Report: Biden Planning to Ask Congress for $13 Billion for Ukraine, and State of Emergency: Massachusetts Governor Calls On Residents to Open Homes to Illegal Immigrants
Nebraska Energy Observer: Not Venezuela, Trump, Klan, Biden: The Hoosier Lesson, and IMPORTANT!
Outkick: Carli Lloyd Continues To Slam The USWNT For ‘Entitlement’ Attitude, Netherlands Forward Takes Victory Lap After ‘Big Mouth’ USWNT’s Early World Cup Exit, Gisele Bündchen Squeezes Into Some Black Lingerie To Show Tom Brady What He’s Missing, Ed Orgeron Visits Baylor To Watch His Son, Who Looks Exactly Like Ed Orgeron, Former NFL CB Buster Skrine Gets Busted For Cashing Fake Checks In Canada, and NFL Fans Rejoice After Game-Changing RedZone Subscription News
Power Line: EPA Tries to Destroy the Grid, Today is not the day, and The Daily Chart: The College Cost Scandal
Shark Tank: AG Moody Defends Monique Worrell Suspension
Shot In The Dark: Plastic & Fantastic, also, DFL Compassion
STUMP: Lightning Strikes Twice: Follow-up on Lightning Deaths
The Political Hat: Euthanizing The Mental Defectives: Killing The Autistic; Killing The Anorexic; Killing The Mentally Ill
This Ain’t Hell: Ft. Cavazos (Hood) mess hall woes, LGBTQ veterans file suit against the Pentagon, Not Until They Pry It From My Cold, Dead…, The U.S. Air Force conducts a long-range mobility exercise, and PACT deadline extended after bottleneck mess
Transterrestrial Musings: A New Ecosystem, China Is Serious About Space, Battery-Powered Cars, The Hawai’ian Wildfires, and Trans Tyranny
Victory Girls: “Enemy of Democracy” Ron DeSantis Pokes The Progressives Again
Volokh Conspiracy: Trump Is Disqualified from Being on Any Election Ballots, also, Texas is Wrong to Equate Immigration and Drug Smuggling with “Invasion”
Watts Up With That: Will Biden and the U.N. Declare a ‘Climate Emergency’? Looks like it, also, The Real-World Costs of Backing Up Weather-Dependent Electricity Generation with Battery Storage
The Federalist: Why Ron DeSantis Is The Man To Lead The Great American Comeback, Republicans Investigating J6 Committee Suggest Dems Destroyed Evidence In Apparent Cover Up, Why Gen Z Should Pursue Truth Instead Of ‘Self-Discovery’, California Court Greenlights Foreign Interference In San Francisco’s School Board Elections, Exclusive: Arizona, Virginia Voters Demand Election Officials Correct Their States’ Erroneous Voter Rolls, and Republican Groups Intervene To Stop Democrats’ Lawfare Against Wisconsin Elections
Mark Steyn: Trust Not in Men

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