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In The Mailbox: 01.05.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts…

Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

How I feel when I see the news these days


357 Magnum: If Someone Asks You To Leave Their Home, Leave
EBL: Scenes from the Decameron, Corsicana, Did ISIS Daesh Blow Up The Soleimani Memorial in Iran? and Lord Cornholio Biden to speak on January 6 at Valley Forge about “insurrectionists”
Twitchy: Biden’s Economic Delusions Of Grandeur Persist While Americans Continue To Suffer, We’re Guessing Your Stock Portfolio Isn’t Matching Nancy Pelosi’s 65% Gains, and Epic Thread Debunks Leftist Mouth-Breathers Claiming Political Parties Magically Switched Places
Louder With Crowder: Brave Cat Sees Dog Being Attacked By Coyotes, Goes Into Beast Mode To Save The Pooch, Disney Took Advice From South Park For New Star Wars Movie, Is Literally “Putting A Chick In It And Making It Lame”, ‘Good guy with a gun’ beats the rap, will not be charged for shooting a thug attempting to rob a taco restaurant, and Naked Ski Event Meant For Women Only Will, Of Course, Now Allow “Female Identifying” Men To Participate
Vox Popoli: Epstein List Released, The Shadow War Continues, Cancelling the Cancel Pigs, Tragedy and Farce, Post-Boomer Post-Feminism, The 5 Best Free Comics, and College Grads Are Not Smarter
According To Hoyt: DEI DIE, die, die, die! This, That And The Other, Replacement and Lackanookie, and Bolt Hole
Monster Hunter Nation: Down These Mean Streets, also, Larry in La La Land
Upstream Reviews: He Won’t Be The Last
Postcards From Barsoom: Outside The Walls Of The Crumbling Tower

