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In The Mailbox: 08.30.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Modern warfare

Kausfiles: The Nostalgia Theory – Why Trump Persists
357 Magnum: Leftist Lexicon Update, also, Texas Homeowners Are Still Armed
EBL: Who is Erin Carter? also, 29 August 2005: Democrats blame George W. Bush for their Katrina failures
Twitchy: The Murder Turtle Has Another Scary Episode While Talking To Reporters, Late Night Hosts Pitching Collective Podcast During Writers Strike  Earns All The Cringe, and Eric Swalwell Lashes Out After Being Dragged For Lame Weapons Post & Gets Dragged Again
Louder With Crowder: Disney got woke and went broke as stocks hit another LOW, Of Course! Eminem sends cease and desist to Vivek Ramaswamy over his rap bars, and Kyle Rittenhouse Sued By Estate Of Convicted Child Molester He Killed In Self Defense
Vox Popoli: The Official Story is Always Wrong, Russia: Two Predictions, Conservativism Failed American Christianity, and Holding the Strong Hand
Stoic Observations: Assessing The Negative
Flappr: On The Comically Stupid C**t Teacher Who Thought The Gadsden Flag Was Linked To Slavery

Adam Piggott: Fighting Demons
American Conservative: Learning from WVU
American Greatness: National Archives Acknowledges over 5,400 Pseudonymous Biden Emails, Christian, Muslim and Jewish Parents Appeal Federal Court’s Decision Allowing Maryland Schools to Force Trans Ideology on Their Kids, and Colorado Student Kicked Out of Class Monday For Having Gadsden Flag Patch on Backpack, Allowed Back With Patch on Tuesday
American Thinker: Donald Trump and the 2024 General Election, Using the Dictator’s — and the Mafia’s — Playbook, and Democrats Should Quake: Trump is Glowering
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Lawfare News
Babalu Blog: Children in Cuba given syrup instead of milk due to shortages, A Cuban monument to Spanish soldiers who fought against Cuba’s freedom, and Reports from Cuba: In addition to being expensive, Turkish floating power plants are a pollution bomb in Cuba
Baldilocks: A Day Like Any Day,
BattleSwarm: Dave Smith on Rogan: The Deep State vs. Trump
Behind The Black: NASA reveals three year delay in its New Frontiers planetary mission program, The prevailing winds in Mars’ volcano country, Boom begins taxi tests of a one-third scale prototype of its proposed supersonic passenger plane, Update on the ongoing research of the closest supernovae in a decade, and Pushback: Court rules against East Lansing’s attempt to blacklist Christian for following his beliefs
Cafe Hayek: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “More questions for redistributionists”
CDR Salamander: Sorry, The Swarm Will Not Save Us
Chicago Boyz: The Return of the Commie Crud
Da Tech Guy: The cynicism of today’s elites, The Feast of The Passion of John the Baptist Playing Out Daily in America Against an Army of Woke Herodians, and Pintastic NE -10 and counting Random Interview Gabe D’Annunzio 2017
Dana Loesch: New Lawsuit Attempts To Remove Trump From Ballot,
Don Surber: Returning To Nor/mal
First Street Journal: Once again, the Lexington Herald-Leader endangers citizens by refusing to publish a mugshot, The Lexington Herald-Leader gets a new executive editor, and Do only those blacks killed by whites really matter?
Gates Of Vienna: Getting Rid of the Danes, A Real Smear Job, and Clandestine Mosques in Nîme
The Geller Report: COVER-UP: What is Going On In Hawaii? FEMA Orders Full Media ‘Blackout’, “White Supremacy is the Greatest Terrorist Threat We Face in the Homeland.”, and LEAKED DOCUMENT: Biden’s Terror-Supporting Iran Envoy Robert Malley Lost Clearance over “Personal Misconduct”
Hogewash: A Dark Spot on Neptune, also, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Introducing Criticless … Giving Voice to the Everyday Movie Goer, Comedians Share Shocking Censorship Stories, Why Robots Does Not Compute, and Nefarious: DVD Unmasks Battle Between Good and Evil
The Lid: Court Denies School’s Attempt to Give Teachers Qualified Immunity To Escape Accountability With Parents
Legal Insurrection: Biden’s Energy Department Is Now Coming for Our Ceiling Fans, Hawaiian Electric Claims It ‘De-Energized’ the Power Lines Hours Before Second Maui Wildfire, New Hampshire Republican Activist Found Stabbed to Death in His Home, Colorado Diversity Teacher Wants to ‘Burn Things Down’ for Equity, Discrimination Lawsuit By Orthodox Jewish Professors Against CUNY Can Go Forward, NY Court Rules, and Uzbekistan Nationals Crossed the Border Thanks to Smuggler With ISIS Ties
Nebraska Energy Observer: Charity my…
Outkick: College GameDay Announces New Theme Song Singers After Splitting From Big & Rich Without Explanation, Mets Fan Ruthlessly Boo Max Scherzer In First Trip To New York Since Being Traded, Indiana Hilariously Roasted For Keeping Team’s Kicker Secret From Ohio State, Native Americans Behind Push To Change Commanders Back To Redskins Upset That Team Rep Called Them ‘Fake Group’, UCF QB John Rhys Plumlee Uses NIL For Great Cause, Donates Jersey Sale Proceeds To Orlando Children’s Hospital, and Warren Sapp Makes Trip To Colorado — Without Flight Problems — To Visit Old Buddy Deion Sanders During TCU Week
Power Line: National Archives: Biden used secret addresses for over 5,000 emails, Anniversary of a Disaster, and The Penguins Are OK
Shark Tank: DeSantis Announces Activation Of Florida Disaster Fund In Preparation For Idalia
Shot In The Dark: Ambiguous
The Political Hat: Education As Woke Politics
This Ain’t Hell: SEAL that claimed Bin Laden kill back in trouble with the law, Ukrainian politician worried about Republican comments regarding Ukraine aid, Impeach Lloyd Austin, Sex Offender of Children Under Investigation for False Military Records, US Gov finding new ways to f-ck veterans, and The Continuing Saga of Fat Leonard
Transterrestrial Musings: The Suburbs Of Kiev, Execution By Hypoxia, Drones In Ukraine, This Political Prosecution Scheme, and The Woke Bazaar
Victory Girls: Oliver Anthony Doesn’t Need to Belong to a Political Tribe
Volokh Conspiracy: Another Appeals Court Accuses the FDA of Committing “Surprise Switcheroo”
Watts Up With That: Net Zero is condemning more Brits to energy poverty, “10k dead penguin chicks” more animal tragedy porn used to advance global warming agenda, and Tribal Rangers Smash Burning Man Climate Protest Roadblock
The Federalist: Jury Duty TV Series Transforms Civic Drudgery Into Insightful Comedy, Five Pro-Lifers Found Guilty Of FACE Act Violations For Protesting At Late-Term Abortion Facility, With No Good Options, China’s Xi Jinping Turns Up The Temperature In The Taiwan Strait, Media Use Racist Shooting To Smear Ron DeSantis — And Chill Debate, New Education Standards Force Gay History, Climate Alarmism, And ‘Math Identity Rainbows’ On Students, and Ex-Pentagon Chiefs Knocking Tuberville’s Abortion Protest Are In Bed With The Military-Industrial Complex
Mark Steyn: Who’s Making the Variants?

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