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In The Mailbox: 09.06.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: There Is No Safe Time Of Day
EBL: Breathless, Joe Biden Hates Being Perceived As Stupid, Proud Boy Enrique Tarrio gets 22 Years for J6, and The Equalizer 3
Twitchy: Judge Orders Texas To Remove Floating Anti-Migrant Barriers, WaPoo “Fact Checker” Handles Biden Pseudonym Scandal By Giving Republican 4 Pinocchios, and Ga. Prosecutor Plays Uno Reverse Card, Slaps 61 Antifa Militants With RICO Charges
Louder With Crowder: School District Kept Daughter’s Transition A Secret Before Bullied Teen Ran Away, Was Sex Trafficked, GOP Senator Will Not Comply, Calls For ‘Freedom To Breathe’ Bill That Bans Federal Mask Mandates, Facebook Files catch Biden Admin demanding platform censor Americans, based on phony data from a foreign non-profit, and Biden disrespects Medal of Honor Recipient, walks out before ceremony is over
Vox Popoli: RIP Steve Harwell, China Lays the Legal Ground, Let Experience Be Silent, Remember This Next Time, and Deep Pockets and Defamation
Draw & Talk: This Tweet Got Me In Trouble With Comics Creators – Again!
Gab News: Is Genesis History?
Flappr: 2023 NFL Preview
Jon Del Arroz: Wow, I Just Did The Math

Adam Piggott: Bergoglio’s Baffle Garble
American Conservative: The Democrats and Labor, Canada’s Anti-Catholic Blood Libel, and Tax Cuts Won’t Rebuild America
American Greatness: What the Left Did to Our Country, Quadruple-Vaxxed Jill Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19 For the Third Time, and House Oversight Committee: ‘Joe Biden’s VP Staff Colluded With Hunter’s Business Partner on Burisma Corruption Media Response’
American Power: Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Biden As Too Old for Reelection
American Thinker: The Decline and Fall of Gettysburg, Anti-Trump RINOS and the 14th Amendment, Law and Order: The Post-Constitutional Episode, and Time for Another Great Awakening
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily National Treasure News, and Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Jesuits in Nicaragua experience the real socialism they have promoted all these decades, Cuban dictatorship arrests homeless mother and her 2 children for taking shelter in an abandoned home, Over 400 protests in Cuba during the month of August, and Confused in Tijuana about The Berlin Wall and more stories
BattleSwarm: Fast, Cheap and Out of Control, Israel’s War Against Color TV, and The Cardboard Drone Dilemma
Behind The Black: India successfully launches its first solar observation satellite, SpaceX launches 13 satellites for the Space Force, Endeavour Dragon capsule carrying four astronauts safely splashes down, Chinese pseudo-company launches four satellites from offshore launchpad, Starship and Superheavy: Ready for launch but still blocked by the White House, Why are news organizations still asking advice from the COVID liars of 2020?, and Pushback: Doctor partly reinstated after health officials threaten him for stating obvious facts about COVID
Cafe Hayek: Bobby McCormick, R.I.P., Wall Street Journal: “Learning to Love Insider Trading”, and The Reality of Regulation by Government
CDR Salamander: This Is Not The NYT Article Navalists Are Waiting For
Chicago Boyz: Worthwhile Reading and Viewing, also, What a “X” Platform Shadowban looks like
Da Tech Guy: Pintastic T-5 Two Views of the Extra Ball Lounge Plus One of the great Secrets of Pintastic, Lying about reproductive health, Some Fast Thoughts Under the Fedora, Pintastic NE 2023 T – 4 Mike & Emily of Electromagnetic Pinball Museum of Providence RI 2021 and 2022, and Three Quick Burning Electric Car Questions
Dana Loesch: Parenting In The Digital Age, also, Chris Christie [Still] Mad Ron DeSantis Didn’t Support Sandy Relief Pork
Don Surber: Winning The Culture War, also, The Election Isn’t A Lock, But…
First Street Journal: The union-supporting Philadelphia Inquirer is appalled that building trades unions are mostly white, The Democrats want Mitch McConnell out!, Killadelphia: Street Justice! and Jill Biden has the Coof
Gates Of Vienna: It’s a Grand Old Flag, The End of the Big “Gimme”, The Greening of the Planet, A Connoisseur’s Guide to the Stoning of Women, and Germany Has Abolished Itself