Adam Piggott: The difference between Mastery and Proficiency
American Conservative: So Now Washington Tells Us, also, Tuberville Says Nikki Haley is a ‘Neocon’
American Greatness: Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo Calls For a Halt in the Use of COVID-19 mRNA Shots, Harvard—Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire, House GOP Sets Date for Mayorkas Impeachment Hearing, and House Oversight and Judiciary Committees Move to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress
American Thinker: Obama’s New Movie, Same Message: Blame White People, DEI Can Only Exist in a Noncompetitive Environment, and Invasion Inversion: Turning America Upside-Down
Animal Magnetism: CPAC 2024, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five Eight Predictions Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuba’s infant mortality rate rises by 82%, Cuba’s Minister of the Economy has never told the truth, Massachusetts Democrats demand Biden remove Cuba from list of terrorist states, Cuba remains on U.S. blacklist for religious freedoms, and Mayorkas and climate change
BattleSwarm: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Swatted, Taqueria Robbery Shooter No-Billed, and BREAKING: Wayne LaPierre Resigns As NRA Head
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches commercial communications satellite, National Labor Relations Board files complaint against SpaceX, The mining potential on Mars, NASA and one private company respond to Navaho nation’s demand to cancel lunar mission, Japan delays launch of Mars sample return mission due to problems with its H3 rocket, and Can the Democrats offend enough people to make even their aggressive election tampering impossible?
Cafe Hayek: Impersonal, Yes; Soulless, No, also, Discoursing on Trade Deficits
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday, also, Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Distant Storm, Paging Dr Kennedy, and 2023 Reading
Da Tech Guy: Three Pieces from 2023 You Hated but We Think are worth a 2nd Look, Could you imagine the media outrage if Trump supporters behaved this badly? and Question: How Do You Know People From MIT are Smarter than People From Harvard and Penn?
Dana Loesch: Star Wars – Third Wave Strikes Back, DeSantis Blasts Haley For Being “Disrespectful” For Saying Iowans’ Votes Need Correcting
Don Surber: DC to celebrate Insurrection Day, also, President Nothing
First Street Journal: He will not do well in prison
Gates Of Vienna: Marion Maréchal: Civil Peace is Threatened by Uncontrolled Immigration, “We Will Punish You”, Cut ’Em Loose! These Infidel Doctors Try My Patience! School Days in Sweden, Washington Promoting Jihad in Schools, and Don’t Call Them Parasites, or You’ll Do Time
The Geller Report: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Blames the Southern Border Crisis on Climate Change Hoax, Hamas Terror Tunnel Training Children, How Hamas Arms Children for Terrorism, TRUMP WON: Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States, and 55% Spike in Young Disabled Women Since Vaccine Rollout
Hollywood In Toto: Pete Holmes Goes Viral with God Is No-Thing Clip, Why American Fiction Misses Instant Classic Status by Inches, Night Swim Offers an Unexpected Surprise, The Shroud: Face to Face Doc Lands Distribution Deal, Will Hunter Biden Doc Offer More Damage Control Than Truth? and Tim Dillon Destroys Media for Protecting Clinton From Epstein Files
The Lid: U-Haul Report Finds Top Ten Most Moved-To Cities are All in Red States
Legal Insurrection: Opposition to DEI Policies is Growing Rapidly, Chicago Public Schools Principals Not Happy With Prospect of Removing Police Officers, British Warship Arrives in Guyana, Amid Ongoing Border Dispute with Venezuela, Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Challenge to Ballot Ban On Fast Track, The Idea That College Professors are Fleeing Red States is Mostly Media Hype, Appeals Court Upholds Jan. 6 Defendant Conviction for ‘Disorderly Conduct’ Despite His ‘Passive, Quiet and Nonviolent Conduct’, and German Officials Ignore Farmers’ Protests to Save Agricultural Fuel Tax Exemptions
L’Ombre deOlivier: A Gay Fisking
Nebraska Energy Observer: Me, too, also, Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Pat McAfee Uses His Show To Say ESPN Boss Is ‘Actively Trying To Sabotage” Him, UFC Fighter Colby Covington Sounds Off To OutKick’s Tomi Lahren On USA Boxing’s Policy Allowing Men In Ring Against Women: ‘It’s Unethical’, Ole Miss Running Back Quinshon Judkins Entering The Transfer Portal Perfectly Portrays Just How Dumb College Football Has Become, J.J. McCarthy Says Michigan Had To Get On Ohio State’s Level When It Came To Sign Stealing In College Football, LSU May Be Playing In National Title Game With Decent Defense: Tigers Should Consider Michigan DC Jesse Minter, Lamar Jackson Didn’t Need LeBron, ‘Black Twitter’ To Defend Him From No Name ‘Quarterbacky’ Radio Host, and Australian OF Model Says She Accidentally Got Pregnant Making Content
Power Line: Taking out Arouri, Europe’s “Hard Right” Uprising, Pillage People Revisited, Don’t F*** With Bill Ackman’s Wife, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Demands Transparency As SHEIN Seeks US Stock Issue
Shot In The Dark: “Show Me The Gun Owner, I’ll Show You The Disorder”, Something In The Water Does Not Compute, A Small Win, Haleyed, and Blast From The Past
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Government and Public Confidence
This Ain’t Hell: Nothing to see here, move along – Epstein redux, Well-known universities adding meaning to ‘useless degree’, USS Carney Sailors awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, Crenshaw locks horns with Fox, Valor Friday, Military and veteran issues anticipated to be among topics for the upcoming presidential campaign, and A Russian takes to Telegram to advocate attacking a British warship
Transterrestrial Musings: Sympathy For Claudine Gay, Elon Musk, What Next For Harvard? How Hamas Hid Their October 7th Planning, and ULA
Victory Girls: Joe Biden To Begin 2024 Campaign “For Soul Of Nation” On January 6, also, Harry Dunn, Capitol Police “Hero”, Running For Congress
Volokh Conspiracy: En Banc Fifth Circuit Rejects FDA’s Vaping Regulation “Surprise Switcheroo”, also, Canadian Immigration Officials Block Citizenship Grant for Russian Immigrant Because She Was Convicted of the “Crime” of Speaking Out Against Russia’s War of Aggression Against Ukraine
Watts Up With That: Oil Giant’s Massive Impairment Could Be The Latest Sign Of Trouble For California’s Economy, Experts Say, Israeli Greens Demand a Carbon Tax, Green Billionaires Fund Large Backbench Tory Net Zero Parliamentary Caucus, Wind turbines kill too many birds and bats. How can we make them safer? and Federal Court Deals Knockout Punch To Blue City’s Biden-Backed Effort To Ban Gas Stoves
The Federalist: Media Blame Claudine Gay’s Lack Of Ethical Standards On The Conservatives Who Pointed It Out, Please, Neocons, Stop Claiming That Migrants Jump The Border To Become Patriotic Americans. That’s Not Why They’re Here, Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Stuns With Its Visuals — And Complete Vapidity, Porn-Producing UW Chancellor Is Just Observing Academia’s New Religion Of Performative Vulgarity, Leftist Judge Strikes Blow To Election Integrity In Wisconsin With Ballot ‘Curing’ Decision, Randi Weingarten’s Meltdown Over School Choice And ‘Democracy’ Is Pure Projection, and Texas Universities Skirt New Law Aimed At Dissolving Racist ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion’ On Campuses
Mark Steyn: Judges and Juntas, also, The Narrative Unravels

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