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In The Mailbox: 01.09.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

“In the event of fire – burn.”

EBL: The Creator, Cantonese Scrambled Eggs, and Golda
Twitchy: Are They Bringing Juice Boxes Too? FL D’s Blasted For Complaining That DeSantis Can’t Control The Weather, and Schools Out On Account Of Migrants?
Louder With Crowder: Walmart Becky’s the latest lazy Gen Z worker to whine on TikTok how they can’t afford to live, blames GenXers, Late-night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel launches seven-minute rant against Aaron Rodgers, Jodie Foster Goes Off On Working With ‘Really Annoying’ Gen Z, and “You’re disrupting traffic, idiots!”
Vox Popoli: Australia Abandons Free Speech, China Sanctions USA, The Coining of the Term: Midwit, The Bochurim Dug Too Deep, and The Lad Protests WAY Too Much
Upstream Reviews: The Super Mario Brothers Movie
L’Ombre de L’Olivier: Red Tape Strangles Nuclear Innovation

Adam Piggott: Francis is not our Enemy – He is a Distraction
American Conservative: ‘It’s Sh*t’: Conservatives Trying to Stave Off Spending and Border Disaster
American Greatness: Judge, Prosecutor, and Defense Lawyer All Agree Ray Epps Is a Victim of MAGA Conspiracy Theories; Gets Probation, No Jail Time
American Thinker: Biden’s ‘America Last’ Policy at Work, also, The Roots of Lawfare
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Street Thug News
Babalu Blog: Former members of Cuba’s Armed Forces call for the ‘overthrow of the current parasitic mafia regime’, Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist: Cuban prime minister’s son vacations in Spain as Cubans go hungry, and Cuban dictatorship announces 500% hike in fuel prices, 25% hike in electric bills
BattleSwarm: Did Israel Just Declare Victory Over Hamas?
Behind The Black: Layered volcanic vent on Mars, Artemis lunar program likely to be delayed further, JPL lays off 100 contractors due to expected budget cuts, UK spaceports to UK government: There’s too much red-tape! and Proposed removal of William Penn statue proves the Democrats really are anti-American
Cafe Hayek: The Case for Free Trade Is NOT ‘Globalist’
CDR Salamander: Did You Order Your PLARF From
Chicago Boyz: The Price Paid for DIE
Da Tech Guy: COVID – Déjà vu all over again, also, Five Jonathan and Jesus Thoughts Under the Fedora
Don Surber: Harvardicide
Gates Of Vienna: Another Allahu Akhbar Moment in Milan, also, Redbeard Speaks
The Geller Report: Fulton County DA Fani Willis Paid Her Lover $654,000 of Taxpayer Money since January 2022 to Act as Trump Special Prosecutor, Hot Mic Catches Journalists Joking About Trump Assassination, and Reuters, AP Reporters Watched Hamas Lynchings, Kidnappings, Rapes & Urged Civilians to Join
Glenn Reynolds: Clothes Make The Man
Hollywood In Toto: Migration Never Fully Takes Flight, History of the World in Six Glasses Pours Full Glass of Funny, Best of the Wurst – 2023 Movies in Review, Kangaroo Kids Offers Embarrassment of Family-Friendly Riches, and Why Civil War Will Be 2024’s Most Controversial Film 
The Lid: America’s Empire Of Money Has Reached The Endgame
Legal Insurrection: House Freedom Caucus Furious Over Johnson-Schumer Spending Deal, Ecuador Declares ‘Internal Armed Conflict’ After Gunmen Storm TV Station, Kidnappings, and Prison Riots, In Stunning About-Face, 9th Circuit Prohibits California from Banning Concealed Carry in Public Places, Ray Epps, the Man Who Told People to Enter the Capitol on Jan. 6, Receives One Year Probation, Report: Mayorkas Admits Over 85% of Illegal Immigrants are Released Into U.S., and Hezbollah’s Top Terror Commander Eliminated in Alleged Israeli Airstrike
Nebraska Energy Observer: Are we being hoodwinked?
Outkick: Titans Move On From Coach Mike Vrabel, Who Instantly Becomes A Top Candidate Elsewhere, ‘Business Is Finished’, John Harbaugh Surprises Brother Jim Harbaugh At National Championship Game, Jimmy Graham Gives Proper Defense of Jameis Winston: ‘F*** the Falcons’, Cutter Gauthier Went From A Prized-Piece Of The Philadelphia Flyers Rebuild To Persona Non Grata In Hours, and A-Maize-ing! Michigan Completes Perfect Season Amid Imperfect Circumstances For 1st National Championship Since 1997
Power Line: Gas Keeps the Lights On, Blame the Bus Company! and Biden Instructs the Press?
Shark Tank: Donalds Calls For Government Shutdown If Border Not Secured
Shot In The Dark: Take The W, also, Ask & Be Answered
The Political Hat:
This Ain’t Hell: Trust programmed vehicles…with your life? Missiles filled with water rather than fuel among reasons for Chinese military leadership purges, Pro-Pali Demonstrators Desecrate Vet Cemetery, and Republican to file articles of impeachment against Lloyd Austin
Transterrestrial Musings: “The Adults are Back In Charge”, If They Can Do It To Trump, California’s Falling Fortunes, Ackman’s War To Make Universities Accountable, and The True Role Of The Central Bank
Victory Girls: Explosive Allegations Against Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis
Volokh Conspiracy: Canada Reverses Blocking of Citizenship for Russian Migrant Convicted of “Crime” of Speaking Out Against Russian Atrocities in Ukraine
Watts Up With That: In Memoriam Professor Ray Bates, Natural Asset Companies: Greenwashing Wolves in Eco-Friendly Wool, and Federal Court Throws Wrench into Biden Admin’s War on Appliances
The Federalist: ‘Punching Down’ At Everyone Makes Dave Chappelle’s New Special A Knockout, The Only School Shootings Corporate Media Don’t Hype Are By Gender-Fluid Murderers, Democrats’ Statue Toppling Is A Dress Rehearsal For Going After Actual People, House Republicans: State Department Hiding Its Funding For Censorship-Industrial Complex, Politicos Who Attacked Tuberville’s Abortion Protest Over ‘Military Readiness’ Are MIA On Defense Sec’s Secret Leave, Ranked-Choice Voting Props Up Unlikeable Karens Like Maine’s Secretary Of State, and China Meddles In Taiwan’s Presidential Election With False Framing About ‘Peace And War’
Mark Steyn: Getting the Message, also, Life and Death in Expertstan

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