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In The Mailbox: 11.13.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.

357 Magnum: Eventually You Run Out Of Other Peoples’ Money – NYC Edition
EBL: Palestinian Pro-Hamas Protesters Suck, Shrinking, and Secret Service Agent Shoots To Protect Biden’s Granddaughter’s SUV?
Twitchy: Seattle PD Does Nothing As Antifa’s “Bike Brigade” Blocks Traffic, DHS Head Mayorkas Escapes Impeachment Thanks To Eight GOP Reps, and Students Flip Out Over Truck Displaying “Columbia’s Biggest Anti-Semites”
Louder With Crowder: Megan Rapinoe lashes out at God, who, in His infinite wisdom, caused her to get injured in her last soccer match, Jury Awards $1.2 Million To Robert De Niro’s Former Assistant In Bullying, Gender Discrimination Suit, and DC wants to mandate “kill switches” so they can disable your car, and one Republican is speaking out
Vox Popoli: The Descent of Marvel, A Rainbow Flag Over Rome, Ukraine Endgame, They Respectfully Decline, and Arktoons 14 Million
Stoic Observations: The Black Endgame
Gab News: Lessons From The Barren Fig Tree

Adam Piggott: Can Strickland become a Lightning Rod?
American Conservative: The Travesty at Arlington National Cemetery
American Greatness: Terrorism Abroad Means Terrorism at Home, Karl Misinterprets Polls – Voters Do Want Trump, Federal Judge in Georgia Orders Trial for Case Against Dominion Voting Machines, Trump Plans Massive Deportations, Detention Camps for Illegals if Re-Elected in 2024, and The Damage of the ‘White Privilege’ Smear
American Thinker: Islam is Not a Religion, Biden is ‘Fighting’ Hamas for Biden’s Interests, The West Gelds Itself, and If You Oppose Tyranny, You’re on the FBI’s AGAAVE List
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Video of the Day: What was once one of Cuba’s most productive sugar mills has been reduced to ruins, Reports from Cuba: Little remains of the bright screens that celebrated Havana’s 500th anniversary, Sen. Marco Rubio rips into yo-yo ‘refugees’ on welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid who constantly travel back to Cuba, and Parasitic Cuban dictatorship says it needs massive investments from ‘diaspora’ Cubans
Baldilocks: Silence of the Gentiles, also, Goodbye & Hello
BattleSwarm: Veterans Day: Living Celebrities Who Served In World War II, Surviving World War II Fighters And Bombers, and The NRA Is Going Broke And Moving To Texas
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 90 payloads on its ninth smallsat Transporter mission, Spanish court indicts two high-altitude balloon companies for stealing from third, Curiosity looks back at Gale Crater one last time before month-long communications break, SpaceX successfully launches two communications satellites, and Real Pushback: Conservative family sues Biden Justice Department for “‘Malicious and Retaliatory Prosecution”
Cafe Hayek: Protectionism Is An Unjust Assault On Fellow Citizens
CDR Salamander: Measuring & Modeling The Naval Presence Mission, also, Red China’s New Cambodian Naval Base, Rev. 1
Chicago Boyz: The Vonnegut-Lewis Theory of Modern Art, also, Who Are the Commissioners?
Da Tech Guy: Pinball Machine or Heat? Thanks Joe Biden! Someone else’s kid, Something that Just Hit Me Concerning Colonization and Mass Migration, National media ignores big Chicago anti-migrant march, and Walking Before You Run Christianity , Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Rosalind Picard, Sc.D
Dana Loesch: Hamas Is Killing People At Its Hospital HQ
Don Surber: What Have Republicans Done For Us?
First Street Journal: Money talks
Gates Of Vienna: Ho Ho Ho! Salafist Agitators in Basel and Zurich, Bring in All the Cousins! Jihad in Spain, and Masquerade in Berlin
