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In The Mailbox: 01.15.24

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda sunt.

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EBL: Bring back the death penalty for child rape, Baldwin Buckley Debate at Cambridge 1965, and Joyce Randolph, RIP
Twitchy: Pathetic Keith Olberman Gets Owned On The Internet Again, Taylor Lorenz Claims Gaza Is Being Slammed By COVID Strains “Cooked Up In The USA”, and Here’s Egypt’s Border Fence Against Gaza
Louder With Crowder: Joe Biden makes it weird creepin’ on a young lady at a coffee shop as he’s asked about embattled cabinet member
Vox Popoli: You Get What You Gave, Run Gavin Run, I’m the Real Victim Here, There is No Catching Up, and Remigration in Germany
Upstream Reviews: My Brother’s Keeper by Tim Powers, Rob Kroese Wants You To Read Based Books,
Postcards From Barsoom: A Partial Explanation Of Zoomer Girl Derangement
Stoic Observations: The Harvard Edition

Adam Piggott: Beyond Chastity
American Conservative: Claudine Gay: Critical Plagiarism Theory, also, Chris Brunet: Who Is the Man Behind Gay’s Ouster at Harvard?
American Greatness: Lawfare Against Trump Is Running Out of Gas, Race-Baiting Biden Renews His Favorite Playbook In 2024, and FAA Pushes to Hire People with ‘Severe Intellectual, Psychiatric’ Disabilities in the Name of Diversity
American Thinker: Past Time to Undo Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’, Can America Survive This Perversion of Our Justice System? and We Are in an Abusive Relationship with Our Government
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: While Cubans go hungry, the Castro dictatorship’s ‘first lady’ continues her annual culinary festival, In Cuba, electricity theft and blackouts go hand in hand, and Nicaraguan dictatorship forcibly expels jailed Catholic bishops and priests from the country
BattleSwarm: Busting F-35 Myths, What Changed Jordan Petersen’s Mind, and Snowpocalypse Not: 2024 Edition
Behind The Black: Momentus delays next orbital tug mission due to lack of funds, Elon Musk’s employee update released January 12th, SpaceX launches again, this time from Cape Canaveral, The divide in a giant Martian lava river, and Can the shift in black vote to Trump overcome the Democratic Party’s vote tampering?
Cafe Hayek: Once Again, the Case For Free Trade Isn’t One That Sacrifices the National Interest
CDR Salamander: The Philippines & The PRC At Center Stage – On Midrats, also, The Royal Navy’s Familiar Problem
Chicago Boyz: The Social and Economic Influence of AI and Robotics, Nautical Book Review: To the Last Salute, by Georg von Trapp (rerun), and Incoming
Da Tech Guy: What Are You Going to Believe What we Say or What We Do? First aid vs fighting back, The Biden/Trudeau Administrations Accidently Producing The Best Argument Against the Death Penalty I’ve Seen, and Damning OIG report leads to an obvious conclusion: Chicago Public Schools system has too much money
Dana Loesch: Nikki Haley Dodges Question Trump Fumbled
Don Surber: Republicans Sell Out America
Gates Of Vienna: China, the Clown State, Violent Culture-Enrichers Stop Koran-Burning in Arnhem, Teaching the Little Whore a Lesson in the Name of the Koran, Brave New Pedagogy in Schleswig-Holstein, and Islamic Pedagogy in North Rhine-Westphalia
The Geller Report: Taiwan Defies China, Elects Pro-Self-Governing President William Lai in Historic Election, Massive Pro-Terrorist Rally in DC Was a Real Insurrection, Communist China Party Member Now Second-Largest Foreign Owner of US Land, Land Buys Missing from Government Records, and Prominent Muslim Writer: “We Must Normalize Massacres”
Hollywood In Toto: Why Give My Regards to Broad Street Got a Bad Rap, Greg Lukianoff: How Diversity Can Save Free Speech (Really), Disney’s Soul Stumbles in Ill-Fated Re-Release, and Anti-Racism Short Casts Ben Shapiro Clone as White Supremacist
The Lid: Australia is DeNazifying. Why Can’t Gaza?
Legal Insurrection: Philosopher Claims ‘Fatphobia’ is a Form of Oppression, Iran Attacks Locations in Syria and Iraq, Killing Four Civilians, China Complains that the U.S. has ‘Weaponized’ Chip Export Controls, Wisconsin Shows Republicans How to Fight DEI Policies in Higher Education, Executives Say They’re Still Committed to DEI Policies Despite Rising Backlash, and After Incentives End, California Rooftop Solar Power Installations Drop 85%
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for…us, Second Sunday After the Epiphany, and Iowa, mostly
Outkick: Arizona Head Coach Jedd Fisch Heading To Washington, A 5-Year Dolphins Rebuild That Was Supposed To Deliver Championships Hasn’t Brought A Playoff Win, Alabama’s DeVonta Smith Calls Players Who Transfer Out ‘Idiots’, Chad Ochocinco Says Jerry Jones Is ‘The Mother F***ing Problem’, Deion Sanders Welcomes Gage Goldberg, Son Of WWE Icon Bill Goldberg, To Colorado, Riley Gaines Temporarily Denied Entry To NCAA Convention While President Charlie Baker Continues To Hide, and Some G-list Comedian Has An Issue With Taylor Swift
Power Line: Crazyfornia Gets Crazier, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, and Diversity Is Going to Get Us Killed
Shark Tank: Burgum Endorses Trump
Shot In The Dark: It’s MLK Day, also, Guilt By Tangential Association
The Political Hat: Happy National Hat Day!
This Ain’t Hell: Only today, The US and UK strike Houthi targets in Yemen, Are you willing to host an illegal alien family to ease your state’s resources? TX DoD Civilian theft, Jellyfish looking aerial object floating over military base in Iraq, A student is told that ‘straight’ is ‘offensive’, and FAA Hires the Best and Brightest
Transterrestrial Musings: Austin Must Go
Victory Girls: Nikki Haley And The Swamp
Volokh Conspiracy: New York’s Civil Lawsuit Against Trump Is Unconstitutional
Watts Up With That: A Federal Power Grid Would be Everyone’s Worst Nightmare, Why the U.S. Senate Must Reject Joe Goffman for the EPA, John Kerry Resigning as Climate Envoy to Help the Biden Election Campaign, Charging an Electric Vehicle in Canada’s Deep Freeze, and How did Alberta wind up facing blackouts in the extreme cold?
The Federalist: Democrats Talk About Illegal Immigrants The Same Way They Used To Talk About Slaves, Meta Backtracks And Blames System ‘Bug’ After Nuking AFPI Instagram Over ‘Fraud’, Dishonest Ballot Initiative Wording Is Another Way Democrats Rig Elections, ERCOT Admits Wind, Solar Power Alone Can’t Keep Texans Warm During Record-Breaking Arctic Blast, and Mark Meadows Enlisting Legal Legend Paul Clement In Fulton County Defense Indicates Case Could Head To SCOTUS
Mark Steyn: Everything Must Change: Burt Lancaster in The Leopard, The Glory of Love, and One Day to Trial

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