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In The Mailbox: 11.27.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

One of the many reasons I didn’t like ST:TNG.

357 Magnum: I Can’t Wait Until We Have Socialized Medicine
EBL: Shanksgiving? Marty Krofft, RIP, and World on Fire Season 2
Twitchy: “Wasn’t He Robbing The Store With A GUN?”, Guy Tries To Make Racially Charged Rittenhouse Analogy & Reveals Himself To Be And Idiot, and State Rep “Truly Disappointed” In Shaming Of Demonstrators Who Block Roads
Louder With Crowder: Susan Sarandon’s son wants you to stop sharing this video of his mom with her boobs out, YouTube suspended us for our Bongino episode. Not because of anything we said. They just hate Bongino’s existence, A TikTok Video On Bidenomics Has Team Biden So Wee-wee’d Up, They Want Social Media To Label It Misinformation, and Senator not only admits she’s limiting your freedom, she brags about it “for the common good”
Vox Popoli: An Army of Gammas, Delingpole and the Demons, The Dangers of the Moment, We Are the Whitepills, and Copyright is Corporate Welfare
Stoic Observations: The Plessy & Parks Scenario
Draw & Talk: Yikes! People Are Quitting Every Day In Comics
Gab News: Breaking The Spell – Reclaiming The Power of Words

