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In The Mailbox: 01.09.24 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Started this in the morning, got distracted by other stuff.
Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

357 Magnum: Disney Star Wars Prepares To Set Fire To Another $200 Million, also, Let The AI Sludge Flow
EBL: Even The White House did not know where Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Was, Ghosted, Cenk Uygur freaks that Fetterman is turning into a Republican…is Cenk next? Cindy Morgan RIP, and It Comes At Night
Twitchy: Jimmy Kimmel’s Cringe Monologue About Aaron Rodgers Only Makes Things Worse, Techno Fog Drops Bombshell Thread About Fulton County DA Fani Willis, and Calls For SecDef Austin To Resign Are Growing
Louder With Crowder: Pat McAfee calls out BY NAME the ESPN executive “actively trying to sabotage” his show, Why High Value Men Refuse to Date “Boss B*tches”! Viral video shows fully automated McDonalds, a glimpse of the future the Left wants with their minimum wage hikes and Instead of arresting pro-Hamas activists blocking traffic in Jewish neighborhood, police deliver them coffee
Vox Popoli: AI and Truth, Why the Risk is Worth It, The Case for the Gamma Male, Too Satanic for the EU, and The Failure of the Artificial Nation
Upstream Reviews: War Demons
Gab News: The Impact of AI on Christian Leadership

