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In The Mailbox: 01.02.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I had a pretty good 2023, actually
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

Happy New Year, ya filthy animals. 

357 Magnum: Ford’s Mustang Mach-E’s Software Update Bricks Your Car, also, Good Guys 1 Bad Guys 0
EBL: Lieutenant Dan Happy New Year, The Boys in the Boat, The Holdovers, Tom Smothers RIP*, and Slow Horses
Twitchy: Keith Boykin Demands Equal Scrutiny For All College Presidents & Twitter Agrees, Saira Rao “Genuinely Terrified” By “Zionist” Doctors Treating Black & Muslim Patients, and Nikole Hannah-Jones Reacts To Claudine Gay’s Resignation As Only She Can
Louder With Crowder: “I Will Not Project Colonial Concepts On My Dog”, Sanctuary City Mayors Warn Cities Will Collapse Due To Biden Border Crisis, Delta employee has NO patience for trans activist harassing him over pronouns, puts activist in its place, and Trudeau’s conservative opponent declares he’ll “defund the media” with a smile and to thunderous applause
Vox Popoli: Dead Internet to Fake Internet, The Consequences of Rejecting Truth, An Unexpected Hitler, Sykes-Picot is Dead, and Welcome to 2024
T.L. Davis: We Are Not One [h/t Loyal Reader B.E.]

