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In The Mailbox: 01.11.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

I’m sensing a theme…

Average Bubba: The End of an Era
357 Magnum: The System™ Won’t Lock People Up Until Someone Dies, also, AR-15 Self-Defense In Mississippi
EBL: Nick Saban and Pete Carroll Out, Chris Christie Craps Out, and Muzzel
Twitchy: “Go Off, Queens”, Army Sees Steep Decline In White Recruits Over Last Five Years, and San Fran Resident Whines About “Food Justice” After Crime Closes Neighborhood Safeway
Louder With Crowder: Pat McAfee tells critics that no, Aaron Rodgers is not fired from his show, also, Quebec Police say stop posting porch pirate videos because the guy caught stealing off of your porch might be innocent
Vox Popoli: Not So Good at Math, Everyone Watched…and Learned, Reading List 2023, and A High-Risk War
Upstream Reviews: Godzilla Minus One

American Conservative: Gangster Tactics in Liberal Poland Recall a Bygone Era
American Greatness: Rice University Offers ‘Afrochemistry’ Class Detailing ‘Inequities in Chemistry’, also, Biden ‘Saves’ Democracy by Destroying it
American Thinker: The Electric Car Con Explained
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Red Thursday News
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship presents Interpol with list of Cuban exile activists it deems ‘terrorists’, Cubans on the dictatorship’s new economic policies: ‘terrible, unbearable, desperate’, and Castro dictatorship pocketed 94% of salaries paid for Cuban doctors sold as slave labor to Mexico
BattleSwarm: The Illegal Alien Bus War
Behind The Black: Engineers succeed in releasing two fasteners that blocked access to OSIRIS-REx Bennu samples, Red China successfully launched twice today, Update on Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander, Blue Origin moves first stage of its New Glenn rocket from factory to launchpad hanger, Astronomers discover Earth-sized exoplanet roasted by a Sunlike star, and Fauci now an admitted liar as well as incompetent scientist
Cafe Hayek: Ed Tower on the Balance of Payments
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Five Basic Questions Under the Fedora, also, Is this why the Biden Regime tried to cancel William Penn?
Dana Loesch: Debunking Nikki Haley’s Website
Don Surber: Getting free speech wrong
First Street Journal: “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Democrats are in control.”, also, Larry Krasner files lawsuit to prevent Mayor Cherelle Parker Mullins plan to clean up Kensington
Gates Of Vienna: Working For Our Muslim Future, An Electrifying Experience in Schleswig-Holstein, and A Culture-Enricher Who Likes Them Young
The Geller Report: Growing Calls to Remove Hamas-Tied CAIR from Maryland Hate Crime Commission Over Chair’s ‘Abhorrent’ Remarks
Hollywood In Toto: Beekeeper Takes Out the Trash (Including Hunter Biden?)
The Lid: Why I Quit My Dream Job at MIT
Legal Insurrection: Dr. Anthony Fauci Cannot ‘Recall’ Much About COVID Origins, Pandemic Responses, NYU “Permanently Discontinued” Discriminatory Whites-Only “Anti-Racist” Parent Program After Equal Protection Project Legal Challenge, Dept. of Education Investigating Brown U. for Alleged Discrimination Against Jewish Students, Pressure On Barrington (RI) School Committee Member Amanda Basse To Resign After Social Media Posts Bashing Israel And Suggesting Jews “Weaponized Their Religion”, Pro-Palestinian ‘Occupation’ Protest at Cornell Issues Demands, and New Hampshire’s Republican DOJ, State Dems Accuse DNC of ‘Voter Suppression’ Over Primary Letter
Nebraska Energy Observer: Ready now?
Outkick: Alabama Should Hire Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin To Replace Nick Saban, Broncos And Russell Wilson Protecting Themselves As Likely Split Draws Closer, What A Joke! NCAA Hands Down Suspensions And Penalties To Florida State For Infractions Tied To NIL Activity That Pretty Much Every Team Is Doing, ESPN Operates 13-Year Emmy Scheme By Using Fake Names To Honor Front-Facing Talent, Ohio State Star WR Emeka Egbuka Stuns Fans With NFL Decision, and Changing Of Guard At Alabama Will Be Culture Shock, As New Coach Cannot Run The ‘Nick Saban Way’ Or It Will Fail
Power Line: Whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on, Gaza comes to San Francisco, and Edward Jay Epstein, RIP
Shark Tank: Florida Demands Border Security & Immigration Action
Shot In The Dark: 20K, Meet The New Boss – Same As The Old Boss, and Now That San Francisco Has Solved All Its Other Problems
This Ain’t Hell: Carma strikes, Largest Demographic Shuns Army Service, Anthony Fauci does a U-turn on lab leak and social distancing, The US to help increase Guyana’s military readiness, and Iran Takes Tanker
Victory Girls: Taylor Swift is Not a Pentagon Psy-Op, So Shake It Off
Volokh Conspiracy: Antisemitism Lawsuit Filed against Harvard University, Includes Allegations re Harvard Law School
Watts Up With That: Energy Lease Hypocrisy: Biden Uses Taxpayer Protections to Prop Up Wind, Gut Oil, 2024 World Economic Forum Davos Meeting to Focus on “Restoring Trust”, and Germany’s Soaking Wet Drought…Helmholtz Drought Monitor Insists Drought Persists
The Federalist: How Democrats’ Prescription Price Controls Are Making Americans Sick, Hunter Biden Flipped Congress The Bird To Get B-Roll For His Damage-Control Documentary, No Country For Old Men Shows Why There Can Be No Compromise With Evil Like Hamas, Biden Smears Opponents As Nazis While Democrat Voters Riot For Jewish Genocide, and Why Gen Z Is Ditching The Girlboss For The Tradwife
Mark Steyn: The Colonisation of Britain

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