The Geller Report: HAMASURRECTION: On Veterans Day, Pro-Terror Mobs Tear Down American Flags in NYC, Replace Them With Jihad Flags, “We Will Not Stop Until Islam Enters Every Home!”, London: Jihad Terror Marchers Scream ‘Khaybar’ Death Cry Vowing New Genocide of Jews, and COVID-19 Vaccine Reckoning is Coming
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Dust Devil on Mars, JWST Tours the Crab Nebula, and NGC 941
Hollywood In Toto: Fincher’s Killer Finds Auteur Back Where He Belongs, What Matthew Lillard Could Teach Rachel Zegler, Albert Brooks: Defending My Life Offers Mash Note to Comedy Legend, and Woke Stephen King Mocked for Marvels Defense
The Lid: FDR’s Warning About Raising Kids To Kill
Legal Insurrection: IDF Reaches Heart of Gaza City, Hunt Begins for Hamas Chief Yahya Sinwar and Other Terror Commanders, House Approves Bill Slashing Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s Salary to $1, Biden Administration Doubles Down on Green Energy Insanity, Democrat Media Arm Scrambles As It Becomes Clear They Knew About Hamas Invasion Of Israel Before It Happened, Sen. John Fetterman Surprises the Left and Right With Unapologetic Support for Israel, ‘No Climate Justice on Occupied Land’, and Harvard Divinity Student Evicted From Housing After Being Identified in Anti-Israel Mob on Campus
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Remembrance Sunday, and Veteran’s Day
Outkick: Michigan Coach Sherrone Moore Cries & Cusses After Emotional Win Over Penn State Without Jim Harbaugh, Former NFL First-Round Pick DJ Hayden Dies In Car Crash At Age 33, Iowa Score Goes Under The Lowest Over/Under Total In History For Second Consecutive Week, Atlanta Braves Release Financial Disclosures, Pulling Back Curtain On Business Of Baseball, Texas A&M Moves On From Jimbo Fisher, Urban Meyer Calls Jim Harbaugh Punishment ‘Insanity’, and MMA Fighter King Bau Calls Out Gov’t For Indicting Trump Before Epstein’s Clients
Power Line: The Mob Takes Midtown, Two Scenes From Yesterday’s Protests, and Why Didn’t MIT Expel Violent Students?
Shark Tank: Mast Questions Robert Malley’s Shady Past, also, FL Legislature Pushes For County Commissioner Term Limits
Shot In The Dark: Remodeling With A Smaller Overton Window, Experience vs. Idealism – 15 Rounds, Veterans, and Happy Birthday, Poland!
The Political Hat: Photos From The Front
This Ain’t Hell: Oldest Living Woman Marine Honored, A U.S. military helicopter crashed in the eastern Mediterranean, and Execution, Alabama-style
Transterrestrial Musings: The Department Of Education, also, Violent Students
Victory Girls: Veterans Day 2023 – For All Who Serve, Ron DeSantis Defies Ronna McDaniel, and D.C. Criminals Tried To Carjack Unmarked Secret Service Vehicle
Volokh Conspiracy: Court Strikes Down Ban on Town Employees Displaying “Thin Blue Line” Flag While on Town Property
Watts Up With That: Awkward – Canada creates a brand-new fossil fuel subsidy just in time for COP28, a reminder that sticks hurt and carrots are healthy, Sahara Expert Says Desert Shrinking, Calls Alarmist Tipping Points “Complete Nonsense”, and A Nuclear Renaissance Is the Best Path Forward
The Federalist: Veterans Day Is A Call To Sacrifice, And Americans Who Love Liberty Must Answer, No Serious Country Would Allow Terrorist Sympathizers To Run Its Government, The Anti-White Racism Governing The Democrat Party Inevitably Spawns Violence, U.S. Government Gave $1 Million To AI Startup That Helped Blacklist Companies Spreading ‘Disinformation’, Clean For Xi But Not For Thee, and It’s Time For Pro-Lifers To Scrap Their Losing Electoral Strategy And Adopt The Lincoln Method
Mark Steyn: We Were Soldiers, If You Were the Only Girl in the World, and The Future Shows Up

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