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In The Mailbox: 12.21.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Consort Yu wishes all you bloodbags a Merry Christmas.

Average Bubba: Wednesday Morning Liberal Love Edition
EBL: Epstein’s Associates List Dropping with New Year: Who is on it? Rocky Mountain MAGA Ballot Ban, and California Turning Sewage into Drinking Water 
Twitchy: “Let Me Tell You Something, Brother!”, Newsweek Spots Republicans Pouncing On Story Of Arrested Trans Activist/Alleged Pedophile, and David Frum Sounding The Alarm On A Second Trump Presidency Goes Oh So Wrong
Louder With Crowder: Democrats Introduce Bill DEMANDING Chick-fil-A Open On Sundays, Celebrity chef goes into explicit detail why he’ll NEVER open another business in crime-ridden California, and School District Socially Transitioned Autistic Child And Hid It From Parents, Now They’re Suing
Vox Popoli: Leaving the Cloud, The Empire Enters the Doom Loop, and Paperbacks Unlimited

American Conservative: This Machine Makes Companies Woke
American Greatness: Federal Judge to Unseal Over 180 Previously Redacted Names of Jeffrey Epstein’s Powerful Associates, Netflix and the Erasure of History, and Jim Jordan Subpoenas Merrick Garland Over Surveillance of Congressional Staff
American Thinker: Biden’s Party is Over… and the Hangover Has Begun, Claudine Gay isn’t the First, or Worst, Example of Black Plagiarism Privilege, and How Black Americans Were Tamed to Vote Democrat for 200 Years
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Reports from Cuba: ‘When I was at my peak, they gave me everything. Now what?’ says former Cuban boxer, Argentina’s President Milei will not appoint ambassadors to dictatorships in Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua, Cuba’s telecom monopoly rewards workers with bananas, Cuban dictatorship threatens to extradite, try, imprison, execute dissidents on their list of ‘diaspora terrorists’, and Argentina expecting Cuban ‘agitators’ sent to spark violence at left-wing anti-Milei march
BattleSwarm: Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw Files Bill To Ban DEI Statements At Universities
Behind The Black: Glacial layers in Mars’ glacier country, Launch of Intuitive Machines Nova-C lunar lander delayed until February, Ingenuity’s most recent flight, the 68th, a mystery, Congress passes short term extension of commercial space regulatory “learning period”, and The Biden war against Musk is a war against America
CDR Salamander: Deterrence Is In The Head As Much As The Spreadsheet
Da Tech Guy: Gee I Wonder What Binding Common Social Norm Might Have Been Abandoned over the Last 40 Years in Canada
Don Surber: Musk is winning
First Street Journal: What The Philadelphia Inquirer doesn’t tell us, tells us a lot
Gates Of Vienna: Giorgia Meloni: “There is a Process of Islamization of Europe”, also, The Windmills of Your Mind
The Geller Report: Migrants reject food served at NYC shelters: ‘Nothing healthy
Glenn Reynolds: Civilizational Jenga
Hollywood In Toto: The Best Movies of 2023, also, How the Sexual Revolution Killed the Rom-Com
The Lid: Christians Who Support Hamas Ignore Their Religious Canon
Legal Insurrection: Anti-Israel Protesters Seize Capitol Hill Rotunda, Including Linda Sarsour, Tennessee Suing BlackRock Over ‘Misleading’ ESG Strategy, Military Experts Blame Biden Admin’s DEI Agenda for Our Shrinking Armed Forces, Teacher Fired For Refusing to Use Male Pronouns For Female Student Can Sue School, VA High Court Rules, Teacher Union President Randi Weingarten: School Choice ‘is About Undermining Democracy’, and Biden’s Department of Interior Offers Most Restrictive Offshore Oil Drilling Plan in US history
Nebraska Energy Observer: Proportionality
Outkick: Eli Drinkwitiz Learned Something New 48 Hours Before Signing Day: Random Teams Will Offer ‘Crazy Numbers’ To Steal Recruit, MLB Player Blasts Relocation: ‘Nobody Wants The Las Vegas A’s’, Donovan McNabb Thinks Sean Payton Went Too Far By Chewing Out Russell Wilson: ‘I Wouldn’t Tolerate It’ , Coastal Carolina Deletes Photo Of Shirtless Coach With Bikini-Clad Dancers, But Screenshots Are Forever, Mack Brown Calls NC State’s Dave Doeren ‘Classless’ After Saying TarHeels Were ‘Pieces Of Sh-t’ Following November Rivalry Game, and Ben Verlander Says Shohei Ohtani Is Biggest Dodgers Signing, Ignores Jackie Robinson
Power Line: Colorado Bars Trump From the Ballot [Updated], Biden’s open borders, and Stop Moving the Goalposts!
Shark Tank: Florida Republicans Blast Biden’s Release Of Maduro Ally Alex Saab
Shot In The Dark: Massacre, Open Letter To Every GOP Candidate Everywhere, and Open Letter To The MNGOP
The Political Hat: 12 Posts of Christmas, 2023 (Day 8)
This Ain’t Hell: SECDEF Announces Operation Prosperity Guardian, Mexican military captures 10 IEDs at US-Mexico border, Two More Accounted For, USAF to court martial another general for sex assault, and Fake Waffle House Employee Steals Cash
Transterrestrial Musings: Keeping Discrimination Illegal In California, Saving “Our Democracy”, and AIAA SciTech
Victory Girls: Joe Biden Losing Ground Among…Democrats? also, Colorado Decision Against Trump: A Grotesque Use Of Lawfare
Volokh Conspiracy: Colorado Supreme Court Rules Trump is Ineligible for the Presidency Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, also, Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Appointment Is Unconstitutional
Watts Up With That: Time to Bring Nuclear Energy Into the 21st Century, Reason is Right, There is No ‘Climate Cliff’, and U.S. Climate 2023 Year in Review – In one word: NORMAL
The Federalist: All I Want For Christmas Is Something That Won’t Break Immediately, Rhode Island Parents Score Major Legal Win Against The State’s School Mask Mandates, Wisconsin Professor Pushes Antisemitic Petition Under The Guise Of Anti-Zionism, Lawsuit: Wisconsin State Bar’s ‘Diversity Clerkship Program’ Discriminates Based On Skin Color, and Queer Activists Are Putting Pornographic Books In Little Free Libraries
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Constitutional Crisis Edition

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