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In The Mailbox: 01.26.24 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts -double-scoop Rule 5 Sunday this weekend to make up for last weekend.
Pete’s Continual Draft League has some openings – hit him or me up, we’ll get you on board for the 1972 season.
Your reminder that today is Friday in California.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley et Hamas delendam sunt.

EBL: Michael E. Mann v. Mark Steyn: The Trial of the Century Continues, also, Michael E. Mann and Hide The Decline Parody
Twitchy: John Fetterman Lets His FreakIsraeli Flag Fly To Taunt Pro-Palestine Yahoos, Biden Tries Trolling Trump But It Goes Badly Wrong, and Merrick Garland Awakens From Dogmatic Slumber & Realizes DC Has A Crime Problem
Louder With Crowder: Elderly Millennial Taylor Lorenz Is Freaking Out Because Of Mass Media Layoffs And It’s Hilarious, also, Millionaire Alyssa Milano takes to X to beg YOU to pay for her son’s Little League team
Vox Popoli: They Dug Too Deep, A Mystery in Portugal, and Science Sans SSH
According To Hoyt: Small, Private Tragedies, Those Who Fear, and We’re Still Standing
Monster Hunter Nation: Enter for a chance to win 5 autographed books in this giveaway
Gab News: Why Gab AI Is The Perfect ChatGPT Replacement

