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In The Mailbox: 11.14.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.

Wouldn’t you?

EBL: Shifty Schiff’s “Primary Home” is in Maryland, also, Joe Biden Calls David Axelrod a Prick 
Twitchy: Jon Lovitz Sets John Oliver Straight On America’s Relationship With Israel, Nicolle Wallace & Jonathan Karl Discuss Trump’s [Alleged] Affinity For Hitler, and Jamaal Bowman Goysplains The True Meaning Of What It Means To Be A Jew
Louder With Crowder: Female Pool Player Refuses To Play Trans Opponent, Takes A Brave Stand And Walks Off At Start Of Match, Kid Rock, Jason Aldean announce co-headlining music festival guaranteed to trigger the Left, and Miss Universe Files For Bankruptcy Just Days Before Two Trans Contestants Have Opportunity To Shatter Glass Ceiling
Vox Popoli: US Casualties in Middle East, Endgame Ukraine II, Mailvox: the Secret is Out, and Not So Fast, Skater Boy
Draw & Talk: Playing To Win v. Playing For Peace – We Did It!

Adam Piggott: Car Lights, Kill Switches, and Daily Popcorn
American Conservative: Yes, Disruptive Students Can Be Deported
American Greatness: House GOP: Mass Migration Crisis has Cost Taxpayers $451 Billion
American Thinker: Nazi Revivalism in America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Shoulder Brace News
Babalu Blog: Military ceremony in Havana exposes Russian official in charge of Kremlin spy operation in Cuba, Some blockade! Cuba imports $722,526 worth of cars, trucks, motorcycles from U.S. in September, and Cuban dictatorship signs agreement with French company to harvest coffee and export it all to France
BattleSwarm: Hamas’ Hospital Hideout
Behind The Black: Musk: Government approval for 2nd Starship/Superheavy launch expected before Friday, NASA “pauses” Mars Sample Return mission, The caldera wall of a Martian giant volcano, November 14, 2023 Quick space links, and Real pushback? 1600 Harvard alumni demand the university take action against campus anti-Semitism
Cafe Hayek: Protectionism Assaults Producers
CDR Salamander: Deindustrialization In The UK Is Almost Complete
Da Tech Guy: Pope Francis divides the Catholic Church, also, A Point Concerning Christianity, Truth and Culture (with an assist by Chesterton)
Don Surber: October 7 Revealed The New Nazis
First Street Journal: Couldn’t we build something like this in Kensington?
Gates Of Vienna: German Tax Dollars to Pay For Mosques? A Socialist Patriot, It’s Worse Than You Thought, Brown Border, and A Final Warning
The Geller Report: Children as Young as 10 Took Part in Hamas’s Oct. 7 Terror Attack, Survivors Say, also, LIVE FROM DC: Hundreds of Thousands March for Israel in Washington DC
Hogewash: Supernovae
Hollywood In Toto: Can’t-Miss Sports Drama Next Goal Wins Comes Up Empty, Top 10 ’80s Punk Movies, Is Hunger Games Prequel a Bust Already? and Patriot Awards Comic Jimmy Failla Salutes Real-Life Heroes
The Lid: Via TikTok, China Helps Spread Antisemitic Ignorance
Legal Insurrection: Gov. Hairgel Declares State of Emergency After Massive Fire Shuts Important LA Freeway, Cornell graduate student workers vote to join anti-Israel national union, Climate Cultists Get Roasted After Suggesting Climate Warning Labels Should be Slapped on Meat, “Racial doctrines such as ‘critical race theory’ and ‘intersectionality’ are the mother’s milk of antisemitism on campuses”, Rutgers University Disbands Student Bar Association for Targeting Jews and Anti-Semitism, MIT Declined to Expel Anti-Israel Students Because They Would Have Been Deported, and UNH Prof Likens Hamas to Polish Jewish Victims of Nazis in WWII
Nebraska Energy Observer: Now here’s a thought
Outkick: Micah Parsons Says Fans Should Be Patient With Bryce Young, Arizona Wildcats Have A $240 Million Deficit Due To Financial Modeling ‘Mistake,’ Could Mean Cutting Teams, Dana White Told Sponsor To Go “F-Yourself’ For Asking Him To Take Down Trump Video, Deion Sanders Shoots Down Texas A&M Coaching Speculation: ‘I’m Here’, San Diego Padres Owner Peter Seidler Dies At 63, and Michigan May Win 1,000th Game Saturday Without Jim Harbaugh, Who Could Be Feeding Chickens And Cutting Grass
Power Line: Corbyn for the many Hamasniks, Memo to the AP, and If Only the Conservative Party Were Conservative
Shark Tank: Wassermann-Schultz Rejects Government Services Bill
Shot In The Dark: Controlled Demolition, Multiculturalism in Action,  and A Certain Resonance
The Political Hat: Grooming Students Into Furry Fandom
This Ain’t Hell: People Dressed in Military Uniforms to Get Early Boarding, also, Crappy Tuesday posts
Transterrestrial Musings:  Bari Weiss, also, ULA
Victory Girls: Trust Fund Baby Big Hamas Supporter
Volokh Conspiracy: Supreme Court Adopts Ethics Code, also, Bari Weiss’s Olson Lecture: You Are the Last Line of Defense
Watts Up With That: Heat pumps ‘too noisy’ for millions of British homes, Government told, Hoboken Wisely Improved Water Management, Even Though the New York Times Got the Reason Wrong, and Coalition Files Notice of Intent to Sue Federal Agencies to Stop Whale-killing Virginia Wind Project
The Federalist: California Jeopardizes Pharmacists’ Livelihoods To Export Abortions Out Of State, WaPo, New York Times Make Dumb Fake News Out Of Very Perfect, Very True Trump Quote, How Obama And Biden’s America-Last Ethos Demoted The U.S. From World Leader To Loser, Margaret Sullivan Rewarded For Being On Wrong Side Of Every Major News Story With A Gig Teaching ‘Ethics’, The Conversion Of Ayaan Hirsi Ali To Christianity Is A Dire Warning To The West, The GOP Is A Fake Opposition Party With No Vision For The Country, and House Republicans Propose Gutting Pentagon Censorship Regime In Defense Reauthorization Bill
Mark Steyn: Onward, Christian Soldier!

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