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Democratic Socialists of America Now Planning Layoffs Amid Financial ‘Crisis’

Posted on | January 22, 2024 | Comments Off on Democratic Socialists of America Now Planning Layoffs Amid Financial ‘Crisis’

What? You’re telling me that socialists are not good at managing finances and budgets? I’m shocked — shocked! — by this revelation:

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are facing an internal bloodbath as they beg staff members to volunteer to lose their jobs amid a funding crisis.
The organization said Bread & Roses members on the National Political Committee (NPC), which functions as the board for DSA, asked for volunteers among staff and directors to step down and take a severance payment. The organization says it’s a “necessary but hopefully temporary measure” to keep the DSA afloat.
The DSA said they “should be thriving,” but they instead are seeing a “decline in revenue, membership, and overall excitement.”
“We’re living in a moment when revived labor struggles and the fight for a free Palestine are galvanizing so many Americans,” the organization said, adding it’s “treading water” and things will continue to be tough.
The DSA accused “top directors” of mismanaging “our dues by withholding essential information from elected leaders for years and imposed their own political objectives that would keep DSA in the model of a progressive non-profit rather than a mass party that is capable of getting us closer to a rupture with capitalism.”
“No one would be considering layoffs if the deficit weren’t so extreme,” the organization continued. “But now that we are in this crisis, we can’t fix it by hollowing out the organization.”

If only we could view this as a metaphor, or something.



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