Adam Piggott: Substack – If it’s Free then You are the Target, Animal Rights for Slugs, The Story of Neanderthals Strengthens my Faith, and America is Herpes
American Conservative: EXCLUSIVE: Senate GOP Meeting Devolved Into ‘Embarrassing Exhortations’ for Ukraine Aid, Preparing for the Big One: Should America Battle China Over Taiwan? and Texas Rallies the Red States Amid Immigration Crisis
American Greatness: Nikki Haley’s Strategies? also, Greg Abbott Defies Supreme Court, Will Continue Securing Border at State Level
American Thinker: Why Does Manufacturing at Home Really Matter? ‘Europeans Will Succumb to Islam,’ Says Former Intelligence Chief, Is Biden Poison-Pilling Trump? and The Left Had Better Watch Its Fani
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday, Animal’s Daily Haley News, Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Red Thursday News, and Rule Five American Rome Friday
Babalu Blog: Dozens of Cubans remove snow from Moscow streets for 9,000 Cuban pesos a month ($375 USD), ‘Fidel Castro had to know’, Teenage baseball prospect escapes communist Cuba to seek Major League career, Mexicans marching against AMLO, and Vatican to Cuba’s aging bishops: No retirement for you!
BattleSwarm: George Soros Trying To Buy More Texas Elections, Chinese Commies Think They Own British Public Spaces, “A Mass Extinction Event For Startups”, and LinkSwarm For January 26
Behind The Black: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photographs SLIM on the Moon, Ingenuity’s final resting site on Mars, NASA’s useless safety panel once again sticks its nose where it isn’t qualified to go, Lucy’s upcoming travels leading to its exploration of the Trojan asteroids, Northrop Grumman writes off $100 million on its fixed-price Lunar Gateway contract, African lawfare to take control of space, and Major donor to Cornell pulls funding, demands firing of university president
Cafe Hayek: The Principal Peddler of Corporatism Is Trump, No to Rent Control, and The Best Protective Tariff Rate Is Zero (But Perhaps Not So for Revenue Tariffs)
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Say Goodbye to Hollywood, An Idyllic Home on the Edge of Hell, and Retrotech: Lofting and Machining Components for the T-38 Supersonic Trainer, 1958
Da Tech Guy: After Calling for Bill Belichick’s Head for Months Boston’s Sports Hosts are Shocked SHOCKED that Nobody Hires Him, It is well past time for the States to tell the Federal Government to pound sand, Breakfast With the Man Who Wasn’t There, The Most Important thing We Learned From the Kari Lake Jeff DeWitt Conversation That We Heard Here, The #Unexpectedly Chronicles – Democratic Socialists Support Hamas’ Oct 7th Attacks and then wonder where the (Liberal Jewish) Money Went, and Musings from a longtime journalist
Don Surber: A world war, not a civil war
First Street Journal: Look to your own house! Sorry, Sarah Jones, but journalism really is a business just like any other, and You have been taxed to help kill Americans!
Gates Of Vienna: Salafist Termites Infest the Socialist Party in Hesse, Do the COVID-19 Vaccines Demonstrate the Collapse of Science? Hans Georg Maaßen: This is Not a Coincidence, But a Planned Action, Culture-Enricher in Turin Bangs His Head Against the Plexiglas Barrier on a Bus, Time to Take Off the Rose-Colored Glasses, Freezing Out the AfD in Hesse, and We’re Here, You’re Kafir, Get Used to It
The Geller Report: Georgia Senate Ethics Committee Passes Bill to Remove Corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from the Board of Elections and Investigate Him For Election Law Violations, Muslims Burn, Ransack, Attack Christian Villages in Nigeria, Another 55 DEAD, and Republican Lawmakers in Pennsylvania Sue Biden and Democrat Governor For Unconstitutional Seizure of Election Powers, Removal of Voting Rules
Going It Alone: hello it’s me
Hollywood In Toto: David Mamet: Trump Was Best President Since Lincoln, Adam Carolla: Biden Is a ‘Senile, Corrupt Old F***’, Ben Shapiro – Conservative Pundit, Author…Rapper? and TIME Calls Jon Stewart’s Return a ‘Bad Omen’ for Late Night TV
The Lid: HOMAN: Biden The First ‘President’ To Unsecure The Border… On Purpose
Legal Insurrection: CA Senate Debate: Ex-MLB Star Steve Garvey Reminds Adam Schiff the House Censured Him for Lying About Trump, British Scientist Admits Climate Change Committee’s ‘Net Zero’ Goals Based on Insufficient Data, Average IQ of College Students Has Dropped 17 Points Since 1939, Supreme Court Declines to Stop Nation’s First Execution by Nitrogen in Alabama, It’s Cornell Trustees Time For Choosing Whether To Rescue The Cornell Brand From The DEI Downward Spiral, Biden’s EPA Planning to Ban Methylene Chloride, an Industry-Essential Chemical, and State Dept. Pauses UNRWA Funding Amid Allegations Employees Participated in Oct. 7 Massacre
Nebraska Energy Observer: Monday, again, What! You Again? Treason of the Intellectuals, Moving On, and Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Lia Thomas Fighting Secret Legal Battle While Eyeing Spot On Women’s Team For 2024 Olympics, Riley Gaines Announces New Children’s Book On The Way, Colorado Football Team Works Out With Marines, Gets Quick Reality Check, Atlanta Falcons Pick Raheem Morris As Next Head Coach, Leaving Bill Belichick In Limbo, Jim Harbaugh Replacement: Michigan Leaning To OC Sherrone Moore – But While Staff Promotions Are Safe, They Often Don’t Work Out, NFL Announces ‘A Night Of Pride’ During Super Bowl Week In Partnership With Organization That Supports ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’, and Adult Film Star Jesse Jane, Oklahoma Sooners Superfan, Dead At 43
Power Line: Blazing Saddles History Month, Treason of the intellectuals, American edition, From the Wuhan lab, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: DeSantis Pushes For Parental Rights Over Social Media Ban For Kids
Shot In The Dark: Metaphorical Perfection, Never Been Better, I Come Not To Praise The Atlantic But To Pelt It With Rocks & Garbage, and For Want Of A Strongly-Worded Sign
STUMP: ESG & Public Pensions – What’s The Fiduciary Duty When The Money Runs Out?
The Political Hat: Identifying As A Robot: From Playing Pretend To Valid Gender, also, Kentucky vs. Critical Race Theory
This Ain’t Hell: The US and Iraq to negotiate end of US-led military coalition, Mexico is calling for an investigation into how US military grade weapons ended up in cartel hands, Not sure that’s how it works? Valor Friday, The US military is ‘weak’, Every Republican attorney general in the US rebuts efforts to shut down ammunition manufacturer, and Marine Awarded Purple Heart. Finally
Transterrestrial Musings: Gay Science, Goodbye To Davos, and The LA Times
Victory Girls: Liquid Natural Gas Now In Biden’s Climate Change Crosshairs, Biden Nominee Adeel Mangi: Kick This Radical To The Curb, and Chicago Mayor Calls for Gaza Ceasefire While His Own City Needs One
Volokh Conspiracy: Remembering Lenin—the First Great Communist Mass Murderer, Nice Dig at Qualified Immunity by Judge Don Willett (5th Cir.), and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Doubles Down On Dangerous Claim that Immigration is “Invasion” [Only a LOLbertarian could pen something this asinine. -WS]
Watts Up With That: Biden Team Reportedly Took Step Toward Killing Natural Gas Project After Meeting With 25-Year-Old TikTok Influencer, In 2024, Americans Must Decide What Energy Costs Mean to Their Vote, Four of Britain’s Top Institutions Have Made Erroneous Estimates of the Cost of Net Zero, Energy: At Least We Have Some Coal Left, and Andrew Montford: Does the Climate Change Committee understand the energy storage problem?
The Federalist: Gov. Abbott Is Right: Texas Has The Right To Defend Itself And Secure Its Border, Break Up The GOP Consulting ‘Blob’ Before Another Campaign Bites The Dust, Mitch McConnell Is Mad Trump And GOP Voters Won’t Let Him Pass An Open Borders Amnesty Bill For Biden, Report: America’s Weak Military Is Unable To Juggle Multiple Regional Conflicts At Once, What To Make Of The Dual Legacies Of The Dueling Andrew Jackson, Pennsylvania Lawmakers Sue Biden, Shapiro For ‘Unconstitutionally’ Changing State Election Procedures, and Biden’s Natural Gas Shutdown Won’t Help The Environment, But It Will Make You Poor, Cold, And Miserable
Mark Steyn: What Is This Thing Called Love? Gervaising Davos, Family Feud: Barbara Stanwyck in Anthony Mann’s The Furies, Week Two Begins, and What is Good for the Goose

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