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In The Mailbox: 11.24.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas esse delendam.

A musical interlude.

357 Magnum: He Suffered A Failure Of The Victim Selection Process
Director Blue: Mark Levin – Congress Must Investigate The Traitor Anthony Blinken
EBL: New York Times’s Nick Kristof and his “Sweet” Palestinian Lady, Ireland is not smitten with open immigration, and The Girl Next Door
Twitchy: Democrat Boosting Account Gets Blasted Using His Own Tweets, PETA’s Annual Thanksgiving Vegan Push Goes As Well As Can Be Expected, and Grinch Alert – Canada’s Human Rights Commission Says Christmas Is “Colonialism”
Louder With Crowder: Woman gets told she can’t use airplane bathroom, responds like a normal person…well actually, no,
Vox Popoli: Earning His Keep, Micro-weaponization, Happy Thanksgiving, Up Your Game or Else, and Migration is Rape
According To Hoyt: Buckets of Icy Water, Delayed due to Internet Hamsters, and Brain Died And Stuff
Monster Hunter Nation:
Jon Del Arroz: Kickstarter Banned This Comic For Dumb Reasons, And Then…
Gab News: It’s Never Over

Adam Piggott: Wilder’s Victory and what it means for Democracy
American Conservative: The (Real) Reason Trad Influencers are Having a Moment, also, Our National Disgrace in Iraq and Syria
American Greatness: Pentagon Demands $114M in Funding for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives in 2024, also, Charleston Elects First Republican Mayor Since 1877
American Thinker: The Binary Choice: If Trump Were Our President Today, Taking Action on J6 Video Footage, My Journey from Frustration to Outrage to Seething Anger, and My Journey from Frustration to Outrage to Seething Anger
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Happy Thanksgiving, and Rule Five Jurassic Park Friday
Babalu Blog: JFK’s tainted legacy with Miami’s Cuban exile community, Hunger forces Cubans to create collective garden in pothole-riddled street, Cuban dictatorship arrests 12 Ladies in White on their way to church, Russian store stocked with unaffordable goods to open soon in Havana, and The Spanish version of Trump Derangement Syndrome
BattleSwarm: Pre-Black Friday Prepping/Shopping Guide, Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t Set Yourself On Fire!, and LinkSwarm for November 24
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches 23 more Starlink satellites, NASA laser communication experiment succeeds in sending data from beyond Moon, Red China launches classified satellite, Ariane-6’s core stage completes full 7 minute engine test, Did the Capitol police instigate violence by firing on peaceful January 6th demonstrators? and Real pushback: Soldiers punished by Biden for refusing jab now sue for billions
Cafe Hayek: Who’s “Anti-American”?
Chicago Boyz: A Reprise Post: Thanks Giving, also, Thanksgiving
Da Tech Guy:  A Primer on Real Life Pt Two: “I was poor when Poor was POOR”, Thanksgiving Thoughts Under the Fedora, The Pilgrims nearly starved to death because of an ill fated experiment with Communism, Two Interesting Tweets That Speak Volumes, and Analyzing the Pope’s Dubia on Transgender Individuals
Don Surber: How Republicans Win
First Street Journal: Even now, Jayana Webb is catching a bit of a break, That for which I am thankful, and You in a heap o’ trouble, boy!
Gates Of Vienna: Alice Weidel – They Bring This Affinity for Violence With Them, Robert Fico: “Such Nonsense Could Only Have Been Invented by Greedy Pharmaceutical Companies”, Knife Play at the Winter Ball, Giving Thanks, Almost Time to Cash In, and Landslide Victory for the PVV!
