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In The Mailbox: 09.08.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: FBI Undercounting Statistics On Mass Shootings Stopped By Citizens
EBL: The Dream of Greater Bharat, You thought the witch hunt would stop with Trump? Lock ’em all up!, and Biden Crime Family: Keep your friends close, but your drug addicted criminal son closer
Twitchy: Wajahat Ali asks for definition of “woke mind virus” & gets brutal answer, Huge 1st Amendment victory in Missouri v. Biden, and Glenn Greenwald Busts DNC Operatives Working With ADL To Censor Us All
Louder With Crowder: Anti-cop Democrat calls for tougher crime laws after being assaulted, doesn’t appreciate irony, White House won’t promise financial aid to Florida and Maui unless Ukraine gets a taste too, and Boston Announces Climate Emergency With Today’s High at a  Whopping (check notes) 87 Degrees
Vox Popoli: The Media Extinction Event, also, New York Runs Out of Magic Dirt
According To Hoyt: Killing Me Softly, Knowledge of Good And Evil, and The State Of the Writer, or September?
Monster Hunter Nation: Black Pill Doomerism Nonsense
Granite Grok: Depopulation Speculations
Jon Del Arroz: Mainstream Publishers Gaslight Authors Into Slave Mentality About Their Books 
Stoic Observations: A Choice Of Slaveries

Adam Piggott: Won’t get with the program
American Conservative:  Community-Based Elder Care is Not Enough, also, Happy Birthday, Mr. Republican
American Greatness: Left-Wing Organizations to Spend Over $500 Million in Campaign to Influence Local Media, Jim Jordan Announces Probe into Jack Smith’s ‘Abusive Tactics’, and New Biden Nuke Deal is a Farce and Emboldens Iran
American Thinker: The Earth Has No Average Temperature, Ruling Regime Locks Up George Washington, and The Long Term Payback from the Ukraine War
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Postal Service Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuban baseball player defies Castro sports authorities, defects in Canada, Federal judge rules Cuban dictatorship must pay $2.6 billion to two Cuban Americans for torturing their father, and Canadian aircraft’s landing gear sinks into the runway asphalt at Cuban airport, stranding passengers
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For September 8
Behind The Black: Senate approves Biden’s FCC nominee, giving him a Democrat majority on FCC, GAO blasts NASA for purposely failing to control the budget of its SLS rocket, Good news? FAA issues own report on April Starship/Superheavy launch, Curiosity’s upcoming travels on Mount Sharp, and Today’s blacklisted American: Law professor fired and escorted by police off campus for being conservative
Cafe Hayek: Tariffs Reduce Domestic Supplies and Raise Prices
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: Pintastic NE T – 2 Video Flashback Home Brews, Pintastic NE T – 1 Todd Tuckey and Steve Ritchie Pinball Royalty, It’s Good to be in the NFL Particularly if you break Gun Laws in Massachusetts, Pintastic NE Starts in 12 Hours Why You Should Go, and The needs of the individual always outweigh the needs of the many
Dana Loesch: New Mexico’s Governor Suspends The Second Amendment 
Don Surber: Kamala Can Win
First Street Journal: Federal Judge Orders Texas To Move River Barriers, Splodin’: SCNY Mayor Says Illegal Immigration Will Destroy City, and California General Assembly Sends Anti-Inappropriate Book Ban Bill To Governor
Gates Of Vienna: Weather Goes Boom!, also, To Veil or Not to Veil?
The Geller Report: Palestinian President Holocaust Denier: ‘Hitler Killed Jews Because of Their Social Role’, also, Biden Regime To Order Illegal Migrants to Stay in Red States, Not To Go To Blue States
Hogewash: Black Hole Snack Attack, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 Offers Less of the Same, also, How to Make the Most Out of Rotten Tomatoes
The Lid: ANWR – Biden vs Sanity, as More Oil Leases Canceled
Legal Insurrection: Jonathan Turley Calls Out Harvard’s Laurence Tribe as the Democrats’ ‘Most Wrong Legal Expert’, Border Crisis: Fifth Circuit Issues Temporary Stay for the Texas Rio Grande Buoys, New Mexico Legislators Petition to Silence Matt Walsh and Other Conservatives, Federal Judge Rejects Mark Meadows’ Motion To Remove Georgia Criminal Prosecution To Federal Court, and New York City is Cracking Under the Weight of the Illegal Immigrant Crisis
Nebraska Energy Observer: Charter of Freedom
Outkick: Mike Tirico Says Lions’ Win Over Chiefs Has An Asterisk Next To It, Immediately Gets Called Out By Detroit Fans, Dan Campbell Gives Incredible F-Bomb Laced Speech After Beating The Chiefs: ‘Built That F**king Way’, Team USA Suffers Embarrassing Loss To Germany In FIBA World Cup Semifinals Despite Being Double-Digit Favorites, Deion Sanders: Love Him Or Hate Him, You’re Paying Attention To Colorado, So The Gamble Is Paying Off Early, Steelers Pull Embarrassing And Hardo Move With Locker Room Logo, and Andreea Dragoi Is Back In New York After A Dominant Swim Week To Work The Runway For Fashion Week
Power Line: Meet the New Principal of John Glenn Elementary School, Panic Over the Border at the White House?, Hunter Biden testifies, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Mills Co-Sponsors CRA, Challenges Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Attempt
Shot In The Dark: “A Conservative Is A Liberal Who’s Been Mugged”, also, Only Human
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Resolved: That We Need Not Fear the Religious Right
This Ain’t Hell: The US Coast Guard arrests man attempting to ‘run’ from the US to the UK, Future Soldier Preparatory Course to become permanent, Friday factoids- Arctic, Border, Norks, Red China, Valor Friday, The VA failed to update veterans’ dependent status as early as 2011, and Veteran, fired by Iowa Air National Guard, to get $300,000 settlement
Transterrestrial Musings: GAO On SLS, also, Mark Judge
Victory Girls: Kristi Noem And Donald Trump Flirtation Highlights Silly Season
Volokh Conspiracy: Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions
Watts Up With That: Wind Power’s Unraveling: A Tale of Bribes and Misguided Ambitions, The Elites Directing The Energy Transition Really Have No Idea What They Are Doing, and The Ill Wind of Offshore Wind Projects
The Federalist: Detractors Call Alabama School Choice Efforts ‘Extreme’ To Distract From Failed Public Schools, Whistleblowers Admit They Reported Ken Paxton To The FBI Without A Shred Of Evidence, Renewed Hysteria Shows Why We Need A Commission For Covid Accountability, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Right: Mass Illegal Immigration Is Destructive, Assessing The Legacy Of The Exorcist 50 Years Later, and Fulton County Prosecutor’s Law Firm Sends ‘Uninvited And Improper’ Mailer To Republican He Helped Indict
Mark Steyn: SLAPP is CRAP, also, The Real New Normal

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