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In The Mailbox: 01.10.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

This is the way.

EBL: MAGA Fat Fani 
Twitchy: “We’re Keeping Our Trucks”, Chris Matthews Warns Americans About The Rural Cult Trying To Take Over The Country, and “Journalist” Killed In Gaza Was Rocket Engineer For Islamic Jihad
Louder With Crowder: Aaron Rodgers returns fire on Jimmy Kimmel, but his comments on “the narrative” are more biting, Comedian Wrecks People Still Masking With A Question And Thirty Seconds Of Comedy, and “What Kind Of Crack Do You Smoke?”
Vox Popoli: Two AI Debates on Religion, AI Debate, Gab Edition, The AI Gods are Inevitable, and Like Father, Like Son
Upstream Reviews: Oni The Lonely
Stoic Observations: Plagiarism Vs. Open Source
Gab News: A Christian Vision For The Technological Renaissance

Adam Piggott: “I’m not a ’58 sede, but… ”
American Conservative: Lloyd Austin: A General Crisis
American Greatness: Court Blocks Biden Efforts to Crack Down on Dishwashers, Washing Machines
American Thinker: The Fabricated Memory of January 6th
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship to raise public transportation prices by 180%, National Geographic features Cuba as a top destination in the Americas, makes no mention of the oppression, and First step of a Stalin-style purge? Shakeup in Cuba’s Ministry of Culture includes member of Castro dynasty
BattleSwarm: Scenes From The Cyberwar In Ukraine, also,  How Corruption Hollowed Out China’s Military
Behind The Black: NASA makes it official: The entire Artemis schedule is delayed, SpaceX is ready to launch Starship/Superheavy by end of January but it won’t, NASA awards more money to two private space station proposals, Peregrine only has hours left, its fuel leaking away, and Democrats get a taste of their own vicious swatting tactics
Cafe Hayek: My Longer Response to Oren Cass’s Law & Liberty Protest Against Free Trade, also, The Whole Doctrine of the Balance of Trade Is Absurd and Misleading
CDR Salamander: The CNO Stated Her Priorities
Da Tech Guy: Antisemitism Hasn’t Increased PUBLIC Antisemitism Has
Dana Loesch: Chris Christie Drops Out, also, DeSantis vs. Haley Debate Live
Don Surber: The unelecting of a president
First Street Journal: Would you agree to house illegal immigrants in your home?
Gates Of Vienna: Deviant Opinions About Sexual Deviants Are Forbidden, No Wife of Mine, and Gabriel Attal vs. Giorgia Meloni
The Geller Report: Muslims Storm Villages, Slaughter 41 Christians and Kidnap Many Others in Nigeria, also, NYC Students Forced to Go Remote as City Houses Migrants in Schools
Hollywood In Toto: Jewish Stars Blast Oscar’s Diversity Rules for Leaving Them Out, When Dave Chappelle Lost Decades-Old Victimhood Status, Mean Girls Works Best as Nostalgia Blast, and FOX Nation Lures Dennis Miller Out of Semi-Retirement
The Lid: Joe Biden Lies about Going to Funerals of Jan. 6 Cops — Even Though Not a One Died, also, Hot Mic: Journalists Caught Fantasizing About Murdering Trump JFK-Style
Legal Insurrection: U. Michigan Spending Over $30 Million Annually on 500+ DEI Jobs, Rep. Roy Won’t Rule Out Supporting a Motion to Remove Mike Johnson From Speaker Role Over Spending Deal, Left Wing ‘Dark Money’ Org Funded Protesters Who Planned to Disrupt the Holocaust Museum, Biden Suffers Major Court Defeat in His War Against Appliances, German Farmer Protests Painted as “Far Right” Activism by Out-of-Touch Politicians and Media, and House Homeland Security Committee Holds First Hearing on Impeachment of Mayorkas
Nebraska Energy Observer: Donald, and Ron, and Nikki, and Michelle !!! oh my!
Outkick: Alabama’s Nick Saban Retiring As One Of Greatest Coaches Ever, Raptors Head Coach Goes Off On Referees After Giving Lakers 23 Free Throws In 4th Quarter, Draymond Green Shows Actual Self-Awareness, Says He Didn’t Deserve Applause From Warriors Upon Return From Suspension, Jemele Hill Hops On CNN And Calls Aaron Rodgers Stupid, Which Is Rich Given Her History, Pat McAfee Announces Aaron Rodgers’ ESPN Appearances Are Done For This NFL Season, Joe Flacco Is A Hero, Jim Harbaugh Describes One & Can You Handle This Wiener? and Stephen A. Smith Blasts ‘Fat B*stard, Piece Of Sh*t’ Jason Whitlock For Calling Him ‘Stephen A. Myth’
Power Line: White Governor Supremacy, Folies Bergès, and Can the Democrats Keep Trump Off the Ballot?
Shark Tank: Waltz Blasts Democrat Double Standard On Hunter Biden Subpoena
Shot In The Dark: Declaring The Causes That Impel Us – 2024 Edition, also, A Real American Hero
This Ain’t Hell: Quick updates – Adams, Su, and of course Biden, Former Green Beret stands with Venezuelan coup plotter, and Mel Brooks gets another Oscar
Transterrestrial Musings: Another Artemis Delay
Victory Girls: Docile GOP Kids & Other Leftwing Caricatures
Volokh Conspiracy: Supreme Court Oral Argument Indicates “Radical Agreement” that there is no “Legislative Exception” to the Takings Clause
Watts Up With That: Bloomberg: “Don’t be Fooled, Snow is Becoming a Thing of the Past”, Is France Quietly Ditching Renewable Energy Targets?, and Are ‘Green’ Agendas Carrying Governors to Political Cliffs?
The Federalist: Democrats’ ‘Sacred Cause’ Isn’t Democracy, It’s Power, Ohio House Overrides Governor In Next Step To Outlaw Child Mutilation, Democrats Are Forcing Ranked-Choice Voting On Alaskans Who Oppose It, The DNC Is Engaged In ‘Unlawful Voter Suppression’ Ahead Of Primaries, New Hampshire AG Says, New York Times Finally Admits The Left’s War On Standardized Tests Was ‘Misguided’, A Legitimate Justice System Would Jail ‘Intifada’ Vandals, Not Pro-Lifers, and Speaker Johnson Folds Like A Cheap Suit To Democrats’ Spending Increases
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet – Six Days To Trial

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