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In The Mailbox: 01.03.24 (Morning Edition)

Posted on | January 3, 2024 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 01.03.24 (Morning Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.


EBL: Michigan beats Alabama in Rose Bowl OT, Washington beats Texas in Sugar Bowl, The Night Manager, and Isabella Maria DeLuca Makes Brown Butter Carmel Cake
Twitchy: Jamaal Bowman Sounds The Alarm To Protect Plagiarists, Kurt Schlichter Obliterates Rachel Bitecofer For Attacking His Military Service, and AP Highlights “New Conservative Weapon” Against Colleges, Gets Wrecked 
Louder With Crowder: Hot Mic Catches ABC Anchor Saying Higher Ups Made Her Ditch the Epstein Story, Dave Chappelle drops brilliant trans joke on new Netflix special “The Dreamer,” but the handicapped get it worse, Elon Musk ROASTS Green Day’s embarrassing anti-MAGA pandering with “American Idiot” performance, and Watch: Biden Admin Space Force Lt. Colonel Claims Inclusion Is Totally A “National Security Imperative”
Vox Popoli: By Any Means, Libertarians and Clown World, A Tale of Two “Nationalisms”, The RCC Funds Mass Migration, and The USA’s Army of Illegals

American Conservative: ‘Be All You Can Be’ and the TikTok Mutiny
American Greatness: The Utter Insanity of Joe Biden’s Open Border, also,  Over 230 Active Service Members and Veterans Sign Open Letter Calling For Accountability From Military Leaders Over COVID Misconduct
American Thinker: Let’s Stop Using the Words: ‘Trump Tried to Overturn the 2020 Election’
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Vibrating Pills News
Babalu Blog: A sumptuous New Year’s Eve buffet for foreign tourists in Cuba while Cubans went hungry, Nearly 6,000 protests in Cuba in 2023, and Cuban dictator Raul Castro makes rare public appearance, vows he’s not going anywhere
BattleSwarm: Stephen Fry: Antisemitism Is Wrong And All People Are Brothers. Woke Mob: Die Zionist Scumbag, Cartel Gunbattle Just South Of U.S. Border, and Dave Chappelle Takes On Transexual Madness Again
Behind The Black: The global launch industry in 2023: A record third year in a row of growth, with dark clouds lurking
Da Tech Guy: The great migration continues, also, Pushback Under the Fedora
First Street Journal: Property rights are simply not respected in Philly, also, Another two bite the dust!
The Geller Report: Convicted Election Ballot Harvester Gloria Torres Appointed Vice-Mayor in San Luis, Arizona, EVIL CLOWN SHOW: WH Press Secretary claims “It is shameful” to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, and Serial Plagiarist and Liar Harvard President Claudine Gay FINALLY Resigns
Hollywood In Toto: The Less You Know About All of Us Strangers, the Better, The Best of the Rest: 2023 TV Highlights Worth Revisiting, Chappelle’s Dreamer Review – No Retreat, No Surrender, Chappelle Co-Creator: Doing Show Today Would Be ‘Pain in the A**’, and Bill Engvall Shares Shocking Truth Behind Retirement
Legal Insurrection:  The Anti-Semitism We See Today Can be Traced to the ‘Anti-Racist’ Left, Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns, Plays Victim and Blames Racism, Japan Begins Recovery Efforts After New Year’s Day Swarm of Earthquakes, U. Delaware’s New Economics Workshop Covers Taylor Swift, and Rabbi In Harvard Crimson: It’s Time to ‘Confront and Overcome’ Anti-Semitism on Campus
Nebraska Energy Observer: Ultimately
Outkick: NFL Fines Panthers Owner David Tepper $300,000 For Throwing Drink On Fan, Jimmy Kimmel Threatens Legal Action Against Aaron Rodgers After QB Suggests TV Host Is On Epstein Client List, Emotional Rashard Mendenhall Tries To Justify Anti-White Rant, Iowa Coach Shares Blunt Warning For Future Of College Football, Oklahoma Player Viciously Booed By Texas Fans While Being Recognized For Charity Work During Halftime Of Sugar Bowl, and ESPN Boobs Apologize For Showing Boobs During Sugar Bowl
Power Line: Sowell Strikes Back, Exit Claudine Gay, and What Claudine Longet did to Spider Sabich
Shark Tank: Rep. Mills Tells Biden “Shut Down The Border Or Shut Down The Government”
Shot In The Dark:  Amicus Curiae, A Parable For Our Time, and  “Unintended” Consequences
This Ain’t Hell: Iranian destroyer to Red Sea. Y’all play nice, now
Transterrestrial Musings: In Which Trump Is A Fool, Steamboat Willy, and Two Weeks To Trial
Victory Girls: Harvard’s Claudine Gay Out As President – Win For Sanity
Volokh Conspiracy: In This House We Believe in Keeping People Safe
Watts Up With That: Germany: “Renewable Energy Sector Facing The Abyss”…”On The Brink” …Economy Breaking Up, also, The Climate Movement Suffered A Slew Of Defeats And Setbacks In 2023
The Federalist: Why SCOTUS Will Likely Smack Down Two Of Jack Smith’s Get-Trump Charges As Non-Crimes, Report: U.S. Sets Record For Most Single-Month Illegal Encounters At The Southern Border, After Veto Siding With Trans Lobby, Ohio Voters Should Transition Mike DeWine Out Of Office, New York Times Laments House Republicans Didn’t Ram Through Enough Big-Government Legislation, and We Should Think About Rome — But Not For Her Glories
Mark Steyn: Two Weeks to Trial

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