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Which One of You ‘Christofascists’ Urinated in A.R. Moxon’s Cornflakes?

Posted on | December 18, 2023 | Comments Off on Which One of You ‘Christofascists’ Urinated in A.R. Moxon’s Cornflakes?

Say hello to A.R. Moxon, a writer who has a Substack where he rants against Republicans or, as he calls them, “the sort of Christian Nationalists who would love to see a fascist dictator take power to install a white nationalist Christofascist ethnostate.” That is the eminent danger, the existentialist threat, according to A.R. Moxon, whose biographical details — where did he go to college? what did he do for a living before he became a Substacker? — are difficult to ascertain.

What is A.R. Moxon’s fundamental grievance? The immediate target of his ire was a New York Times profile of two families — the Noble family and the Huckins family — who moved for political reasons. The Huckins family got fed up with out-of-control drugs, crime and homelessness in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Troy, Missouri. The Noble family, whose teenage daughter thinks she is a boy, moved from Iowa to Minnesota after Iowa passed a law prohibiting “gender affirming care” for minors. Moxon views the Times as engaging in “both-sides-ism,” hence the subtitle of his essay targets “false equivalence in an age of rising fascism.”

But is it true? Is fascism really rising? Are we living in a repeat performance of Germany circa 1933? Is Trump “literally Hitler”? And are those of us who voted for Trump — show of hands, please — really “the sort of Christian Nationalists who would love to see a fascist dictator take power to install a white nationalist Christofascist ethnostate”?

It’s such a looney-sounding accusation that I hesitate to deny it. If we have driven liberals into a state of paranoia, why not enjoy the fruits of our labors? And, in point of fact, my co-blogger Wombat calls himself The Last Falangist, so I’d be happy if A.R. Moxon, upon taking notice of our blog, were to start shrieking that he is being “targeted” by the not-so-secret headquarters of the Christofascist conspiracy.

Heck, why not just rename the blog Christofascist HQ?

As I say, however, I was unable to find much biographical background on A.R. Moxon, so I’m at a loss to explain how he came to be gripped by this paranoid fear, except to suspect that he’s spent too much time inside the hivemind echo chamber where leftists have been inciting Trump Derangement Syndrome ever since Hillary lost the election in 2016.

Because I couldn’t find much background on A.R. Moxon, I began to suspect this might be a pseudonym. Like, what kind of name is “Moxon,” anyway? He admits to being a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan, so I Googled “Moxon + Grand Rapids” and discovered that in fact the Moxon family has a long history there. Two of his ancestors, the brothers Frank and Milton Moxon, were both WWII veterans who died in 2014 and 2022, respectively. Both Frank and Milton were members of First Evangelical Covenant Church in Grand Rapids, and Milton in particular was a zealous Christian. Milton had eight grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, and I suppose A.R. Moxon might be one of Milton’s descendants. But why then does he hate Christianity so much?

Who pissed in his cornflakes, huh? That’s the real puzzle, but unless and until A.R. Moxon explains himself, I have no way of solving it. Now, excuse me while I go place my Amazon order for hobnailed jackboots. Just hope they’ll be here in time for Christ(ofascist)mas.



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