American Conservative: Firing Mayorkas Must Be Part of Any Budget Deal, also, Evening in America
American Greatness: A Culture in Collapse, From Insurrection to Satire, and Biden’s Valley Forge Stunt Shows the Real Threat to Democracy
American Thinker: How Obama Pulls Biden’s Strings, No Border – Say Goodbye to America, No More J6s, Lloyd Austin at the ICU: A Symptom of a More Serious Malady, and Higher Education: DEI and Cargo Cultism
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuba’s new economic restructuring, Half of Cuba’s sugar mills shut down during the current sugarcane harvest, ‘Hell in paradise’: Argentine tourist blasts Cuban luxury hotel, so do some Cubans, and Nicaraguan clergy express concern over health of imprisoned Bishop Rolando Alvarez
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For January 5, How A Coffee Shortage Almost Ended East Germany, and Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird Isn’t The Word
Behind The Black: Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander suffers major failure, ULA’s Vulcan rocket successfully places payload in orbit on first launch, SpaceX launches 23 Starlink satellites, Scientists: Suspended iron minerals floating in Venus’s atmosphere explain dark UV streaks, and Americans push back against government overreach with some real defiance
Cafe Hayek: Is America a Third World Country?
CDR Salamander: The Allied State of Play at Sea – With Kori Schake, also, Restore Factory Settings At The Pentagon
Chicago Boyz: Global, The Truthiness Is Out There, and Worthwhile Reading
Da Tech Guy: Raise Your Hand if Trump Turned You Into a Newt During His First Term, A Navy desperate to keep…everybody! Epiphany Sunday, Some facts and Prayers for The Blessings of the Houses, Ouch-ouch: Failures of Latvia’s new electric trains serve as a warning for the rest of us, and Jonathan & Jesus Let’s Talk REAL Pressure
Don Surber: Taming the media
First Street Journal: Journolism: The credentialed media don’t exactly lie, but they conceal politically incorrect facts
Gates Of Vienna: It’s the Religion, Stupid, The Iceman Cometh, Kajal Hindustani: “Jihadis Are Putting a Target Mark on Every Hindu”, “Democracy Completely Contradicts Islam”, and AfD Supporters Must Be Silenced
The Geller Report: Police in Canada Deliver Food and Coffee To Jew-Hating Jihad Protesters Who Are Blocking Highway Overpass, Iran’s Islamic Regime WHIPS Young Woman 74 Times For Not Covering Her Beautiful Hair in Public, and Palestinian Civilians Laughed While They Raped and Butchered Israelis
Hollywood In Toto: Yellowstone Creator Taylor Sheridan, Joe Rogan Shred Woke Critics, Memory’s Gentle Approach Makes It Unforgettable, Joe Rogan Perfectly Defines Comedy 101, and Apolitical Globes Lean Into Gratitude (Not Politics)
The Lid: A Perfect Example of How Left-Wing ‘Journalists’ Lie About the News, also, The Dreyfus Affair, Zola’s J’accuse!, and Antisemitism: Some Things Never Change
Legal Insurrection: George Washington U. Prof Accused of Anti-Semitism Leaves School, Takes New Job in Qatar, Academics Begin to Wonder if Ditching Standardized Tests was a Mistake, Bill Ackman Declares Plagiarism War On MIT After Retaliatory Attacks On His Wife’s Ph.D. Thesis, Mexico Releases List of Unattainable Goals to Help With Immigration, Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down California State Assembly Session in Sacramento, National Park Service Not Removing William Penn Statue…For Now, and Navajo Nation Demands Delay to Private Mission Placing Human Remains on the Moon
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, The Baptism of our Lord, and The West is Best
Outkick: Draymond Green Says Adam Silver Talked Him Out Of Retiring, Pat McAfee Double Downs On Calling ESPN Boss A ‘Rat’ On ESPN, Magic Johnson Will Help Hire New Commanders Coach, Jameis Winston Explaining Garbage TD Against The Falcons Is Absolutely Hilarious, Arthur Smith Cusses Out Dennis Allen In Postgame Handshake Over Garbage-Time Touchdown, ‘Let’s Do The Right Thing Here’, and Sage Steele Applauds Team USA For Belting Out ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ At World Junior Championship, Torches ESPN For Completely Ignoring It
Power Line: Gavin Escuela, The Race That No One Can Win, Systemically Neutral Law Enforcement, and Harvard Is Still Anti-Semitic
Shark Tank: FL Conservatives Push Online Protection For Minors
Shot In The Dark: Enforcing Public Ordure, In Search Of A Solution, and As The Hungover Indolent Giant Rises & Thinks About Heading To The Gym
The Political Hat: Woke Indoctrination Has Already Been Immanentized
This Ain’t Hell: Unrelated shorts – Sullivan dies, St. Louis arrest, Grand jury decides not to charge man who fatally shot a robber, Leaderless DoD… and we never noticed, Service Academy Affirmative Action Lives On, and NPS wanted to remove William Penn statue to make park more welcoming and inclusive
Transterrestrial Musings: The Justified Backlash Against DEI, also, Prospects For Nuclear Power
Victory Girls: Liz Cheney: Vote For Trump And You’ll Never Vote Again, Iran Starts 2024 By Flogging Woman Who Refused To Wear Hijab, and Pro-Hamas Supporters Vandalize Military Cemetery And Block Roads
Volokh Conspiracy: [Ilya Somin] The January 6 Attack was an Insurrection, also, [Steven Calabresi] January 6, 2021 Was Not an Insurrection
Watts Up With That: UN Puts “Climate Integrity” at the Heart of their 2024 Election Plan, CO2 Tax Farmers Protests Rock Germany, Government Backing Down, A Cautionary Tale from Prince Edward Island, Biden’s EPA Massively Stepped Up Its ‘Environmental Justice’ Agenda In 2023, and German Farmers Kick Off Massive Protests Against Policy That Could Threaten Their Livelihoods
The Federalist: Cheney’s Memoir Offers Warning About Ruling Class, Not Trump, For Three Days Top U.S. Officials Had No Idea The Defense Secretary Was Hospitalized, Democrats Can’t Admit The Border Crisis Is Spiraling Out Of Control, Elise Stefanik Gives Master Class On Refuting Democrats’ ‘Insurrection’ Lies, The Survival Of The Republic Depends On Our Citizenry, Not Our Courts, and Exclusive: How A Left-Wing ‘Alliance’ Skirted Arizona’s ‘Zuckbucks’ Ban To Meddle In Key County’s Elections
Mark Steyn: The Feast of the Insurrection, Office Space: Executive Suite and the Business Movie, Buttons and Bows, and Exit Music part two

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