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In The Mailbox: 12.06.23 (Morning Edition)

Posted on | December 6, 2023 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 12.06.23 (Morning Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Heading down to Las Vegas (again) for VA stuff tomorrow and Friday morning. Posting may be more erratic than usual.
Meanwhile, it seems like Tuesday was a slow news day. Thank G*d. 
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Memento mori

357 Magnum: Do You Think You Own Those Movies & TV Shows You Paid For?
Average Bubba: Monday Madness – Tuesday Morning Edition
EBL: Willa Fitzgerald
Twitchy: Mitch McConnell Refuses To Call For Menendez’ Ouster & Twitter Is Pissed, Harvard’s President Won’t Admit Israel Has A Right To Exist, and Get Ready For Another Riot Season
Louder With Crowder: Parents not notified when school forced 11-year-old daughter to share bed with boy, he’s “trans” and was in “stealth mode”
Vox Popoli: The Death Spiral of Journalism, Thereby Raising the Question Finland Doubles Down on Failure, Who is Like the Beast? and Thinking Outside the Engineering Box
Stoic Observations: Running of the Monitor

Adam Piggott: New Zealand Covid-19 vaccination database video
American Greatness: Biden Admin Promises $3B Gift to U.N. Green Climate Fund
American Thinker: Our Institutions Have Betrayed Our Trust, also, Saving America Starts with Rejecting Digital Currency
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Christmas Deconstruction News
Babalu Blog: U.S. diplomat arrested for being a Castro spy became an agent for Cuba in 1981, During visit to Iran, Cuba’s ‘president’ reaffirms their support for Hamas terrorists, and The perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones in Hialeah
Behind The Black: Red China launches two satellites, Stratolaunch completes first test captive carry flight with powered Talon hypersonic vehicle, Ingenuity completes its 67th flight on Mars, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter takes another look at the non-face on Mars, and Pushback: Macy’s sued for its illegal discriminatory hiring policies
Da Tech Guy: The college football mess, also, Terror for Fun and Profit
Don Surber: States warn AP about helping Hamas
First Street Journal: Why are Westerners so deluded about #Hamas and #AntiSemitism?
The Geller Report: Military-Age Chinese Nationals Cross the US-Mexico Border, Democrat Senator Durbin Proposes they Join the Military, US Official: Hamas Won’t Release More Women Because They Reveal Monstrous Sex Crimes, and Hamas Terrorists Get “Lifetime Pensions” With US Dollars
Hogewash: Ganymede, also, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: The Very Best Movies from 1999
Legal Insurrection: Venezuelans Vote To Authorize Take-Over of Oil-Rich Region of Neighboring Guyana, House GOP: FBI ‘Abused Its Counterterrorism Tools to Target Catholic Americans as Potential Domestic Terrorists’, Two U. Texas Austin Graduate Students Removed From Teaching Duties After Messaging Students About ‘Mental Health and Violence in Gaza’, Liberal Professors Reportedly Leaving Florida University System Over Ron DeSantis Policies, and Hamas Drugged Hostages, Including Kids, to Make Them Look Happy During Televised Release
Nebraska Energy Observer: It seems
Outkick: Bryson DeChambeau Offers Up Idea For How LIV Golf Can Be Integrated With PGA Tour, Pat McAfee Says ‘A**hole’ Live On ESPN, Then Proceeds To List The Employees The Company Allegedly Fired To Hire Him, Stephen A. Smith Tells Clay Travis He Believes A Donald Trump Re-Election Could Cause Another Civil War, Richard Sherman Goes Nuclear On SEC Football During Fiery Rant, O.J. Simpson Reacts To Florida State/Alabama Playoff Disaster, and Brandi Love Reacts To Florida State Playoff Crisis, Suggests The System Is Broken
Power Line: Realize this, Atrocities, and Of slimy filaments & dirty threads
Shark Tank: DeSantis Rolls Out $114.4 Billion Budget Proposal
Shot In The Dark: No Mask Conceals Stupidity, Leftist Western Intellectuals – The Moral Density Of A Collapsed Star,
The Political Hat: Wokeness By Any Other Name
This Ain’t Hell: SECDEF- Israel Facing Strategic Defeat, Purple Heartbreak: Living the Lie, Tuesday Euromadness, and Ukrainian Sniper Claims World Record
Transterrestrial Musings: The B-Team, also, Joe’s Long Record Of Lying about Biden Inc.
Victory Girls: Liz Cheney Takes Her Middle School Mean Girl Schtick On The Road
Volokh Conspiracy: Making the rubble bounce in Montana
Watts Up With That: Why Won’t those Troglodytes Trust Us and How, How, How! Can We Finally Get Through to THEM?!!! Number Eleventy Zillion
The Federalist: If One Pennsylvania County Cleaned Up Its Messy Elections, So Can The Rest Of The State, The Results Are In: Covid Lockdowns Crippled Students’ Math Proficiency, Republicans Can’t Defeat Antisemitism Without Fighting All Anti-White Racism, ‘Two-Tiered Justice System’: House Finds Biden’s DOJ, Weiss Gave Hunter Biden Special Treatment, Biden Admin Gives Catholics, Parents The ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Treatment But Not Violent Antisemites, and Democrats Are Afraid Trump Will Do To Them What They Have Done To Him
Mark Steyn: The Lunatic Mainstream

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