The Geller Report: 75,000 Illegal Migrants Flagged As Potential National Security Risks, Bidenomics Jobs Report: 1.2 Million Native-Born Workers Lost Their Jobs, And Were Replaced With 668K Foreign-Born Workers, Government Whistleblower: STUNNING Evidence of Massive Organized Fraud in 2020 Election, and Trump Indicter Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO Enterprise
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Candidates and Liars and Bloggers, Luna 25 Impact Site, Sunrise Over the ELT, and A Cosmic Prawn
Hollywood In Toto: Bill Maher Compares Woke Mob to KKK, Why The Good Son Was a Misfire Then…and Now, Documentary Filmmaking Requires Blitzkrieg Support or Bust!, and Maher, Gaffigan Throw Dirt on Late Night TV’s Grave
The Lid: Harvard Ranked Worst University For Free Speech, New Yorkers Furious About Illegal Alien Crisis Are Blaming The Democrats They Voted For, and Joe Biden’s Age And Fitness Is A Bigger Deal Than Mitch McConnell’s
Legal Insurrection: Hospital Employee Leaks DEI Training Materials That Say Three Year-Olds Can be Transgender, Naval Academy Boosting Midshipmen Training….in Gender and Sexuality Studies, No, Elon Musk Isn’t Anti-Semitic Because He Threatened a Lawsuit Against the Anti-Defamation League, ‘Libraries Need to be Sites of Socialist Organizing’, North Carolina State Stops Distributing Welcome Packet With Info on Group Sex After Parents Push Back, and NYT/Siena College Polls: Biden Underperforming Among Nonwhite Voters
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity, Monday Maundering, and It must be
Outkick: ESPN To Pay Mina Kimes $2 Million To Break Down Football Film, Tom Brady Now Works For Delta, Will Save The Miserable Aviation Industry, Peyton Manning Struggles To Find QBs For Netflix Show, Which Is Kinda Crucial To Success Of ‘Quarterback’, Miami Is So Desperate To Sell Tickets For Texas A&M Rematch, They’re Offering Georgia Tech Game For Free In ‘BOGO’ Deal, Kirk Herbstreit Calls Out Jacka** Ohio State Fans: ‘Drive Me Crazy’, College Football Week 1 TV Ratings A Huge Win For FOX And Colorado, Disaster For ESPN, and Danica Patrick Basically Wore A Denim Thong At Burning Man
Power Line: New Discoveries In Climate Science, The Party that Cried Wolf, Truth blast of the day, and Democrats Stumble Upon an Explanation for Trump’s Increasing Strength
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Demands Immediate Passage Of Federal Disaster Responsibility Act
Shot In The Dark: Half Baked, Labor Day, No Free Lunch, Insidious, Applicable, and One Day In A Major Newsroom
The Political Hat: California Legislature Trying To Legalize Discrimination… Again, also, School Smut Hypocrisy, Texas Edition Redux
This Ain’t Hell: Former Marine Arrested for False Purple Heart Application and Fraud, Green Beret veteran learns about his false arrest record related to an Army investigation, Deputy SecDef Watches the Unknown, Back to the ’40s, last OSS OG’er tabbed, and Legally disgusting
Transterrestrial Musings: Charging Stations, Gamble Rogers, Boom, Taylor Swift, and Rousseau
Victory Girls: FBI Admits It Has Lots Of Documents About Targeting Christians, also, Chinese Have Tried To Access Military Bases Over 100 Times
Volokh Conspiracy: Help Workers by Breaking Down Barriers to Labor Mobility—Both Domestic and International, also, Technocolonialism – but in reverse
Watts Up With That: Net Zero Fail: UK Government to Forcibly Switch Your Appliances Off, Support For Offshore Wind Sinks as Costs Soar, and Ramaswamy, Not the Washington Post, Is Right About Climate Deaths
The Federalist: Police Shooting Of Ta’Kiya Young Is Another Example Of A Suspect Creating Danger Where It Didn’t Exist, YouTube Punishes Channel For ‘Harmful And Dangerous’ Video Quoting Hillary Clinton, What Will America Be Like Under Biden’s Digital Dollar? Look At Communist China, MSNBC Gushes Over Trans-Identifying Man Accused Of Sexually Harassing Sorority Girls, There’s An Easy Solution If The Pentagon Is Really Worried About ‘National Security’: Stop Subsidizing Abortion, and Biden Bribery Breadcrumbs Leave Only One Possible Conclusion: Deep-State Partisans Buried The Evidence
Mark Steyn: Change Partners: Screwball Heroine Ginger Rogers in Vivacious Lady, Sixteen Tons, The Day After Labor, and The Cost of Rocket Science

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