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In The Mailbox: 12.21.23 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I don’t know if I’m not getting out enough, or the news is being more depressing than usual, but politics is starting to make me feel the way celebrity news did back when this was Live at Five: like I need to take a really hot shower after linkmongling to get the slime off. So after tomorrow, I’m going to take a break from this until after New Year’s. There will still be Rule 5 and the FMJRA, but f*** politics. Maybe I’ll post about books or hamburgers or something. Maybe not.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Merry Christmas from Shouko Komi (and some of her friends)!

EBL: Last and First Men, also, Nordic Solstice
Twitchy: Conservatives Wishes Good Luck With “Their Civil War” When “We Have The Army”, George Takei Blames Anti-Trans Swimmer For Trans Teen Losing Volleyball Scholarship, and “Don’t You Have To Be Convicted Of The Crime First?”
Louder With Crowder: Popular Publisher Distributes Children’s Books For Drag Queen Story Time That Normalize Child Sex Changes, Teen Shot During Seattle’s CHAZ-BLM “Autonomous Zone” Is Now Suing The City, and Aaron Rodgers WRECKS Joe Biden with hilarious nickname inspired by classic 80s movie
Vox Popoli: They Know They Lost, Right? also, The World Has No Chance

American Conservative: The Mainstream Against Democracy
American Greatness: Will Partisan Lawfare Destroy Trump?
American Thinker: Blockbuster Poll Casts Doubt on Outcome of 2020 Election, The Globalist ‘Final Solution’, Do Not Apologize, and Fear Of Muslims Is Rational; “Islamophobia” Is A Myth
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Lardass News
Babalu Blog: Over 300 acts of repression in communist Cuba during the month of November, Cuban dictatorship does away with rationing and ration book in new economic ‘shock plan’, and That time of year when the pigs start hiding from the Cubans
BattleSwarm: Biggest Losers From Houthi Attacks? Not Israel And America, also, Biden’s Illegal Alien Flood Results in 7 Year Court Date Wait
Behind The Black: Starship prototype #28 completes full duration static fire test, Russia launches military satellite, ULA’s Vulcan rocket fully stacked for the first time, A movie of 14 years of gamma ray observations from space, A glacial lake on Mars? and White House issues “policy framework” to lobby for its space regulatory proposal
Cafe Hayek: The End Is Near! (Just Kidding)
CDR Salamander: Ukraine’s Summer Offensive – The Clear-Eyed POSTEX
Da Tech Guy: When it’s all Over I’d Put Israeli Arabs in Charge of Gaza, also, The war on the Holiday That Must Not Be Named has reached a truly ludicrous level this year
Don Surber: Hypocrisy alert
First Street Journal: Killadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love has been under one murder per day for the last three months, also, Journolism: The credentialed media don’t exactly lie, but they conceal politically incorrect facts
Gates Of Vienna: Silenced in Germany, Justice For Saman, and Cyprus Says: Send ’Em Back!
The Geller Report:  Delta, American Airlines, etc Flying Whole Planes Full of Migrants All Over United States
Hollywood In Toto: AG Ellison Slams Fall of Minneapolis (But There’s a Catch), also, Lady Ballers Jake Crain: ‘We Used to Be Able to Make Fun of Things’
The Lid: Radical Democrats Look Like Stone Cold Tyrants Right Now—And Normal Democrats Can See It, Too
Legal Insurrection: Congress Investigation Into Harvard to Include Plagiarism Allegations Against President Claudine Gay, Power Outages Force Maine to Delay Vote for Electric Vehicle Mandate, Study Finds Fewer Men Are Enrolling in College, Especially 4-Year Programs, Bay Bridge Anti-Israel Protesters’ Supporters Demonstrate Against San Francisco DA’s Decision to Charge Them, UPenn Faculty Warn of ‘Hostile Takeover’ as Trustees and Donors Take Action Over Anti-Semitism on Campus, and Biden Border Crisis: Agents Have Already Encountered Over 200,000 Migrants in December
Nebraska Energy Observer: Trying to walk a line
Outkick: Mike McDaniel With A Downright Incredible Speech, Minor League Pitcher Robbed At Gunpoint, Asks Cops For Ride To Throw Bullpen Session An Hour Later, Florida State Expected To Start Process Of Leaving ACC Imminently, Alabama Player Reportedly Arrested For Allegedly Spreading STD, Dodgers Spending Spree Continues With Yoshinobu Yamamoto; Japanese Star Signs 12-Year, $325 Million Deal, Jaromir Jagr, Confirmed Hockey Guy, Laces Up His Skates For 36th Professional Season At Age 51, and Paige Spiranac Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas In Nothing But Wrapping Paper
Power Line: Americans Vote Red With Their Feet
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Asks E-Retailers To Provide Country Of Origin For Foreign Products
Shot In The Dark: Life Imitates Pulp Art, also, Mirthy
The Political Hat: 12 Posts of Christmas, 2023 (Day 9)
This Ain’t Hell: Red Sea updates, Navy Sailor brings large teddy bear to meet ’13-year-old’, Donald Trump removed from Colorado’s primary, and Extradited!
Transterrestrial Musings: The Democrats’ War On Elon Musk
Victory Girls: Groomers Latch Onto Little Free Library
Volokh Conspiracy: Jack Smith Lacks Standing to File in the Supreme Court Because He is Only a Private Citizen
Watts Up With That: Scottish battery factory goes bust in fresh blow to UK’s net zero industry, Emails Show Biden Admin Coordinating with Enviro Group That’s Suing Them, and Oregon’s Climate Program Overruled
The Federalist: Stopping Campus Antisemitism Requires Confronting The Marxism Behind It, 19 AGs File Brief Opposing Jack Smith’s ‘Partisan’ Bid To Fast-Track His Get-Trump Prosecution, ‘You Must Be 40’ To Be President, Whiffs California Lt. Gov. While Masquerading As Constitutional Expert, Here Are The Lessons The Obamas Don’t Want You Taking Away From ‘Leave The World Behind’, and Queens Resident Indicted For Submitting 118 Absentee Ballot Applications During New York’s 2022 Democrat Primaries
Mark Steyn: Digging the Demographics

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