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In The Mailbox: 12.14.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Concealed Carry In Chicago
EBL: Antarctica, Hunter Biden Snubs Subpoena, and André Braugher, RIP
Twitchy: Tucker On X – The Kyle Rittenhouse Interview, Marc Lamont Hill Stunned To See Mediocre White Men Dismiss Mediocre Black Woman, and Christian Veteran Topples, Beheads Satan Statue In Iowa
Louder With Crowder: UFC 296’s Colby Covington ANNIHILATES LeBron James’ latest National Anthem disrespect, Jill Biden drops official WH Christmas video and it looks like she got her hands on some of Hunter’s special candy, and Boston Mayor apologizes for accidentally inviting whites to a Christmas party exclusive to “electeds of color”
Vox Popoli: Neoclown Admits the Defeat of “the West”
Postcards From Barsoom: Cracking The Shell Of A Dead Future

American Conservative: The Market for Failing Boys
American Greatness: Civilization Versus the New Nihilists
American Thinker: The Decline of Art in Western Culture Parallels the Decline of Everything Else
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Impeachment News
Babalu Blog: Worsening crisis leaves Cubans overwhelmed with desperation, Cooking shows in communist Cuba, and Reports from Cuba: Cuban regime’s scriptwriters no longer scare anyone
BattleSwarm: Elon U?
Behind The Black: NASA celebrates the 120th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight, Amazon files to have shareholder lawsuit dismissed, The scrub of this week’s Falcon Heavy launch of X-37B, The scientific results from South Korea’s first lunar orbiter Danuri, Rocket Lab returns to flight, successfully launching a Japanese commercial radar satellite, and The long term deep-rooted bigotry at MIT, sadly typical of modern academia
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday – Reading The NDAA Tealeaves, Part III
Da Tech Guy: ,Doctor Ben Carson would be the ideal running mate for Donald Trump also, The Real Conundrum In Gaza
Dana Loesch: The Kate Cox Situation
Don Surber: Don’t impeach – prosecute
First Street Journal: Israel and the Second Amendment, I’ll wait for more evidence before I believe this story, and The Inky’s Editorial Board have weighed in: they think that genocide of the Jews is a subject for debate
Gates Of Vienna: Memorializing the Culture-Enrichers of Berlin, also, Hamas Attack Thwarted in Northern Europe
The Geller Report: Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Defends ‘Electeds of Color Only’ Holiday Party, also, Israeli doctors tell hospital administration they won’t treat terrorists
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Moon and the Earth, When An Incompetent Gives Advice, and Don’t Know Much About History
Hollywood In Toto: Leave the World Behind Hates America, Not White People, also, Poor Things Had This Critic Pining for the Exits
The Lid: Loony Left-Wing California Set to Fine Stores that Fail to Create ‘Gender Neutral’ Toy Section
Legal Insurrection: CDC Issues Warning After 3 People in California Die From Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, New York Republicans Choose Mazi Melesa Pilip, an IDF Veteran, to Succeed George Santos, Former Harvard Presidents Release Statement in Support of Claudine Gay, Federal Judge Decided Not to Temporarily Block Naval Academy From Using Race in Admissions, OK Gov. Stitt Orders DEI Reviews, Cuts at Public Universities in the State, and Congress Approves Extension of Warrantless Surveillance as Part of the Defense Policy Bill
Nebraska Energy Observer: This is not my favorite person
Outkick: Jalen Milroe Is Returning For Another Season At Alabama. So Can We Put The Nick Saban Retirement Talk On Hold Now? Megan Rapinoe Saying Playing For USWNT Is ‘Worst Job In The World’ Perfectly Represents The Loser Mentality Creeping Into American Culture, Army/Navy Game Puts Up Big TV Ratings, Is A Win For America, Colby Covington Unleashes Vulgar Anti-LeBron James Rant After National Anthem Disaster, Perfect Timing: Alabama Reportedly Hires Former Michigan LB Coach Two Weeks Before Rose Bowl Showdown, and Is This Paige Spiranac Hole-In-One Real? Golf World Divided Over Video
Power Line: After the atrocity video, Merry Christmas? and Statehood Was a Disaster?
Shark Tank: Rubio Urges Release Of Imprisoned Nicaraguan Bishop
Shot In The Dark: The Conversation We Need, Priorities, and Backlash – Sooner Rather Than Later
The Political Hat: The Woke Ethnogenesis Of The Indigenous, also, 12 Posts of Christmas, 2023 (Day 2)
This Ain’t Hell: Strong, the stupid is, Wreaths Across America a scam? and Norfolk City Council ignores city planning commission, approves permits for Armed Forces Brewing Company
Transterrestrial Musings: The Russo-Ukrainian War, also, Harvard
Victory Girls: Cruel, Incompetent Boston Mayor Wu And The “No Whites” Party
Volokh Conspiracy: Attempt to Vanish My Article About Attempt to Vanish My Article About Attempt to Vanish Other Articles
Watts Up With That: The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) inventory only has a 20-day supply for country, Meat Made Us Human, and “Many Will Die”: Climate Scientists Respond to COP28 Fiasco
The Federalist: You Won’t Believe The Leftist Nonsense Public School Teachers Inject Into Your Kid’s Brain, Here’s The Evidence CNN’s Abby Phillip Says Doesn’t Exist, 10 Naughty Bureaucrats, Brands, And Buffoons Who Deserve Coal In Their Stockings This Year, Jill Biden’s ‘Hunger Games’ Themed Christmas Video Is An Abomination, Illinois Cooks Up Cashless Bail And Discovers It’s A ‘Perfect Recipe For Lawlessness’, and How Tax-Exempt Nonprofits Skirt U.S. Law To Turn Out Democrats For Elections
Mark Steyn: Blessings (and Latkes) Over Evil

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