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In The Mailbox: 09.27.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Well, someone has to be the Democrat Party scapegoat, also, The Most Wunderbar Time Of The Year
Twitchy: Schiff’s Rant About Government Shutdown Backfires BiglyPew Poll Examines Ending The Electoral College With Some Surprising Findings, and That’s Some Wicked Side-Eye
Louder With Crowder: Guess what? An alarming number of Democrats think YOU have too much freedom as an American, Law Capping Magazine Capacity Too Extreme For Even California, Gets Struck Down AGAIN By Federal Judge, and Matt Gaetz fact-checks CNN LIVE on air so hard, they rush to go to commercial
Vox Popoli: France Retreats From Africa, Of Games and Civilizations, Literally Taking the Ticket, Green is Innumeracy, The Satanic Morality, and The Legend Will Not Be Cancelled

American Conservative: No Surprises Behind the Fake Meat Lobby
American Greatness: Is the Draft Coming Back? American Taxpayer Dollars Subsidizing Ukrainian Small Businesses, and Trump Saddled With Rap That More Accurately Fits A Corrupt Biden
American Thinker: A Look at the Fundamental Hypothesis of Global Warming
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Xenotransplant News
Babalu Blog: A meditation on the sacrilegious travesty at Father Varela’s church in New York, Cuban volleyball player defects in Canada, and Shocking photos released of ‘firebombs’ allegedly tossed at Cuban embassy in Washington
Behind The Black: Bob Smith out at Blue Origin, SpaceX donates used Merlin engine and Falcon 9 grid fin to Smithsonian, A mountain buried by lava on Mars, Lacking funds to build its spacecraft, the VERITAS project team goes to Iceland, and Pushback: Federal court rules against ban of Christian student group by San Jose Unified School District
Cafe Hayek: People Who Worry About the Trade Deficit, also, I Repeat Myself
CDR Salamander: Another Cold War Revival
Da Tech Guy: When the music’s over, also, A great MLB finish (except for the Red Sox and Yanks)
Dana Loesch: Why, Kari Lake? Why?
Don Surber: Foreign aid feeds Senators
Gates Of Vienna: Western Women, Wake Up! Islam Is Not Your Friend, An Enriching Experience on the French Metro, No Place to Lay My Head, and Jihad in Charleroi
The Geller Report: Mayo Clinic Recommends Hydroxychloroquine Be Used to Treat Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Three Years Too Late), also, “Uncharged Co-Conspirators”: Smartmatic Implicated in Massive Bribery Scheme
Hogewash: Sanctuary Cities, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Bipolar Nebula, and Democracy Dies in Derpness™
Hollywood In Toto: The Creator Has an Avatar Problem
The Lid: Documents Show Biden Admin Saw Border Surge Coming — But Did Nothing To Stop It
Legal Insurrection: Uber Offers Free Rides to Temple University Students to Help Them Feel Safe, ‘Total Annihilation’: Hunter Biden Sues Rudy Giuliani for Allegedly ‘Hacking’ His Data, Appeals Court: Texas Board of Regents Members Not Immune From Suit by Prof. Whose First Amendment Rights Allegedly Were Violated, Remembering the Yom Kippur War, 50 Years On, and National Institutes of Health Funds Used for Program Pairing “LGBT Adults With Teens for Online ‘Mentoring’ Without Parental Consent”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Here’s what you do
Outkick: Native American Group Hopes Taylor Swift Can End Chiefs’ Tomahawk Chop, Because Apparently There Are No Other Issues, Oregon’s Dan Lanning Calls Skip Bayless Comments ‘Classless,’ Praises What Deion Sanders Is Doing For College Football, Deion Sanders’ Son Caught On Camera Making Vulgar Remarks Prior To Oregon Loss, Xavien Howard Says Broncos Made ‘Totally Disrespectful’ Decision Not To Pull Russell Wilson In 50-Point Loss, Travis Kelce Merch Sales Skyrocket, And There’s Likely One Group To Thank, and Stephen A. Smith Can’t Stop Talking About His Exes, Skip Bayless And Max Kellerman
Power Line: Why Are Liberals Such Hypocrites? Because “The Rules Don’t Apply to Us”
Shark Tank: With the farm bill looming, Rick Scott addresses Florida’s agriculture problems
Shot In The Dark: Fringe, also, Vicious Cycle – Or Controlled Demolition
The Political Hat: Complete Synthetic Embryos Without Legal Restriction Mean One Thing: Legally Mass Produced Genetically Engineered Catgirls
This Ain’t Hell: The Army chooses four companies to build prototypes for robotic combat vehicle, also, Vietnam veteran’s home sold without his knowledge
Transterrestrial Musings: Finally, Conscious Choice, Color Blindness, and SLS Flight Rate
Victory Girls: Looming Government Shutdown 2023
Volokh Conspiracy: Hoover’s “Good Fellows” on the Supreme Court’s Recent and Likely Upcoming Decisions
Watts Up With That: Public Anger at The Hidden Costs of Net Zero Energy Policies, also, “Climate Change killed my family” – or Was it the Badly Managed Local Dams?
The Federalist: If Larry Hogan And Chris Christie Care About The Country, They Should Run For Senate, Not President, Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Measures To Withdraw State From ERIC, Ban ‘Zuckbucks’ In Elections, This Health Care Fight Shows How Conservatives Can Thwart DC Spending Sprees, and No, Gen. Mark Milley Didn’t ‘Protect’ The Constitution From Donald Trump
Mark Steyn: The Dames of Descending Darkness

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