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In The Mailbox: 09.01.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Thanks to everyone who bought stuff through my Amazon links in August. Very much appreciated! Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: What Happens When Police Don’t/Can’t Enforce The Law?
EBL: Who Went Where?
Twitchy: James Woods Slams Special K For Lying About Biden “Securing The Border”, Oprah & The Rock Piss Twitter Off By Asking Broke Americans To Contribute To Their Maui Fund, and Philip Bump Melts Down After Being Humiliated Over Biden On Podcast
Louder With Crowder: Girls throw down in all-time port-a-potty brawl during a Morgan Wallen concert, Tucker Carlson blasts Fox News in Dave Portnoy interview, Alaska Board of Education Votes To Exclude Males From Girls’ Sports, and Florida School Board Removes Dozens of Pornographic Books After Parents Read Graphic Passages Aloud
Vox Popoli: The Rude Awakening, also, I’m Not Saying He’s Fake
According To Hoyt: There Is No Going Back Home, The Shape of Our Problems, and The Chosen Ones
Monster Hunter Nation:
Flappr: Torts Illustrated – Malebag Edition

American Conservative: If It’s Just A Symbol, to Hell With It
American Greatness: Oklahoma City School District Hires Drag Queen Elementary School Principal Once Arrested For Possessing Child Porn and Illicit Drugs, also, The Left’s Relentless War on Donald Trump and Everyone Who Disagrees with Them
American Thinker: The Biggest Missed Story of the 21st Century, The Key to Understanding the Global Warming Fraud, and The True Big Lie
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Scottish Rebellion Friday
Babalu Blog: JetBlue abruptly suspends flights to communist Cuba, cites lack of demand, Easy English lessons with Cuba’s sock puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, and Cuba boasts of ‘sustained commitment to human rights for all’ at UN, lobbies for re-election to Human Rights Council
Baldilocks: Conundrum
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for September 1
Behind The Black:  Amazon investors sue company for not considering SpaceX as potential launch provider, Ingenuity completes 56th flight on Mars, LRO spots Luna-25 crash site on Moon, Petrified dunes on Mars?, and Real pushback: School district immediately cancels ban on prayer when threatened with lawsuit
Cafe Hayek: Reality Really Is Really Complex. Really.
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Pintastic NE T-6 Random Video of the Day Project Pinball at Pintastic 2016, also, Indulgence Calendar for September – oh, and Where Does the Church go for THEIR Apology
Don Surber: Mother Africa Didn’t Want You
First Street Journal: Killadelphia: How does a 12-year-old boy go missing for over a week, and nobody noticed?, also, #COVID19: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”
Gates Of Vienna: Quiz IX: Ten Clues
The Geller Report: ‘ALL CARS ARE BAD’: Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Equity Advisers
Hogewash: The Northern Lights As Seen From Above, also, I Find Your Lack of Face Disturbing
Hollywood In Toto: Late Night Podcast Tops iTunes Chart (But There’s a Catch)
The Lid: Recession Soon? Unemployment Jumps To 3.8 Percent
Legal Insurrection: Riley Gaines Shuts Down Keith Olbermann With Her Swimming Awards, Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘We’ve Expanded the Pathway to Citizenship Under this President’, Florida and Texas Schools Excluded From List of LGBTQ Friendly Colleges, Closure of Three Southern California Power Plants Likely to be Postponed, and Law Profs Claim ‘Insurrection’ Disqualifies Trump in 2024
Nebraska Energy Observer: Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children Get a New Toy
Outkick: Stephen A. Smith, Who Ruined Max Kellerman’s Career, Suggests Skip Bayless Wronged Shannon Sharpe, Shaq Drops 55 Pounds In Lifestyle Change Sparked By Being Unable To Walk Up Stairs, Danny Kanell Buries Deion Sanders For FSU Snub & Coach Prime Loudly Barks Back, ACC Finally Makes Decision On Expansion With Cal, Stanford, SMU: They’re In, The New College GameDay Theme Song Will Make Fans Want To Puke, and OnlyFans Star Allie Rae Soaks Up Minnesota Beating Nebraska, Drops New Content
Power Line: Peter Schweizer, call your office [update: Peter calls in], Beware the IRS, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Mast Urges Congress To Get Spending Under Control
Shot In The Dark: Exit, also, Dubious Motivations
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Resolved: That Political Correctness Is a Menace and a Bore
This Ain’t Hell: Biden tries to close “Gun Show Loophole”, Valor Friday, Army major charged for sexual abuse, Kabul PUC, The U.S. to send Taiwan military aid normally sent to sovereign countries, and Gabon’s military stages a coup, dissolves parliament and closes borders
Transterrestrial Musings: Republicans Reaching Out To Blacks, John Mellencamp, Treason, and Human Extinction
Victory Girls: Media Bias Extraordinare: McConnell Old, Fetterman Courageous, also, Racist Cars On Racist Roads – Transportation Equity
Volokh Conspiracy: Sixth Circuit Rules Owners of Cars Taken by Asset Forfeiture Have Constitutional Right to a Hearing Within Two Weeks of Seizure
Watts Up With That: Bloomberg Falsely Says Climate Change is Harming Crop Production – Reality Says Otherwise, When Climate Change Really Was an Existential Threat, and Carbon Capture – BUSTED
The Federalist: Retcon Climate Science Blames Humans For Fires 13,000 Years Ago, In Biden’s America, Butchering Viable Babies Is Fine But Protesting Their Murder Is Criminal , Democrats And Republicans Have Been Talking About School Reform For Years While Everything Has Gotten Worse, Here’s 5 Action Items Conservatives Should Focus On To Better Their Communities And Country, EXCLUSIVE: Fani Willis Possesses Evidence Exonerating Georgia’s Alternate Electors, and Wealthy Democrats Aided And Abetted The Biden Border Crisis, Now They’re Whining About It
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet

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