The Geller Report: CEASEFIRE/HOSTAGE HORROR: Qatar Says Hostages Being Released “Aren’t Necessary Alive”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Two Views of the Moon, Kimberlin v. Reality News, From Earth to the Galactic Center, Shapley 1, and Tangled Up Holidays
Hollywood In Toto: Fall of Minneapolis Crushes 1 Million Views on Rumble, ‘SNL’ Alum Victoria Jackson: ‘Why Are We Whispering That We Love Our Country?’, Spielberg Rallies for Biden, Silent on Hamas Atrocities, and Matt Rife KOs Woke Left, Media with One-Two Punch
The Lid: LMAO! PETA’s Pro-Turkey Thanksgiving Post An Gets EPIC Community Note
Legal Insurrection: Women’s Rights Organizations Still Stunningly Silent About Attacks on Women on October 7th, Palestinians in ‘West Bank’ Celebrate Terrorists Release By Hanging Alleged Collaborators While Waving Hamas Flags, Presbyterian Chaplain at Rhodes College Planned BDSM Workshop on Campus Featuring a Dominatrix, Manchin Thinks Winning as a Third-Party Presidential Candidate ‘is Really a Long Shot’, Judge Rules Oregon Gun Control Law Violates the State Constitution, Derek Chauvin Stabbed In Federal Prison, and Netherlands: Geert Wilders’ Victory Shocks EU Establishment and Mainstream Media 
Nebraska Energy Observer: Novembr 22, 1963, Luke 12:2-3, and March to the Sea, Again
Outkick: ‘We’re Not An ATM’: Deion Sanders Says Colorado Will Not Buy Players, New Movie Helps Tell The Tale Of Why No Game Is Better Than Football , To The Surprise Of No One, Roger Goodell Is Pumped About Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce, Top Free Agent Starter Has ‘10-15 Teams Interested’, NFL Office Changes Thanksgiving ‘Faith, Family, Football’ Expression By Excluding Faith, Bartolo Colon Makes A Triumphant Return To The Mound At Age-50, and Dolly Parton Wears Cowboys Cheerleader Outfit, Gets Massive Reaction On Social Media
Power Line: Thoughts from the ammo line, First Argentina, Now the Netherlands, Forget It, Jake. It’s ABC News, and Where Are the Americans?
Shark Tank: Gimenez Says “Complete Destruction Of Hamas” Is Israel’s Avenue To Peace
Shot In The Dark: False Flags II, Submitted With Comment, Omission, Grateful, and Rush
The Political Hat: Happy Thanksgiving for 2023!
This Ain’t Hell: And you thought your hitch sucked, Three More Accounted For, A Navy surveillance plane overshoots the runway, ends up in the water, 5 time draft exempt ‘asthmatic’ says he woulda played for Navy, and Valor Friday
Transterrestrial Musings: Morning Joe Crosses The Line, The Counterrevolution Continues, The Catholic Origins Of Thanksgiving, and Last Week’s Starship Test
Victory Girls: Susan Sarandon Gets Sacked From Talent Agency, Biden In Nantucket For Billionaire’s Mansion Thanksgiving Vacation, and Nazis Look Like Amateurs Compared to Hamas
Volokh Conspiracy: 90-Day Suspension of Colorado Lawyer Who Filed ChatGPT-Written Motion with Hallucinated Cases
Watts Up With That: Major Setback for German Green Transformation as Top Court Rules Funding Unconstitutional! Now Will You Support Green New Deal!? ‘Climate Change is Threatening Your Thanksgiving’, and Historical Dutch Election Results are a Victory for Climate Realism 
The Federalist: Republicans Must Get Serious About Using Political Power If They Want To Win On Abortion, The Biden Administration’s Electric Vehicle Subsidies Are Becoming Another Solyndra, The U.S. Military Is Having A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week, Even Though Unparalleled Deeds Offend Today, Great Men Did Shift History, St. Louis Archdiocese Closes Thriving Traditional Latin Mass Parish, and Spaniards Aren’t Afraid To Protest, So Why Are American Conservatives?
Mark Steyn: De-Colonizing, De-Civilizing, De-Westernizing, SteynOnline Turns Twenty-One! , Live Around the Planet, and Diversity Stabbing of the Day

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