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In The Mailbox: 11.21.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Going down to Las Vegas for a VA appointment, coming back on Thanksgiving after an early dinner there. Posting may be erratic over the next few days.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.

357 Magnum: LAPD Revoked His Carry Permit Because He “Yelled” At Cops
EBL: Treadstone, also, Wild Turkey Day
Twitchy: Iowahawk Mocks Pro-Palestinian Vandals, BBC Claims Real Victims Of The Black Death Were,,,Black Women? and CNN Triggered By “New Victory In Global Rise Of Far-Right Politics”
Louder With Crowder: Dude swings on a group of Marines outside a nightclub; gets hit with fists, pavement, and instant regret, Scarborough Loses His Mind, Claims Trump Will “Execute” Anyone “He Is Allowed To” If Reelected, and “You nutters”: Bystander goes on must-watch rant on how those climate protesters blocking traffic suck at life
Vox Popoli: She’s Far from the Only One, Ideology is Rhetoric, The Global Economy is Dead, The Invasion of Britain, and Word Counts
Flappr: The First Thanksgiving – Good Thing? Bad Thing? 

Adam Piggott: How Many Heretic Cardinals will it Take?
American Greatness: Dinner with a Dictator: When American Business Leaders Support the Enemy
American Thinker: First They Came for the Smokers
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Dominatrix News
Babalu Blog: Cuban political prisoner from July 11 protests dies from lack of medical care, The Western left’s idolization of Hamas and Che Guevara, and The Castro dictatorship bids farewell to the visiting ‘diaspora’ in Cuba for investment opportunities
BattleSwarm: Video Of More Of That Voter Fraud That Doesn’t Exist
Behind The Black: Musk Says Next Starship/Superheavy test launch could happen in only 3 to 4 weeks, India now plans robotic lunar sample return mission, Rocket engine startup Ursa Major enters solid-rocket motor business, North Korea announces it will attempt orbital launch of spy satellite this week, and Will libertarian Javier Milei actually be able to institute his revolution in Argentina?
Cafe Hayek: Opposition to Progressivism Isn’t the Equivalent of Trumpism
CDR Salamander: How do you pull a merchant fleet out of a hat?
Da Tech Guy: It’s Amazing How the Narrative From a Reporter Can Change, A Primer on Real Life Pt One: I’m Old Enough to Remember When This Was Real Life 101, and A Mideast Thanksgiving
Don Surber: Make a fun movie, gals
Gates Of Vienna: A MAGA Moment for Argentina
The Geller Report: Elon Musk and X Files ‘Thermonuclear Lawsuit’ Against Far-left Media Matters Hate Machine, also, “They Came To Slaughter Us”: Machete Armed Migrant Mob Attacks Teenagers at Village Hall Dance in France, ONE DEAD, SEVERAL STABBED
Hogewash: Panning Across M83 with MIRI, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Sagittarius C, The Difference a Year Can Make, and A Civil Rights Victory
Hollywood In Toto: Kevin Hart, Theo Von Say the Obvious About President Biden, Why Do Conservatives Like Star Trek? andJulianna Margulies Made One MASSIVE Mistake in USA Today Op-Ed
The Lid: Biden Claims ‘Wartime Powers’ Lets Him Ban Gas Stoves, Heaters To Combat Climate Change Hypothesis
Legal Insurrection: Three Radicals Arrested for Allegedly Damaging, Setting Fire to Israeli-Owned Factory in New Hampshire, Israel Agrees To Trade 150 Imprisoned Terrorists For 50 of 240 Hostages, Plus Multi-Day Ceasefire, LA Times Op-Ed: This Thanksgiving, Honor Turkeys By Not Eating Them, ‘Faithful Catholic Colleges’ See Increase in Enrollment, University of Arizona Suspends Two Profs Over Israel/Hamas Comments, and Iowa Board of Regents Votes to Eliminate Most Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs
Nebraska Energy Observer: Stumbling upon
Outkick: Florida State Might’ve Lost Jordan Travis, But The Seminoles Still Have A Legitimate Shot At Winning A CFP Title Behind Tate Rodemaker, LSU’s Kim Mulkey Clarifies What Angel Reese Suspension Is For Somewhat, But She Still Doesn’t Get It, Dan Le Batard Joins HBO Max, After Calling Streamer Low Quality ‘Crap’, Paul Finebaum Goes After Lincoln Riley: ‘Don’t Know If I’ve Seen A Worse Coaching Job’, Deion Sanders Supports Player Ripping The Team As Selfish, and Michele Tafoya Reveals Truth Behind NBC Exit, Slams Insanity Of Transgender Athletes
Power Line: Thought for the day, The Bonfire of Biden’s Vanities, and Winsom Newsom’s Kamala Word Salad Recipe
Shark Tank: Wassermann-Schultz Calls For National Antisemitism Strategy
Shot In The Dark: Submitted Without Comment, also, The GULAG On The Hudson
The Political Hat: Organs For Interspecies Transplants: Could Genetically Engineered Catgirls Be Not Far Behind?
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesday twinks, Liberty Call Austin Texas, Covid Troops to Sue for Billions, and Teen receives two-year sentence for veteran’s death
Victory Girls: John Kirby Schools Reporters On “Genocide Joe” Nickname
Volokh Conspiracy: Settlement and Apology as to Restriction on Holding “God Bless the Homeless Vets” Sign by City Hall
Watts Up With That: Claim: High Cost Green Policies will Reduce the Drug Epidemic, California Aims to Force Adoption of Electric Trucks, But 19 States Sue to Block, and Beijing’s Coal Boom Is Here to Stay
The Federalist: When Formula One Flamed Out In Vegas, Fans Got Badly Burned, 3 Of The Trans People Eulogized By Biden Admin Died Attacking Innocent Strangers, Elon Musk Should Sue Media Matters Into Oblivion, Transportation Safety Board Proposes Dystopian Technology To Limit Your Speed While Driving, Barack Obama Is Still Forcing His Unwanted ‘Change’ On America, Election Integrity Groups Pressure Wisconsin Republicans To Squash ‘Devastating’ Ranked-Choice Voting Bills, and Court: Unless Congress Clears Up The Voting Rights Act, Only The AG Can Enforce Section 2
Mark Steyn: Le Grand Décivilisation

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