Adam Piggott: I pray for the Sword, Christ is Born! Glorify Him! and The purposeful discord sown by the ambiguous Vatican on fag couples
American Conservative: The Sources of American Estrangement, The Path to a ‘Dormant NATO’, and An Admiral’s Augury
American Greatness: The Constitution Absolutely Prohibits Nikki Haley From Being President Or Vice President, Why Trump Is Correct About Presidential Immunity, Bidenomics Bogosity Will Unravel In 2024, and Erasing Trump from 2024 Ballot Is an Inside-the-Beltway Job
American Thinker: The Real Reason Trump is a Threat, Our Awakening Terrifies the Left, Happy New Year, Anyway, and The Great Taking: You Really No Longer Own Your Securities, and You Could Also Lose Your Freedom
Animal Magnetism: Happy New Year’s Eve! also, Happy 2024!
Babalu Blog: Some Cubans greet 2024 by burning an effigy of ‘president’ Díaz-Canel, Sixty-five years of communism and destruction in Cuba, Mexico gives Biden the finger, and Guyana requests 200 slave nurses from Cuba despite invasion threat by Venezuela
BattleSwarm: Another Case Of That Democratic Party Voting Fraud That Doesn’t Exist, Illegal Immigration Crisis Reordering French Politics, LinkSwarm For December 29, and Old And Busted: Botched Software Update Bricks Your PC. The New Hotness: Botched Software Update Bricks Your Car
Behind The Black: First Juno images of Io from December 30th fly-by, India completes first launch of 2024, and Republicans propose another deep state bureaucracy to enforce civil rights laws
CDR Salamander: DDG to FFG to OPV – Small Ships, Big Sticks, & Scaled Escalation
Chicago Boyz: New Year’s Eve 2023
Da Tech Guy: The Best Advice I can give to Start a Year, New Year New Indulgence Calendar, Illinois conservatives, start planning now for the 2028 constitutional convention vote, and DaTechGuy’s Top 5 Posts of 2023
Don Surber: It’s what they don’t say that matters
First Street Journal: Once again, The Philadelphia Inquirer pegs the irony meter, SEPTA wants more tax dollars, but just a $1.00 fare increase would wipe out their deficit, The only way to end protests which stop traffic is to not stop traffic for protesters,  and An uplifting story in the Lexington Herald-Leader
Gates Of Vienna: Europe Looks Forward to 2024, A Green Holodomor for Germany? The Islamization of Spain is Unstoppable, A Calvary in the 8th Arrondissement, and The Rebirth of the Ottoman Empire
The Geller Report: World Ignores Muslims Butchering and Slaughtering Christians “For Sport” in Nigeria, 50,000 and Counting, Unhinged Muslims Attack Jewish Family in New Jersey, Massive NYPD Mobilization as Islamic Extremists Block JFK Punishing Travelers So They Can’t Return Home After New Year’s Eve, German Police Foil Islamic Terrorist Attack on the Iconic Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve, Five More Muslims Arrested, and Muslims Attack the Police Across France: Riots, Arson, & Stoning
Glenn Reynolds: Claudine Gay Has Gone Away
Hollywood In Toto: Boys in the Boat Is Everything You Expect (But Somehow Less), Ferrari Races to First Place in Best of 2023 Competition, Ricky Gervais’ Armageddon Drops Atom Bomb on Woke Nation, Why Critical Drinker Avoids the Word ‘Woke’ (When Possible), and The 23 Best Television Shows of 2023
The Lid: How Will Modern Spin Doctors Address The Demise Of America’s Most Famous Eco-Terrorists? also, Is Occasional Cortex Half Right About Bethlehem?
Legal Insurrection: ‘Death to America, Death to Israel’, Portland Facing Shigella Outbreak, Generally Found in Third-World Countries, A Preview of California’s Newest Crime-Related Laws for 2024, Ex-Biden Energy Official Sam Brinton A Free Man Despite Facing Charges for Allegedly Stealing Luggage, The Fight to Stop California Politicians from Enshrining Racism in State’s Constitution, and Biden’s FCC is Adopting New ‘Diversity’ Rules to Take Control of the Internet
Nebraska Energy Observer: New Year – Keep up the Skeer, also, Heroes Still Defend the Dream
Outkick: Michigan Refuses To Go Into Off-Season Drama Just Yet, Defeats Alabama In Dramatic OT, Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper Appears To Throw Drink On Jaguars Fan, What The Duck? Duck Dynasty Star Willie Robertson Helps Liberty Troll Oregon Ducks With Unique Hype Video, Kirby Smart Sounds Off On ‘Unfortunate’ State Of College Football Following Georgia’s Orange Bowl Blowout Of Florida State, Ravens Honored Ray Rice During Sunday’s Game Against Dolphins, and Heidi Klum Ends 2023 On The Beach Topless
Power Line: Degenerate Animals [Updated], Thoughts from the ammo line, Innocent Civilians? and The Welfare-Industrial Complex
Shark Tank: Luna Warns Of New Migrant Caravan – Says stand-Alone Border Security Bill Needed
Shot In The Dark: The Galling Part Is…
The Political Hat: Happy New Year!
This Ain’t Hell: Marines changing rifle marksmanship training & eliminating Scout Sniper school, A Chinese spy balloon communicated with China via an American internet provider, A year starts with contrasts: LCPL Dural vs. dirtbags, Covid “Declaration of Military Accountability” Letter, and Navy Sinks Houthi Gunboats
Transterrestrial Musings: Happy 2024
Victory Girls: Victory Girls Predictions For 2024: Political And Non-Political, Happy New Year from Victory Girls, and Happy Houthis Year From the Pro-Palestinian Protesters In NYC
Volokh Conspiracy: Disunion, Slavery, and the Causes of the Civil War, Donald Trump and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, and Are Hispanics Following the Path of the Irish?
Watts Up With That: Is the Low Snowpack this Year a Sign of Global Warming? Biden Admin Rolls Out Slew Of Regs Targeting Americans’ Appliances On Last Friday Of The Year, Cargo ship carrying burning lithium-ion batteries reaches Alaska, but kept offshore for safety, and Judge Resurrects Zombie Kids’ Climate Case: Expect More Eating of Brains
The Federalist: Minister Of Defense Profiles Both The Player And The Preacher In Reggie White, Aaron Sorkin Is The Real Villain Behind The Senate Sex Scandal, Russell Kirk Warned That Without Virtue, ‘Democracy’ Is A Dead End Here And Abroad, 50 Years Ago, Gulag Archipelago Unveiled A Haunted World, ‘GlitterBomb’ Creator Mark Rober Is Doing More To Foil Crime Than Democrat Cities Like San Francisco, and Barry Sanders’ Humility Is A Quality Modern Athletes Severely Lack
Mark Steyn: They Hate You Too, Not with a Whimper but a Bellow, and Unlucky Lindy: Billy Wilder and The Spirit of St. Louis

*To be honest, I never cared for Tom Smothers. His humor wasn’t funny to me, but he was decent with the yo-yo.

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