American Conservative: An Alternative Narrative to the Los Angeles Streetcar Myth, also, The Pro-Life Movement Is Down, But Not Out
American Greatness: ‘Mysterious’ Entities Reportedly Giving Migrants GPS Coordinates to Unsecure Locations on Southern Border
American Thinker: Manipulating with Lies and Manufactured Sob Stories, Has the Left Finally Blown It? and Legalizing Ballot Fraud in Pennsylvania
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty I
Babalu Blog: Lack of food, fuel, and other shortages forces Cuban college students to drop out of school, EU human rights envoy tells political prisoners’ families Cuban dictatorship denies existence of political prisoners, The British look the other way as the Cuban dictatorship murders political prisoners, and Cuban dictatorship prefers importing rather than producing food because imports earn them greater profits
BattleSwarm: Argentina’s President Not A Fan Of Communist China, No Wonder the Left Hates “Argentina’s Trump”, and One Down: State Rep. Kyle Kacal Declines Reelection Bid
Behind The Black: Russia launches military satellite, Blue Origin begins third major expansion of Huntsville facility, and Mars’ giant sinkholes
Cafe Hayek: Worried About the Cleanliness of American Households? also, More on the Regulation (or Not) of Expression and Emissions
CDR Salamander: U.S. Navy (With Assist From Japan) Captures Pirates
Chicago Boyz: The Razors
Da Tech Guy: Some Jewish Hostages that We Were Told Did not Exist Released, Don’t Poke the Bear. Catholic Edition, This should be our policy in Israel: American hostages released or Hamas leaders dead, and Doctor Who The Star Beast Review (Plus Bonus Children in Need Destination: Skaro Review)
Don Surber: Irish Lives Matter
First Street Journal: Did you know that wanting to protect your country’s borders makes you ‘far right’? When it’s time to put up or shut up, the left do neither, and Why do the left want to defend Ukraine’s borders, but not our own?
Gates Of Vienna: Political Earthquake in The Netherlands, Stop the Mosques! Soppy, “The People Will Get Their Country Back”, and Muslim Subjugation of Women is the Same the World Over
The Geller Report: HAMAS BLOOD GAMES Delays Hostage Release, Not Another Dime to Hamas “Charities” in US, and Daughter of Critically Ill Freed Hostage Rips Red Cross
Hogewash: M87 and Its Jet, NGC 3521, The Southern Crab, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and A Record Black Friday
Hollywood In Toto: Only One Thing Can Save Disney’s Wish Now, The Three Worst Shows of 2023 (And 16 Runners-Up), Patricia Heaton Perfectly Sums Up Shocking Spike in Anti Semitism, Russell Peters Defends Joe Rogan from ‘Bulls***’ Cancel Culture Attacks, and Why Napoleon Will Surprise Everyone
The Lid: In the Biden Era, Walmart Officials Note that Americans Can’t Afford Toys, Spending Money on Food and Necessities
Legal Insurrection: Prof Claims Museum Collections ‘Deeply Entrenched’ in Violence, Colonialism, Anti-Israel Protesters Plan to Interrupt Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, U.S. Air Force and Army Send Out Letters Pleading for Those Discharged for Refusing Covid Shot to Return, Investigation Claims Texas A&M is Defying State’s Ban on DEI Policies, Biden Border Crisis: – Red Chinese Nationals Flooding Across Our Borders In Record Numbers, U. Minnesota Pro-Abortion Prof Creates ‘Critical Race Theory and Implicit Bias’ Birth Class, and Democrat Privilege in Effect As Jamaal Bowman Escapes Ethics Committee Investigation Over Fire Alarm Stunt
Nebraska Energy Observer: So you know, Christ the King, and Monday Maunderings
Outkick: Gregg Popovich Doubles Down, Doesn’t Regret Mid-Game Admonishment Of Spurs Fans For Being ‘Hateful’, Desmond Howard Calls Out ESPN Colleague For Hiding In Stadium After Receiving Threats From Michigan Fans, College Football Game Ends On ‘Tragic Note’ When Opposing Team Taunts Kneeling Kicker After Missed FG, Conor McGregor Continues To Rip Irish Government, Appears To Hint At Political Aspirations, Mark Stoops Reacts To Texas A&M Reports, Makes Future Plans Clear, Mind-Blowing Stat Shows How Pathetic The Patriots’ Offense Is, and Kendra Lust & Brandi Love Celebrate Michigan Beating Ohio State
Power Line: Dolly Does Dallas, They Don’t Mind Being Wrong, Green Ideology as Class Warfare, and New Low in Liberal Ignorance
Shark Tank: FL Senator Ingoglia Introduces Bill To Bar Reparations Payments
Shot In The Dark: Mark From St. Louis Park, “Thinking Of You This Thanksgiving”, It Was 81 Years Ago Sunday, and While Waiting For The Murder Hornets
The Political Hat: News of the Week
This Ain’t Hell: Openness and transparency…yep, New Department of Homeland Security tactic in face of continued illegal immigration, and Seinfeld actress uses AI to write acceptance speech, things did not go as planned
Transterrestrial Musings: “The Game”, The Nazis And Hamas, and Back On The Road
Victory Girls: Nikki Haley Is Making Her Move, Communism: Kids Who Love It Are Elitist Brats, and Life For Hostages In The Terror Tunnels
Volokh Conspiracy: Journal of Free Speech Law: “‘Dangerous to the Liberties of a Free People’: Secret Societies and the Right to Assemble,” by Nathan Ristuccia
Watts Up With That: Blue State Residents Are Paying Way More For Energy Than Red States, New Report Shows, World’s Largest Iceberg, Three Times the Size Of NYC, Starts Moving for First Time in Over 30 Years, and While America pursues renewables, worldwide expansion is underway for nuclear generated electricity
The Federalist: Doctors Ignore Existing Postpartum Depression Treatment In Favor Of Pricey Synthetic Drugs, House Republicans: Force Joe Biden To Explain Why Israel And Ukraine Are More Important Than America, Democrat Senators Attack Justices With Ethics Complaints While Ignoring Their Own Conflicts Of Interest, Biden Air Force Nominee’s ‘Pride’ Antics Prove Leftists Have Ideologically Captured The Military, and The White House’s Black Friday Spin Can’t Blind Voters To Our Bad Economy
Mark Steyn: No Man of Her Own – Gable and Lombard’s Only Flip of the Coin, Camelot, and Is There a Non-Far Right?

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