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In The Mailbox: 12.22.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

Mash Kyrielight wishes you a Merry Christmas!

357 Magnum: How’s That Bail Reform Working Out?
EBL:  Dostoyevsky Survives Firing Squad, also, Julie Christie
Twitchy: Author Claims Argentina Turning Fascist – Gets Slapped By People Who Know The Definition, Randi Weingarten Tries To Dunk On Prager U – Gets Buried Under Receipts, and Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud At U. Minnesota
Louder With Crowder: Below average high school male sprinter turns female, now SHE’S crushing records in college
Vox Popoli: The Shadow Mocks
According To Hoyt: Better Late Than Never Post, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, and Blessed When The Masks Fell
Monster Hunter Nation:
Stoic Observations: Merry Christmas

American Conservative: Avoiding a Junk-Filled Christmas
American Greatness: A Glaring Sign of Rot Within the CIA
American Thinker: 2020 Election Fraud and the Courts, also, One Doctor’s Fight for COVID Justice
Animal Magnetism: First Day of Winter, also, Rule Five Climate Cult Friday
Babalu Blog: A black Christmas in Cuba for the family members of political prisoners, Cuba’s fake president says drastic economic reforms ‘will make more Revolution and more Socialism’, and Nicaraguan dictatorship arrests bishop for saying he prays for imprisoned bishop
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For December 22
Behind The Black: Red Chinese astronauts do spacewalk to repair Tiangong-3 solar panel, Firefly successfully launches for the second time in 2023, and Curiosity takes a close-up of distant cliffs
Cafe Hayek: By Itself?
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Worth Pondering
Da Tech Guy: My Suggestion to St. Mary’s Fire the Board, Fire the President
Don Surber: Merry Christmas, Matt Drudge
First Street Journal: St Greta of Thunberg must be appalled!
Gates Of Vienna: Striking Their Necks, also, We Have Ways of Making You Give Up Your Christmas Goodies!
The Geller Report: “Irishman” Who Stabbed Three Young Children With 14 Inch Knife Finally Identified as Muslim Migrant (Algerian National)
Hollywood In Toto: Why Godzilla Minus One Is Best Film in Decades-Old Franchise, Thanksgiving Slices Up a New Holiday Classic, and Toto’s Worst Movies of 2023
The Lid: Senator Rand Paul’s 2022 Report’ Uncovers a Startling $9 BILLION in Government Waste
Legal Insurrection: People Have Noticed the COVID Boosters Aren’t Very Effective, “If you had a 17-year-old son or daughter, would you send your kids to an Ivy League school today?”, Temple University Police Reportedly Threatened With Sanctions for Pushing Clothing Drive for the Needy, NYC Mayor Eric Adams Slams City Council for Pushing ‘Far-Left’ Agenda Over Progressive Policing and Crime Bills, and U California Tables Anti-Israel Proposed Ethnic Studies Admissions Requirement After Pushback
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Nick Saban Shares Ominous Warning For Future Of College Football, Florida State Files Lawsuit Against ACC In Fight To Leave Conference, Dodgers Have Built A Superteam, But Does It Matter In October? Patrick Mahomes Makes Taylor Swift Official Member Of Kansas City Chiefs: ‘She’s Part Of The Team’, Former Red Sox Pitcher Jonathan Papelbon Roasts Alex Verdugo After Manager Criticism, and Jets FB Nick Bawden’s Wife, Alexis, Gets The Internet’s Attention Via Yoga Pants Photo
Power Line: Interfering In Another Country’s Politics, also, Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: U.S. Sugar Makes Historic Donations This Holiday Season
Shot In The Dark: A Christmas Time Visit To The Ghost Of DFL Victory-Dancing Past, also, The Hallmark Movie I’d Like To See Over The Holidays
The Political Hat: 12 Post of Christmas, 2023 (Day 10)
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday, Retired Airman attempts to gain base entry by claiming to be Captain America, and Army veteran struck by eight different vehicles
Victory Girls: Adulting Is Hard, And You Know What They Say About Karma
Volokh Conspiracy: Clarence Thomas: The Best and Most Incorruptible Supreme Court Justice in U.S. History
Watts Up With That: Authorities Raid Berlin-Based Radical Leftist Group “Zora”… Leader Tied To “Fridays For Future”, VOX: Winter Has Disappeared Thanks to Climate Change, and SCOTUS Will Hear Challenge to One of EPA’s Most Stringent Proposed Climate Regs
The Federalist: The Pregnancy Center That Saved My Life Years Ago Still Supports Me And My Sons, Washington Post Shedding Hundreds Of Staff From Payroll After Trump Presidency And Covid Is The Reason For The Season, Defunding Child Sexualizers Like The Kinsey Institute Should Be A No-Brainer For Republicans, With Help From DOJ, Lesley Wolf Dodged GOP Questions About Her Obstruction Of Biden Probe, By Trying To Keep Trump Off The Ballot, Democrats Are Staging A Coup In Broad Daylight, and Kate Cox’s Baby Deserved A Name
Mark Steyn: You Make Me Feel So Jung

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