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In The Mailbox: 09.27.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

I did that!

EBL: How To Resist Pumpkin Spice Season, China Collapse and the Housing Market, and URBAN RETAIL DESERTS (coming soon to a Democrat city near you)
Twitchy: Pillow Talk Screenshot With Matt Gaetz Seems To Prove Cassidy Hutchinson Lied – AGAIN, WaPoo Makes Startling Discovery – Texas Has A Lot Of Guns, and Harry Sisson’s Birthday Wish Goes Hilariously Awry
Louder With Crowder: Colin Kaepernick tries another pathetic attempt at comeback, White Woman Wins Miss Universe Zimbabwe — But Not Everyone Is Happy, and Smug reporter asks Dana White about Christian fighter bringing Bible to cage, didn’t expect Dana’s perfect answer
Vox Popoli: Encoloring the Corpocracy, 5x Risk, and The Last Stage of the US Experiment
Flappr: Torts Illustrated – Sen. Menendez Did Nothing Wrong

American Conservative: Happy Hundred, Hank, also, In Fight for Democracy, Biden Administration Sides with Autocracy
American Greatness: Report: Dr. Fauci ‘Played a Role’ in the CIA’s Cover-up of COVID-19 Lab-Leak Origins
American Thinker: The Devolution of Zelensky
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cubans fighting for Russia in Ukraine used as cannon fodder, regret signing ‘pact with the devil’, Smithsonian’s Latino Museum was designed to push a Marxist take on Latin America, and 1.6 million tourists visited Cuba in past 8 months, but numbers remain lower than expected
BattleSwarm: Defund The Police + Decriminalize Shoplifting = “Food Deserts”, also, Meta Rips Off The Author And Passes The Savings On To Skynet
Behind The Black: Red China launches classified satellite using its Long March 4C rocket, Three astronauts return to Earth safely, completing 371 day mission, Small group of astronomers call for renaming the Magellanic Clouds, accusing Magellan of racism, India successfully tests upgraded upper stage engine for manned mission, Ingenuity completes 60th flight, sets new speed record, and Today’s blacklisted Americans: Hollywood’s new racist discrimination employment policies which blacklist whites
Cafe Hayek: The Curious Task of Economics
CDR Salamander: No Justice For The Fat Leonard Four
Chicago Boyz: Retrotech…As of This Week, also, Fahrenheit 451
Da Tech Guy: The Time For Choosing Grows Closer For The Left
Dana Loesch: The Second GOP Debate – I Watched It So You Didn’t Have To
Don Surber: LGBT vs. Muslims
First Street Journal: Charges against police officer dismissed, so the Usual Suspects riot
Gates Of Vienna: The Dialectics of the Communist Revolution in North America, New Information on the Natalee Holloway Case, Woke vs. Muslims: Who Will Win? The Accelerating Cultural Enrichment of the Czech Republic, and Integration? Never Heard of the Word!
The Geller Report: Veterans Become HOMELESS After Democrats Give Nursing Home Rooms To Criminal Illegal Aliens
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Tonight’s Panel Discussion, Eta Carinae Grows, and Tonight’s Postmortem
Hollywood In Toto: 5 Reasons an Office Reboot Is a Terrible Idea, Morgan Wallen Leaves Cancel Culture in the Dust, Will Saturday Night Live (Finally) Roast President Biden? and BREAKING: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Team Announces Home Release Dates
The Lid: Maine Schools Calls Police on Dad Who Objected to School Giving His Daughter a Baggie of Antidepressants
Legal Insurrection: Professional Beekeepers Warn That Policies Based on ‘Colony Collapse’ Mania are Hurting Biodiversity, Study Finds Shocking Lack of Proficiency in Math at Baltimore Public Schools, NY State Judge Finds Trump Organizations Repeatedly Provided Fraudulent Valuations To Lenders and Insurers, Missouri AG Sues School Board Over Secret Transgender Bathroom Policy Meetings, Dems Likely To Pick Up Second Alabama Congressional Seat As SCOTUS Refuses To Stop New Map Selection, Report: Top Officials on Biden’s Iran Team Acted Under Directions From Tehran, and Pro-Abortion CUNY Students Protested the Presence of a Catholic Bishop on Campus
Nebraska Energy Observer: Parapet Peeping
Outkick: Dana White Reacts To Fighter Bringing Bible Into Octagon, Travis Kelce’s Ex Implies He’ll Cheat On Taylor Swift, College Football Playoff Management Committee ‘Leaning’ Towards New Format, Native American Group Sues Washington Commanders, Wants ‘Redskins’ Name Back, Colin Kaepernick Petitions New York Jets To Let Him Join Their Practice Squad, and Miami Heat Star Jimmy Butler Reacts To California’s Skyrocketing Gas Prices
Power Line: Europe: Tangled Up In Green, September in the Rage, and No Manifesto Destiny
Shark Tank: Byron Donalds – No Border Security, No Shutdown Deal
Shot In The Dark: The Beatings Will Continue Until The Beat-ee Decides Otherwise, also, Translating DFL To English
The Political Hat: Activist Scholars
This Ain’t Hell: Shutdown threatened, imminent!, U.S. Navy surface drones visit Japan, Three More Accounted For, NORKs to Expel Private King, and A KC-135’s autopilot turned on or off without prompting
Victory Girls: Hunter Biden Wire Transfers Lead To The Big Guy’s Home
Volokh Conspiracy: Court Rejects Claim That Wife Was Civilly Responsible for Her Husband’s Raping Other Women
Watts Up With That: Judge Blocks Biden’s Unlawful Lease Sale Restriction, Wailing Greens: “Tory strategy is now turning net zero into election fodder”, and New Zealand Farmers Fed Up with Extreme Climate Policies
The Federalist: Texas Church Pays To Send Minors Across State Lines For Genital Mutilation Surgery, If The Pentagon Gets Away With Funding Abortion Without A Vote In Congress, It Won’t Stop There, How Trustworthy Are Medical Organizations That Rabidly Support Until-Birth Abortion? Explosive Documents Show DOJ Official Prohibited Agents From Mentioning Joe Biden In Warrant, Regime Attacks On Russell Brand Are A Proxy To Fight Free Speech Rumble, N.Y. Judge Cherry-Picks Lowball Mar-a-Lago Appraisal To Find Trump Guilty Of Inflating Property Values, and West Virginia’s Top Election Official Demands Congress Give DHS An Ultimatum: Fire 2020 Election Meddlers Or No Funding

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