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In The Mailbox: 08.31.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

It’s that time again.

357 Magnum: Woman Fined For Defending Herself Against Sexual Assault
EBL: Tasty Cabbage, Actress Haley Pullos in Court for Felony DUI w Injuries and Hit and Run, The Media give Democrats a pass, yet consistently lie about Republicans, and Democrats Are Pushing An Unsustainable Economic Fiscal Policy
Twitchy: The Kamala Harris Of Canada Weighs In On LGBTWTFBBQ Travel Advisory, Riley Gaines Drops ANOTHER Heavy Mic (and many trophies) On Keith Olbermann, and Chicago Residents On Proposed Migrant Shelter – “Send them back.”
Louder With Crowder: Gadsden flag kid takes victory lap, but shares some horrible news about his teachers, Joe Rogan takes steaming dump on Rainn Wilson over Oliver Anthony attack, and Keith Olbermann lashes out at Riley Gaines for sucking at swimming, so she brings receipts… and LOTS of trophies
Vox Popoli: Evil AND Necessarily Stupid, A Celebration of Black Culture, Calling China’s Bluff, and A Memetic Response

American Conservative: Preparing to Lose Two Wars
American Greatness: From One Unapologetic Media Hoax to the Next, Mitch McConnell Suffers Another Major Brain Freeze During Presser in Kentucky, and Gold Star Dad Blasts ‘Asshole’ Biden, Calls Him a ‘Disgrace to This Nation’ During House Hearing on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal
American Thinker: Trump: Victim of a Radically Transformed Federal Judiciary, Scared for Your Country? What You Can and Must Do, and How the Trump Indictments Destroy the Constitution
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Backup Plan News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: State telecom monopoly sabotages internet to force customers to pay for long-distance calls, Protest erupts outside bank in Cuba among workers unable to cash their paychecks, and Cuba’s massive debt to Paris Club has not been paid: ‘negotiations’ begin in Havana
BattleSwarm: They Want You To Stop Eating Meat And Dairy, But The Gavin Newsoms Of the World Will Always Be Able To Eat At The French Laundry, also, Brandon Herrera Running For Congress
Behind The Black: Red China’s Long March 2D launches 3 satellites, Soviet satellite from 1991 breaks up, Vikram takes movie of Pragyan rover as it roves, Firefly notifies Space Force that it is ready to launch military payload at a moment’s notice, The splatter surrounding a mid-latitude Martian crater, and Pushback: Class action discrimination lawsuit filed against Gannett newspaper
Cafe Hayek: Trump’s Ignorance of Trade is Everestian, also, Trade Policy and Total Employment
Da Tech Guy: Pintastic NE– 7 (Not very) Random Video Julie Cole Plays Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Pinball Game, If I’m DeSantis I’m Pushing this Video Far and Wide, and The Biden Regime is going to try and limit how much alcohol you can drink
Don Surber: “Surprise, surprise. He is a dictator, just like Putin.”
First Street Journal: Philly public schools will not have a #MaskMandate…for now, The Miami Herald reports on the Traditional Latin Mass, and Liberal hypocrisy: do as I say, not do as I do
Gates Of Vienna: At the Precipice
The Geller Report: Deafening Muslim Call to Prayer Can Now Be Broadcast Publicly in New York City Without a Permit
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and A Puzzling Pulsar
Hollywood In Toto: How Barbie & Sound of Freedom Divided a Nation, also, Can Taylor Swift Make Concert Films Cool Again?
The Lid: Why 1609 Scientists Declared “There Is No Climate Crisis”, also, Lying Joe Biden Lies That He Got Strom Thurmond To Vote For Civil Rights Act. Here Are The Facts
Legal Insurrection: Colorado Middle Schooler Showcases School’s Hypocrisy Over Treatment of His Gadsden Flag Patch, Georgia Trial of Trump And 18 Others To Be Televised and Live Streamed, More than 450 Wildfires Have Scorched Louisiana in Recent Weeks, Iranian Immigrant Law Student Encounters America’s Own Revolutionary Guard, Canada Issues ‘2SLGBTQI+’ Travel Warning for U.S., and Marxist Teacher From Colorado Who Called for ‘Forceful Cultural Revolution’ Wins Seat in State Legislature
Nebraska Energy Observer: Here’s … Nicholas!
Outkick: Texas Will Embrace The Hate In Final Big 12 Season, But Steve Sarkisian Needs To Leave The Conference With A Title, Total Buffoon Keith Olbermann Gets Decimated By The Internet After Criticizing Riley Gaines, Eric Lewis, NBA Ref Accused of Owning Burner Account, Abruptly Retires, Barstool Sports Laying Off 25 Percent Of Employees In Major Shakeup, Disney-Charter Dispute Leads To Blackout At Florida-Utah Kickoff, ESPN Viewers Lose Their Minds, and Joe Montana Gives His Pick For The Best QB Ever And His Answer Is Kind Of Surprising
Power Line: A Perfect 10 on the Biden Babble Scale, Mass Grave? Apparently Not, and Racist Law Enforcement in Oakland
Shark Tank: Steube Blasts Biden’s Demand For Ukraine Money In Disaster Relief Bills
Shot In The Dark: Damning With Faint Reason, also, For Those Who Don’t Already Know
The Political Hat: Move Over Gender Unicorn, Here Comes The Gender Minotaur, also, Modern Schools – Zero Proficiency, War On Math, and Cutting Back School To Four Days
This Ain’t Hell: Notting Hill shows UK intent, Enough with the climate alarmism, 1,609 scientists speak out, and Williams Sentenced in Fraud/Stolen Valor Case
Transterrestrial Musings: The Clean Energy Beneath, Marilyn Lovell, The Deep Space Network, Feral Cattle, and Should We Stay Or Should We Go?
Victory Girls: Gold Star Families Give Raw Testimony On Biden’s Callous Indifference
Volokh Conspiracy: Four Eighth Circuit Judges Argue That Felons Don’t Categorically Lose Second Amendment Rights, also, Can Florida Homeowners Shoot Looters Who Break Into Their Houses (as Ron DeSantis Mentioned) or Businesses?
Watts Up With That: Those Damn Polar Bears Refuse to Die, Did a Climate Alarmist Law Student Just Kill the Green Movement?, and Man-Made Disaster’: Byron Donalds Blames ‘Green New Deal Stuff’ For Maui Wildfire
The Federalist: Jim Jordan Subpoenas Anti-Free Speech Group Over Censorship Collusion With Biden Regime, NPR Moves Its Goal Posts On Senility From Trashing Trump’s Age To Defending Biden’s Decline, If The Media Insisted On Calling Trump A Liar, That Standard Must Be Applied To Biden’s Corruption Lies, Study Shows Journalism Is ‘Most Regretted’ College Major As Trust In Corporate Media Sinks, and Did Weiss’s Office Ignore Pretrial Diversion Policy To Cut Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal? DOJ Is Hiding The Answer
Mark Steyn: The Crime of Serving Coffee

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