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In The Mailbox: 12.06.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

EBL: Will Qatar Abandon and Eject Hamas? Saint Nicholas, The Buccaneers, Norman Lear RIP, and Poison Ivy League Pre Hanukkah Jew Hate
Twitchy: America’s Dumbest Bernie Babe Manages To Top Herself In Epic Embarrassing Post, Saira Rao Sees Taylor Swift TIME Cover, Promptly Hallucinates, and Harvard Prez Tries To “Clarify” Her Position In Letter – Nobody’s Buying It
Louder With Crowder: DINKs are the new TikTok trend bragging about not having kids, but they just look like losers, National WOMEN’S Law Center President: Female Athletes Should “Learn to Lose Gracefully” Against Trans Competitors, and Democrat slanders Riley Gaines as “transphobic,” so Riley calls her misogynist
Vox Popoli: The Disney Insurrection, also, All Ur Yule Are Belong to Him
Gab News: Bold Conversations – Free Speech & The Israeli-American Dynamic

American Conservative: Mayorkas Opens the Border Again, Now to Ecuadorians
American Greatness: House Republicans Launch Inquiry into Fani Willis Collusion with January 6 Committee, SecDef Austin Threatens to Deploy Troops if Ukraine Aid is Shut Down, and New Zealand Whistleblower Claims Public Health Data Shows COVID Vaccines ‘Are Killing People’
American Thinker: College Students Revel in Blissful Ignorance at Pro-Gaza Rallies
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Canadian loses $2,500 after wire transfer to Cuba goes missing, Maduro looking for a Falklands, Cuban dictatorship carries out 300 documented acts of repression in November, Reports from Cuba: La Fortuna, an empty bodega that had its glory days, like so many others in Cuba, and A word about Mr. Kissinger
BattleSwarm: Explaining The Sam Altman/OpenAI Thing, also, Lt. Gov. Patrick: Dade Phelan Is “Impossible To Work With”
Behind The Black: Iran and China complete orbital launches, NASA completes investigation into the failure of the OSIRIS-REx drogue parachute, Psyche takes its first pictures, Big Martian gullies partly filled with glacial material, and Another example of the inability of Democrats to condemn bigotry
Cafe Hayek: Racist America?
CDR Salamander: Keeping An Eye On The Long Game Part XCIX
Da Tech Guy: I think this Video Should be Shown at Every Campus Anti-Israel Protest
Dana Loesch: The Third Debate
Don Surber: Trump the dictator?
First Street Journal: Liz Magill is not just toast, but toast which has fallen on the floor, buttered side down, also, Is Penn President Liz Magill as dumb as a box of rocks?
Gates Of Vienna: Jew-Hatred vs. Islamophobia in Germany, also, Carefully Chosen Words
The Geller Report: Islamic Scholar: “Allah Allows Muslim Men to Rape Non-Muslim women”, also, YES! Israel Begins Pumping Seawater to Flood Hamas’ Underworld Tunnel Network
Hogewash: An Irregular Dwarf, The Usual Suspects, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Adam Carolla: ‘Every Mainstream Media Narrative…Has Been Wrong’, also, American Fiction Director Shares Shocking Hollywood Stories
The Lid: Differences Between Christmas And Hanukkah (With Tongue Firmly In Cheek)
Legal Insurrection: Columbia University Shuts Down Event Justifying October 7th Hamas Attacks on Israel, Surge In Israeli Women Signing Up For Combat Units After October 7 Mass Rapes And Sexual Mutilation, After Congress Allocated $7.5 Billion for Electric Vehicle Chargers, Exactly Zero Have Been Built, Teachers ‘Scared to go to School’ Due to Student Violence and Hardly Any Punishment, Report Shows Double Standard in University Responses to October 7th and Related Anti-Semitism, and In Attempt to Boost Recruiting, U.S. Army Secretary Shuffles Deck Chairs on the Titanic
Nebraska Energy Observer: Debate Tonight
Outkick: Aaron Rodgers Takes Jets Organization And Culture To Task Following Leak About Zach Wilson, NHL Draft Will Likely Be Held At Sphere, Gary Bettman To Get Booed At One Of The Most Technologically Advanced Venues On Planet, Did Dave Roberts Just Cost The Dodgers Their Shot At Shohei Ohtani? The Phoenix Coyotes Are On Fire And Have ‘Dateline’ To Thank (Sort Of), Nick Saban Retirement Update: Alabama Winning National Championship Next Month May Provide Perfect Exit Strategy, Stephen A. Smith Shouldn’t Be ESPN’s Highest-Paid When Compared To Troy Aikman, Pat McAfee, Others, and Yankees Aren’t Done After Juan Soto Deal, Could Push Payroll Above $300 Million
Power Line: What Innocent Civilians? Americans At Least Pretend to Want Less Government, and The Presidents Walk It Back
Shark Tank: Rubio, Scott, & Balart Seek Congressional Support For Venezuelan Opposition Leader
Shot In The Dark: If The DFL Were A Spouse It’d Be An Abuser, also, False Flags – The Career
The Political Hat: The Lawlessness In Schools
This Ain’t Hell: Military extremism, CV22 crash, Venezuela, also, Two More Accounted For
Transterrestrial Musings: Space Rescue, Human Rights, and Disinformation Starts At The Top
Victory Girls: Randi Weingarten Gaslights America’s Parents Again, also, Kim Jong Un To North Korean Women: Have More Commie Babies
Volokh Conspiracy: Does Divorcing Spouse’s Euthanizing Family Pet Violate Court Orders Preventing Disposal of “Property”?
Watts Up With That: WaPo: People will Copy You if you Buy a Heat Pump, California’s Electric Truck Mandate Conundrums, and Turning Food into Jet Fuel
The Federalist: Removing Liars & Alleged Criminals From Office Means Biden Should Be Gone By Now, Biden Says The Emails, Bank Records, Whistleblowers, And Testimony Proving His Involvement In Family Biz Are ‘Bunch Of Lies’, Don’t Blame Tuberville For Dropping His Pentagon Abortion Protest, Joe Biden Used Email Aliases To Correspond With Hunter’s Business Partner 327 Times, Bundle Up For Coal-Killer John Kerry’s Cold, Dark Winter, Democrats Think The Policies That Destroyed California Are Fit For All Of America, and The Military Recruitment Crisis Mirrors America’s Changing Values
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Stabs & Jabs

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