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In The Mailbox: 09.20.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
EBL: David Kurlan: Washington’s Farewell Address
Twitchy: Roseanne Knocks Self-Righteous George Takei Down A Few Pegs, “He Knows He Screwed Up”, and Appointees To DHS “Intelligence Experts Group” Make Irony Meters Explode
Louder With Crowder: Corporate sellout Howard Stern lashes out at Lauren Boebert for showing too much t*tty. Yes, THAT Howard Stern!, also, Larry David gets in Elon Musk’s face with hissy fit over GOP support: “Do you just want to murder kids?”
Vox Popoli: YouTube Piles On, also, The True Goal of the WereWest

American Greatness: Government Jobs Increasing Under Biden, Voter Registration Charities: A Massive, Overlooked Scandal, and Biden Bumbles His Way Through Another UN Speech
American Thinker: Mark Levin’s The Democrat Party Hates America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Religion and Politics News
Babalu Blog: Biden administration ready to roll out stealth version of Obamapalooza 2.0, offer direct aid to Cuban dictatorship, Video of the Day: Christianity is surging in communist Cuba, and Teen goes from misery and oppression in Cuba to Miss Teen Universe Arizona
BattleSwarm: Japan’s Bigmotor Collapses Because It Was Fraud All The Way Down
Behind The Black: Electron rocket fails during launch, SpaceX sues to get Justice’s discrimination suit thrown out on constitutional grounds, Ingenuity completes 59th flight, a hop setting a new altitude record, The northern interior rim of the largest volcano in the solar system, and The emerging long term ramifications of the Ukraine War
CDR Salamander: Why Engineers Should Not Be Readiness Officers
Da Tech Guy: Tide is our woke laundry detergent, Tent Cities and COVID Vaccines Both Subsidized Profit Centers, DaTechGuy’s Almost Daily Pintastic NE 2023 Posts Quick Clips and the Free Play Room, and Small towns face a serious shortage of cops
Dana Loesch: What Trump Gets Wrong About Abortion Limitation Law & The Problem It Causes For The Right
Don Surber: Biden Needs To Drop Charges Against Trump
First Street Journal: Are the teachers’ unions writing purportedly straight news pieces for The Washington Post?
The Geller Report: WAIT, WHAT? Zelensky Visits Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers in NYC Hospital
Glenn Reynolds: Fetterman Nation
Hogewash: What Do Eagles and Big Cats Have in Common?, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Totally Killer Brings Back the ’80s (Thanks Goodness!)
Legal Insurrection: Student Body President at Florida International U. Says ‘Defending DEI Policies is Top Priority’, Failed Dept. Energy Nominee Appointed to Senior Role in Efficient Energy Office, Nothing To See Here: Hacktivist Media Two-Steps From No Evidence of Biden Wrongdoing To No ‘Direct’ Evidence, and U. Michigan Given $5 Million to Build Global Center for Understanding Climate Change
Nebraska Energy Observer: Even I…
Outkick: Browns Trade For Deshaun Watson Looks Like An All-Time Worst, Patriots Fan Dies After ‘Incident’ At Gillette Stadium, Congressman Rob Gronkowski? Former NFL Star Isn’t Ruling It Out, Season-Ending Nick Chubb Injury Elicits Sympathy And Re-Ignites NFL Running Back Pay Debate, and Olivia Casta Dumps Out New AI Content, Sad Browns & Steelers Fans, Plus John Fetterman’s Hoodie Attire Vs. 1950s Baseball Fans
Power Line: (D., Lower Slobbovia), Abbe is shabby suing IRS, and Comic Relief from the Left
Shark Tank: Salazar Urges State Dept. To Add Sandinistas To Blacklist
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To Minnetonka
This Ain’t Hell: Temporary NCO promotions going away, PTSD Treatment- MDMA Approval by 2024?, Debris field located in South Carolina in search for F-35, and Props to a good optics company
Transterrestrial Musings: The Teen Transgender Lawsuits
Victory Girls: Is Democrat Money Drying Up?
Volokh Conspiracy: Court Rejects Pseudonymity in Lawsuit Over “Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum”
Watts Up With That: Wrong, Euronews, Fire Ants Are Unlikely to Flourish in Most of Europe
The Federalist: Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Trust Trump, Alabama’s New ‘Voter Integrity Database’ Shows States Don’t Need Leftist-Linked ERIC To Manage Voter Rolls, Apple Will Curb Your Internet Freedom Until Congress Crushes Its Monopoly, Here’s The Authoritative List Of Lies Joe Biden Has Told As President: 250 And Counting, and Falling Household Income Numbers Show How ‘Bidenflation’ Has Hit Americans’ Wallets
Mark Steyn: Ofcommed Again

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