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In The Mailbox: 12.11.23 (Weakened Warrior Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

There was a lot of good stuff posted late last week, and the idea of trying to pack it all into tonight’s link dump makes me want to go lay down for the rest of the day with some Benadryl and Ranks of Bronze (which if you haven’t read it, you really ought to) until the pain goes away. So here’s an assortment of interesting leftovers.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

357 Magnum: The Cost To Repair EVs? If You Have To Ask, You Can’t Afford It
Louder With Crowder: It’s on! Elon Musk calls for Bob Iger to be yeeted from Disney: “He should be fired immediately”, Vegan Restaurants Are Putting Meat On The Menu Because Lack Of Meat Leaves Them Too, And I Quote, “Exhausted”, Alex Jones returning to Twitter? It sure sounds like that’s what Elon Musk just confirmed, and Watch: Adult male goes berzerk in McDonald’s when they left Pokemon cards out of his Happy Meal, then punches get thrown
Vox Popoli: It’s Official, The USN is Now Obsolete, The Pulse of Fandom, The Geostrategic Initiative is Gone, Taxing Imaginary Money, and Black Doctor Who
According To Hoyt: Nature, Tooth, Claw And All, Keep Your Hair On, and Stars In Their Eyes
Monster Hunter Nation: Down These Mean Streets
Stoic Observations: St. George Revisited, The Policy Excuse
Jon Del Arroz: The Comic Industry’s Toxic Whisper Network Exposed
Gab News: The Parallel Economy Business Directory

Adam Piggott: Church Militant?
American Conservative: Nimarata the Piñata, Tyranny Comes to Main Street, and Christmas Blessings from Garrison Keillor
American Greatness: How Were the Universities Lost? The ‘Why’ is Now Obvious, Hunter Biden Says He’s a Victim of ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ Russian Disinfo; GOP Trying to ‘Kill’ Him to Destroy His Father, and The Liberal Media’s Desperate New ‘Trump Will be a Dictator’ Narrative
American Thinker: Joe Biden Meets the Gestapo, America’s Destructive Education System, Prepared Transcript Of Joe Biden’s Speech To The Nation About Antisemitism (Satire), and When Public Distrust of the FBI Comes Home to Roost
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Fake Meat News
Babalu Blog: The Cuban coffee transformation, Catholic bishops denounce suffering caused by Cuban dictatorship in their Christmas message, While the communist elite 1% live grand in Cuba, 99% suffer through a historic economic crisis, and Cuban military’s business arm looted $70 billion from healthcare system
BattleSwarm: Suspect In Six Murders Out On Bail Thanks To Soros-Backed Group, LinkSwarm for December 8, and Bret Weinstein Talks Elon Musk On Dave Rubin: Fighting Censorship And The Lone Wolf Problem
Behind The Black: SpaceX initiates new round to obtain from $500 to $750 million in additional private investment capital, NASA to allow bidders on de-orbiting ISS to work under cost-plus contracts, ULA likely to delay first Vulcan launch to January launch window, Red China launches three satellites using methane-fueled rocket, Americans might finally be noticing the depravity in academia that has existed for more than two decades, and Today’s blacklisted American: The University of Washington proudly says “no whites need apply!”
Cafe Hayek: Unrealized Gains Aren’t Income, More on Income, and Defending Globalization
CDR Salamander: The Salamander Seminar With The Canary Group, Fullbore Friday, and Where Is The “International” In “International Order”?
Chicago Boyz: Reprise Post: Sunday Morning at the End of the World, also, Weimar Germany, 1918-1933…and the USA in the Present Era
Da Tech Guy: Four Reasons Why Nobody Should Be Surprised at Gay, Kornbluth and Magill Answers under Oath, The Biden Regime is now using the FBI to target Traditionalist Catholics, CAIR: What Are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Own Eyes? The BBC Chibnall / Davies BBC Doctor Who Completely Explained In Under A Minute, The Navy finally embraced warfighting, and Doctor Who The Giggle Review (Spoilers near the end)
Don Surber: What I Would Ask The Donald, Nikki Foolishly Attacks Social Security,
First Street Journal: Aren’t our universities supposed to be institutions supporting Western civilization?, also, Journolist Linda Blackford needs to get out more often
Gates Of Vienna: No Cabinet Wilders, Girls Just Wanna Have Hijab, Ban the AfD! No Christmas Jihad This Year? Sympathy for the Devil — HAMAS, and Russia Floods Africa With Free Grain
The Geller Report: Hitler Youth: Employees at Farley’s Coffee House Refuse to Let Jewish Woman Use the Restroom, The End Is Nigh: Hamas Operatives Surrender in “Large Numbers’, WATCH: OVER HALF A MILLION MIGRANTS Caught Crossing Border since October, Over 10K Per Day this Week – All Single, Males, Fit, Military Age, and Red Cross Reprimanded Hostage Families: ‘Think about the Palestinians’
Glenn Reynolds: Reverse Speech Codes Aren’t The Answer
Hogewash: Christmas And Hanukkah, Diffraction Spikes, From Our National Newspaper of Record, Democracy Dies In Derpness™, I’m Not Making This Up, You Know, and Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Feminist Frankenstein: Poor Things Packs Big Laughs, Bigger Messages, Is Hollywood Waking up to the Horrors of Cancel Culture? Will Ferrell: ‘Isn’t It Just Time for Women to Run the Planet? and Film Critic Brags She Won’t Watch Lady Ballers (then Deletes Tweet)
The Lid: IL Sen. Dick Durbin Wants to Put Illegals in the U.S. Military — Gee, Who’s He Want to Send That Army After? also, The True Story And Meaning Of The Hanukkah Holiday
Legal Insurrection: Kathy Hochul Warns New York Colleges and Universities to Address Anti-Semitism on Campus, Hamas Murders Israeli Hostage Sahar Baruch, Displays Mutilated Body in Propaganda Video, Appeals Court Strikes Down Major Portions of New York State Gun Carry Law, But Allows “Sensitive” Places Restrictions, California’s Budget Deficit Hits Record $68 Billion as Tax Revenue Falls, and Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy Endorses Trump for 2024, Would Consider Working in His Administration
Nebraska Energy Observer: Hear ye! Scattershot Friday, Saturday – just for you, and Vocation
Outkick: Saquon Barkley Helped Raise An Unbelievable $1.3 Million To Help The Homeless, Thanks To A Sleep Out At MetLife Stadium, Jayden Daniels Wins Heisman, And That’s No Surprise To Herm Edwards – His Coach From His Days At Arizona State, Lakers Won NBA’s In-Season Tournament And No One Knew How To Act, Suns DJ Hilariously Trolls Steve Kerr By Sampling His Complaints About Loud Music, and Navy Dad Surprises Family At Tennessee Basketball Game After Returning From Deployment
Power Line: CAIR Applauds Massacre of Jews, “Harvard Hates Jews”, Joe Biden Is Orders of Magnitude Dumber Than a Normal President, The Red Cross Takes a Side, and Cancel George Washington?
Shark Tank: Top House Democrat Embraces CAIR Florida After It Condemned Israel & Praised Hamas On 10/7
Shot In The Dark: Saint Small, December 8 1980, Who Doesn’t Love A Happy Ending? Anniversary, and Your Public Media Money at Work
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – Killing Kids: Killing Mature Minors; Killing Infants; The One Who Got Away, also, Firing Line Friday: The Economic Lot of Minorities
This Ain’t Hell: P-8A recovered, Oil, and Gold Bars, Sarah Cavanaugh, who posed as Marine with cancer, now eligible for reduced sentence, V-22 Ospreys Grounded, Valor Friday, Pearl Harbor revisited, Hamm Sentenced to 11 Years for Stolen Valor and Fraud, The US Military is in talks regarding escorting commercial ships in the Red Sea, and Hamas v. Israel, tunnel chapter
Transterrestrial Musings: The U.S. Air Force, Hunter Biden, Advocating For Genocide, Heart Regeneration, and Learning The Lessons From The Thirties
Victory Girls: Pearl Harbor, 82 Years Later: What Do The Kids Know? Republicans Hate Matt Gaetz, Want Him Out, Scam Czar John Kerry And The War On Humanity, and Stefanik Wins The Argument And SNL Can’t Deal With It
Volokh Conspiracy: Is Support for “From the River to the Sea” Based Upon Ignorance?, also, New Survey Showing Public Ignorance About the Holocaust Among Young Americans
Watts Up With That: Despite hand-wringing about Churchill polar bears this year, 2023 wasn’t their worst summer, Net Zero’s dirty secret: Britain’s green transition is powered by Chinese coal, Saving Santa Catalina, Predictably, the Rush to Electric Cars Is Imploding, and The Case Against Offshore Wind
The Federalist: Jim Jordan To CIA: How Many Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Signatories Were On Your Payroll? Top Democrat Comms Director Deletes Tweet Mocking Concerns About Trans Ideology, Election Integrity, ‘Negotiated’ Defense Bill Lets Leftists Keep Using The Military To Push Abortion, DEI, And Trans Agendas, The Definitive Answer To ‘Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?’ and What The Outcome Of Taiwan’s Presidential Election Could Mean For Cross-Strait Relations
Mark Steyn: Goodness, Light, and Candles, Trapped by the Night: Louis Malle’s Elevator to the Gallows, The Known Unknowns, and Merry Britmas!

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